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  1. well, the problem seems to have solved itself, all the servers are back to green/yellow for me, except DEV of course, so all is good. Not sure why it made most of them red x yesterday, but all is good today, so thanks for the response, all is good.
  2. I needed to clear some space on HD & I deleted some files for the alpha/beta versions.. thinking it would be ok as we are way past those now. However when I fired up the game & went to MP server browser, almost 80-90% of the servers were red x for me.. not just the DEV servers. So I figured I removed something the game needed & decided to reinstall the full 8 gigs, but that didn't fix it.. I still only see about 20-30% of the servers available, yet I was playing on tons just 2 days ago, even had some of them saved as favorites, but they are red x now.... is this because most of the missions were begun on the alpha/beta & that's why I can't get on them? If so, how do I get those alpha/beta files back? any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.
  3. I would agree, not only does it not fit the model, but it also doesn't fit a logical/realistic function. I didn't even mention that the LBV G H can also carry 50 Grenades. Now assume for a moment that the harness can do that, why would it have 50 pockets for Grenades, then increase to 66 pockets for 40mm HE rounds.. regardless of the weight differences a pocket is still a pocket no matter what you store in it. So clearly they have some tweaks to do on these. Granted, the above info should help in finding a pack to hold the gear you want in the alpha.
  4. possibly it's bugged, but without any details on the packs or the items, it's hard to tell. here is what I found so far, this took about an hour to do ingame to find out & is not completed, I started with empty then filled it will ammo clips only & listed them below from smallest to largest... clips (6.5mm 30Rnd STANAG) - Rig 10 - Fighter Chest Rig 11 - Chest Rig 12 - Tactical Vest 14 - Carrier Lite 20 - Carrier Rig 21 - Carrier GL Rig 25 - LBV Harness 28 - LBV Grenadier Harness Using the LBV Gr Harness which seems to be the best choice if your wanting to really load up, I did all ammo sizes, rockets & GL HE rounds, here is the data LBV Grenadier Harness... Rocket 3 - NLAW 4 - RPG Support 5 - 6.5mm 200Rnd Belt Case 10 - 6.5mm 100Rnd Belt Case Assault 28 - 6.5mm 30Rnd STANAG 28 - 5.56mm 20Rnd Dual Purpose 33 - 7.62mm 20Rnd Mag 50 - 6.5mm 5Rnd Mag GL 66 - 40mm HE Grenade only did the HE Grenade, smoke was even smaller, meaning could carry more, also didn't go any farther with mines & other explosives, also didn't get into backpacks yet, although I find it interesting that when you take a back pack it actually has a count of how many items are in the pack, when you first pick it up empty it says.. (0 items) when you hover/click on it, so more work coming.
  5. agreed, the slider bar that shows when it's full is a nice change, but it would be great to be able to know the details on how that is being accounted for, instead of just looking at the slider, I mean sometimes there is room left on the slider & you want to grab an item only to discover it must be large/heavy to fit the space you have left, but the thing is, you don't know how many items to drop or what to drop, so it gets confusing. Again not a deal breaker for me, but if we had some type of baseline to go from, it would be good.
  6. @M1J - try picking up the enemy weapon, face the solider body & scroll the mouse wheel, if there is ammo there, you should see something like.. "rearm/resupply at solider" at least that was how I did it a few days ago.
  7. yea, if figured that our last night, I wanted to see how many clips a pack would hold, with nothing else but the clips, I was able to put 28 ammo clips in a LBV Grenade Harness, then when I tried grenades, the same pack held 50 Grenade's. So it clearly works off weight instead of each item having a slot.. however the Arma2 way was basically similar in that larger ordnance, such as AT rounds, took up more slots to simulate more weight, only now we see this more dynamic in A3 as not all items are the same, possibly even some clips are different than other clips. But the question still remains, we've changed from slots to weight, but that still doesn't tell us the capacity of each vest/backpack or how much each item weights. I'm beginning to think there is no guide anywhere & we will just have to muddle through & figure it out on our own. Just thought there may be a guide or breakdown of some kind out there. Would also be nice to see a weapons & ammo breakdown chart or guide.
  8. I'm fine with them tweaking it, but is there any guide or thread that show how many each have now? I mean, if we are to offer feedback on how many slots a rocket takes up or how many slots a Tactical vest has, we would need to know those details, thanks again for any info.
  9. I've been searching for a couple days now, but can't seem to find any threads or info on how many slots each item (ammo clip, grenade, mine) takes up in a given rig/vest/harness/backpack or how many slots each carrier/pack has. Can someone point me to a thread or guide where I can find this info? Thanks in advance.
  10. Hey guys, hope you can help me with this one, for some reason I cannot get Arma2 or Operation Arrowhead to run without the beta now. I've been using the beta patches for sometime, sense dayz came out & the past two days I tried to launch just Amra2 by itself & instantly I get a pop that says, "Arma2 has stopped working". Same thing if I try to run OA by itself, however when I turn the beta back on, it's starts fine, so at this point, I'm locked into using the beta. I tried uninstalling (deleting the beta folder) but it was back the pop up, so I had to reinstall the beta just to get it to work again. Any ideas on how to fix this or what may be causing, thanks.
  11. I didn't want this update, but I opened six launcher & it auto updated to this version, how do I fix/revert??
  12. TCEd

    How is Arma 3 multiplayer going to be?

    You can get Arma2 Combined Operations right off the web site's store... (Link) Combined Operations is the base game Arma2 plus the Operation Arrowhead expansion in one. You can also get it off Steam or order a DVD version, not sure why you wouldn't be able to get a copy of the game, especially a Download version.
  13. TCEd

    Arma 3 Community Alpha - Announcement!

    wow, lots of you cut me to shreds... that's cool, I don't mind. Let me be more specific as to why I made those comments, I like all the Arma games & will most certainly buy this game... when I'm able. Unfortunately not everyone has the money to just buy/pre-pay when they want.. or in this case, when/if BIS puts a pre-pay requirement on the alpha/beta releases. Due to my current economic status, I must place other priorities above my gaming & having to pre pay for the game just so I can be part of the alpha/beta may not be possible for me & possibly many others. I don't expect that to matter to ppl who can afford it, but to those of us who have to be more timely with items like this that are just for fun, we do have to be more careful. I don't mean my comments as negative toward those who may in fact pre pay if & when it's required during the testing phase, if I can I will follow suit & be part of it, as I have been in previous games, but again, that's not something I can determine as this time. I do hope that there is no pre pay requirement on the testing phase, as that makes it much easier, but honestly it doesn't really matter all that much to me.
  14. TCEd

    Arma 3 Community Alpha - Announcement!

    well, lets just hope they don't go the same route as CC where they ask ppl to pay/pre order before they can test the alpha/beta or any other testing phase of the game. When I saw that I was blown away, why would you force ppl to pre order a game that they are testing? I mean, that is the purpose of a "test" to see if you can run the game or even like the game, from the buyers perspective. All the data feedback & the like is important from their side & needed, which they would get anyway. So I hope the alpha & beta are free to "try" & not something ppl have to pay for.