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  1. Alright, ill take a look at it in my free time, sorry for this error... I never received it I dont think.. Thank you tho
  2. Are you talking about : _targetproj_red enableSimulation false; > 20:46:32 Error position: <_targetproj_red enableSimulation false; > 20:46:32 Error Nicht definierte Variable in Ausdruck: _targetproj_red 20:46:32 Error in expression <ect 2]; if (_boop == 0) then { I will try to fix that... think that is from my debug that was left in the code by accident. can you translate : Error Nicht definierte Variable in Ausdruc guessing error in undefined term? or what?
  3. The Texture is a simple fix, I will try to fix it soon, i have midterms this month so I dont know when i will be able to. But from the mortar perspective, there is no initialization of the c-ram code, there should be hints / side chat code going on when you fire the mortars. Do you have the userconfig in place.... ie: main directory This is how mine looks ===> (C:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Arma 3\userconfig\alex_AIS) You must have this for the c-ram to work, its little code, but its required for it to run properly. If you have that, then there may be another issue that I dont know of, but what I can see the c-ram code (anti-mortar) isnt even starting on yours.
  4. I know there are issues with the sound, the other sounds in the file are testing and alot of them I havent been able to modify properly where it sounds good enough. I been trying to contact a sound guy to make a fully custom one and all so it sounds perfect... as for the gun shooting long, its for the taking down mortars to make it more realistic, once I can make the script and targeting better I will be able to decrease the firing time. <- that issue is the reason for it shooting at ground and all at times. I do apologize but it is alpha : )
  5. Thank you for all your support guys !! Still haven't heard if the sound works for ya'll lol, could someone give me confirmation it works for you guys. If you guys want/can upload photos and videos of you using it, will show others how good this addon is as its an alpha and all. will help support me and see how you guys are using it. @meiestrix As for mortars... when there are helicopters around and other stuff that are enemy, itll attack whatever is closest or what it targets first... can you see about placing it with just a artillery unit and fire that unit to see if it targets the rounds? havent tried placing the c-ram by zeus before.. I am not at my apartment to see this for my self... The script should over-ride the targeting of the c-ram, but i guess if its targetting something already, could mess it up.
  6. Not really a big surprise, but V1.0 has been released, only through media fire link, which is supplied in the main page... soon armaholic link will be updated :) Please leave feedback, it really helps me find issues... Also, if you know how to fix some issues, send a message, dont mind the help : D I wanna see how many people actually use this addon and how much time i might put toward it. Hope you like it ;) and have fun shooting down them pesky untouchable artillery rounds.... until NOW :o :ph34r:
  7. Yea, was suppose to be updated over weekend, but work had me late so i was unable to release.... Right now it is still mostly testing phase (with shooting down mortars) it isnt accurate, so its mostly like the real c-ram isnt 100% affective... but it does its job... ill be releasing today hopefully with what it is to get some insight and what might need to be changed.... ofc the coding is stil wayy alpha cause there are some glitches and all and need to find a better way to run the script and the load of the script! hope you guys excited.. been working hard between work and college.
  8. I think the new sound update a while back ended up ruining the sound file, due to them changing the file name i believe... But now I have the sounds working now. I downloaded the one off the website, and saw a lot of issue - no sound, doesnt target artillery, doesnt show where artillery rounds are so that players can target each one individually by themselves..... I apologize for this, i believed it was perfect, I should have check what I gave out to ensure it was the right file... My bad I have been working on this addon on/off since last update.... If I dont say so my self, it is running a lot better, is able to take down rounds on Stratis, as for Altis it does work but with multiple c-rams it basically unfuncitonal at targeting mortar rounds. So please use one if you want to take down mortars or artillery and all... if you just want it to protect against aircraft... use any amount of them... they will dominate the air Known issues: more than one c-ram placed causes issues to the code to run slow and miss artillery rounds. So if you want it to take down artillery just place one, it will do its job. Sound is function back up, and looks alot better when firing.
  9. Sorry for the long delay in response, my computer broke down and have been trying to get the files back.... luckily i had a back up for the c-ram but havent seen how old the code of it is... Open source, I dont really know about, due to the model being not mine and I only have permission for it.... but the code, I will be willing to post the config code, so if you guys wanna see if you can find anything wrong. As for the sound, it is a custom sound that uses no sound mod at all, its just the gatling sound that is inside the addon file, sometimes it messes up, thats why I went out to see if a sound guy could make one that works with it... but sadly never got a response back. I can see if i have time to load it in my game again and if it works ill contact armaholic dev with an updated version so you guys can have a better sound.. I apologize, and i know if i was in your position id be anxious and annoyed that it hasnt been fixed... appreciate that you guys like the addon.
  10. Flashlight has different logic i think and is too light and disperces too much to make ti perfectly visible during the day, ill see what i can find tomorrow i was kinda thinking of makeing a bullet with a super long tracer that does no damage, but that wouldnt last longer, i think taking laser logic and seeing if there is a (visible in NV / daylight) would be the best option
  11. Update - I have figured out how to do this laserLock = 1; just forgot the stupid define variable.: #define false 0 #define true 1 I got another issue I ran into - I cannot figure out the way to force an ai to (Tab target) or lock onto said laser . lets say I have a aircraft with a scripted laser on the ground, how do i make the aircraft ai lock onto that laser, i know how to make him aim and fire, just not how to force the ai to lock onto it with tab lock so that the auto zeroing takes place
  12. so you are looking to copy / change or edit the config for the spawning in the editor, i would believe it may be in the editor, i am not near my computer at this time so I cannot check myself, but id start there
  13. Np! I hope it works, i have seen this done with a few vehicles for lets say - opening and closing a ramp as i shown, but no idea why it shouldnt work for a persons animation
  14. alexboy

    cfgGoggles help

    This could be a simple error - due to not having a P drive or the directory in which you refer to your "Bandanna" texture ensure that : hiddenSelectionsTextures[] = {"\AMCU_Headgear\Mod\Data\AMCU_ReconWrap.paa"}; is spelled correctly and is the exact directory inwhich you binarized the texture into,
  15. I would think that itself is already inherited into static weapons, what weapon are you using to inherit from inside your code if you dont mind, could you share some code? or atleast what weapon you are inheriting from (i.e what weapon are you using from arma to refer to, to create your full addon)