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  1. Nice Bot! Anyway, it´s been gnawing at me for years, the only regret i really have is not owning multiple lambos from influencer income which could've/should've existed in a "i know it all now" universe with the ammount of focus we were pulling on a young youtube... godammit.. 😁 Other than that, the journey is the reward! 🤩
  2. mr burns

    Gunner, HEAT, PC!

    I searched and found nothing, this is weird, but here goes ... https://store.steampowered.com/app/1705180/Gunner_HEAT_PC/ Released on steam today. A unity engine game featuring "T72: Balkans on Fire" penetration physics mixed with War Thunder / Armored Warfare controls. The roadmap promises lots of uneccessary bs before claiming to focus on essential stuff like Co-op. Optimization is´nt mentioned at all, so don´t get your hopes up albeit it´d be dearly needed. I was really looking forward to this one. But my 1st impressions aren´t reassuring. Developer seems to be focusing on filler content that does´nt require work on core issues. Sad to say, but the way it is now, you´d be better off playing the demo instead. After all, i´m too wary to believe in another early access game. May refund and wait for real progress.
  3. As someone who´s spent the last 3 days scrounging info from biki, youtube and the reforger discord - with discord being most helpful but also biggest mess i´ve seen in years - i wholeheartedly support this proposal. Forums not being up already is actually super weird!
  4. Was about to post that I´m having trouble logging into Workbench, and could´nt seem to figure out why. Problem was solved by logging into the account in ArmA Reforger (top right corner*) - which directly translated to workbench. *Hint: Although it asks for your username, what it really want´s is your email 😉 The forgot password button from inside workbench leads to the same profile as these forums use: https://accounts.bistudio.com/profile/login Obviously i have an account here, and i also tried logging out and in again to see if my pw´s were correct (they were not, now they are). error msg from workbench: BACKEND (E): [RestApi] ID:[10] Error Code:404 - Not Found, ApiCode: BACKEND (E): Identity authentication failed - Error Code=404 BACKEND (E): Error response: {"platform":"bi-account","token":"i removed the 256-bit token (?)"} BACKEND (E): [RestApi] ID:[11] Error Code:400 - Bad Request, ApiCode: edit: It would still throw another 401 error on me when trying to publish something to workshop, erring out on the last 1% of the bar. This was solved by doing the above so you´re "logged" into wokbench, which you only use to logout again from enfusion workbench, and then right back in but this time using your login credentials. It stopped throwing errors for me after this procedure.
  5. The latest ArmA Reforger Leaks suggest that something could be happening today 🤔 Around 1900 CET would be my best guess as that´s when the steam store page usually receives it´s daily update (sales, releases, etc.). edit: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1874880/Arma_Reforger/
  6. Actual fact: "This would be the perfect engine for ArmA 4" came up ALOT during playing Wildlands in Co-op! 🤩
  7. mr burns


    Oooh, the invisible beer can by any chance? 😍 I tried idea guying this around our TS years ago but nobody was up for it. Instead they got mrb_a3_bulletstorm.pbo with increased ammo dmg values (M240 could level buildings :E). You see the shrugging AI is something that has tainted our love for A3 since they introduced ballistic vests sometime during Alpha! All Kudos to you if it works. Perfect timing too, as we got ArmA3 going tomorrow evening! 🍻
  8. mr burns

    Helsreach movie - Warhammer 40K

    Oh it´s the live action bit, that was frickin brilliant! And i just realized im following 30-40k for a longer time than my mind makes me think i did. That luetin09 guy, judging from the thumbnails on his channel, also appears frequently on my yt recommendations already 😄 I don´t know about you guys, in mid 2021 i caved in and started binge buying little war-dollies to paint in codex-correct schemes. Long story short, the buying speed quickly outpaced the painting and i had to stop visiting ebay xD If you´re still shopping for presents:
  9. mr burns

    Helsreach movie - Warhammer 40K

    Some of these, like Astartes are so good i cannot but ask myself how one person could be doing it all on their own. We´ve seen smaller scaled and higher staffed ofp/arma projects dwindle down over the years, and the guy´s behind it we´re no slouches either. I guess the tools and how people learn to use them have changed alot for over the past two decades. Or there´s just more savants on the internets now 😄 I´m not following the GW+ service so i don´t know what they´re up to, my only hope is that they don´t burn out the Astartes creator.
  10. Links in OP are dead, any chance for a working mirror? The internet seems to not have any working links on either CBA or the cal.68 mod - which i want to make available again. I found unpacked files for both, but i´d rather repack with genuine CBA zip (although i´m pretty sure the files i got are the complete package) instead of the ghetto approach. Sorry for necrobump. Difficult times :E edit: You cannot imagine what combing 10+ year old installation folders felt like. Like of mix of there´s no place like home and rummaging through the derelict crypt of your ancestors.. edit2: https://www.moddb.com/games/arma-2/downloads/community-base-addons-co-a2oa https://github.com/patroza/cba
  11. mr burns

    Helsreach movie - Warhammer 40K

    Hellsreach was brilliant! I might have to watch it again too. You may want to have a backup of it. Games Workshop recently made many creators pull their work from youtube. You never know. I recently found one i had´nt seen before, discontinued sadly, still fully recommended:
  12. mr burns

    Forza Horizon 5

    Horizon 4 is pretty much the best 60 bucks i´ve spent on a game for ... well i cannot remember forking out that much since buying a hellishly overpriced Destruction Derby from a local scalper some odd 25 years ago. It´s so good we´re still booting it up from time to time just doing a few races or seasonal stuff. I don´t like the offroady bits though - give me street races i´m a happy man - but the switch to baja california style with Horizon 5 does´nt quite work in getting my exitement up. I´ll have to wait and see :E
  13. mr burns

    World Politics General

    Lot´s of reading up to do. From a glance at Wikipedia im surprised though how with the Z-10 they: quote "preferred a lighter-weight, more agile airframe with less emphasis on armor." and yet ended up with the NATO Code: BLOBMANCHE As for Cobra being now heavier than the Apache ... i´m flabbergasted! 2:46 Can´t put a finger on it, but the backend of FakeHawk yells in a russian language at me. Like something they unwelded from old Mi helicopters 😄
  14. mr burns

    World Politics General

    Sorry, little necrobump* - i just stumbled upon this german taz newspost about china buffing it´s military spendings (like alot!) and before i could read two sentences that pic stole my attention: *once hated, nearly a relic of a time gone by now 😄 <--- it italics the smileys!?! hot damn! Did they really build the Commanche that we (well, yanks) never got? And why in the world would they repeat the same "i want a flying tank" redesign that happened on the apache? Your thoughts?
  15. Psygnosis Owl ftw ☺️👍