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  1. mr burns

    Helsreach movie - Warhammer 40K

    Some of these, like Astartes are so good i cannot but ask myself how one person could be doing it all on their own. We´ve seen smaller scaled and higher staffed ofp/arma projects dwindle down over the years, and the guy´s behind it we´re no slouches either. I guess the tools and how people learn to use them have changed alot for over the past two decades. Or there´s just more savants on the internets now 😄 I´m not following the GW+ service so i don´t know what they´re up to, my only hope is that they don´t burn out the Astartes creator.
  2. Links in OP are dead, any chance for a working mirror? The internet seems to not have any working links on either CBA or the cal.68 mod - which i want to make available again. I found unpacked files for both, but i´d rather repack with genuine CBA zip (although i´m pretty sure the files i got are the complete package) instead of the ghetto approach. Sorry for necrobump. Difficult times :E edit: You cannot imagine what combing 10+ year old installation folders felt like. Like of mix of there´s no place like home and rummaging through the derelict crypt of your ancestors.. edit2: https://www.moddb.com/games/arma-2/downloads/community-base-addons-co-a2oa https://github.com/patroza/cba
  3. mr burns

    Helsreach movie - Warhammer 40K

    Hellsreach was brilliant! I might have to watch it again too. You may want to have a backup of it. Games Workshop recently made many creators pull their work from youtube. You never know. I recently found one i had´nt seen before, discontinued sadly, still fully recommended:
  4. mr burns

    Forza Horizon 5

    Horizon 4 is pretty much the best 60 bucks i´ve spent on a game for ... well i cannot remember forking out that much since buying a hellishly overpriced Destruction Derby from a local scalper some odd 25 years ago. It´s so good we´re still booting it up from time to time just doing a few races or seasonal stuff. I don´t like the offroady bits though - give me street races i´m a happy man - but the switch to baja california style with Horizon 5 does´nt quite work in getting my exitement up. I´ll have to wait and see :E
  5. mr burns

    World Politics General

    Lot´s of reading up to do. From a glance at Wikipedia im surprised though how with the Z-10 they: quote "preferred a lighter-weight, more agile airframe with less emphasis on armor." and yet ended up with the NATO Code: BLOBMANCHE As for Cobra being now heavier than the Apache ... i´m flabbergasted! 2:46 Can´t put a finger on it, but the backend of FakeHawk yells in a russian language at me. Like something they unwelded from old Mi helicopters 😄
  6. mr burns

    World Politics General

    Sorry, little necrobump* - i just stumbled upon this german taz newspost about china buffing it´s military spendings (like alot!) and before i could read two sentences that pic stole my attention: *once hated, nearly a relic of a time gone by now 😄 <--- it italics the smileys!?! hot damn! Did they really build the Commanche that we (well, yanks) never got? And why in the world would they repeat the same "i want a flying tank" redesign that happened on the apache? Your thoughts?
  7. Psygnosis Owl ftw ☺️👍
  8. Little known fact, it´s up to dev´s/publishers how their games on Steam are copy protected. It took me one week of internet outage to find that the classic Mount & Blade .exe on Steam is unprotected. And there´s more where that came from. Yes, i do remember owning hard copies, and i do remember when steam sales & giveaways actually made you register on this dreaded platform. I also realize how i would´nt have amassed sooo many games w/o steam being a thing.
  9. Well i would´nt mind making a little beermoney off YT, i guess Jeza and i are game for your offer! Also, I just noticed there´s no Onward thread on the BIF!!! Real fun VR mil-sim game that makes you aware of the pain you inflicted on your ArmA chars with the occasional 3+ mile crouch walks through thick shrubbery 😁
  10. That´ll put the fear of god into anyone old enough being able to differentiate this from white noise. Gladly (for them), my neighbours are´nt that old! 😮
  11. mr burns

    MRB Brexit Insignia

    Just hoping it won´t create any hard feelings, it´s all fun & games after all 🙂
  12. Been bored out of my mind and wanted to see if i still got it 😛 Find download at the Steam Workshop
  13. Just had an epic 1on1 bolt action rifle shootout across a narrow field, so much excitement from a mission whipped up in under 15 minutes! Also saw my virtual face eat a rifle grenade that came flying through a window (!) whilst sniping some 101st inf xD The slow pacing and everything low spec about ww2 is what makes it so good from a gameplay perspective. Be assured of my endless appreciation for you guys keeping Iron Front alive in a superior engine!
  14. Another follow up to my Air Visibility & Vehicle Visibility addons Get it on the Steam Workshop
  15. mr burns

    Where the Mansion?

    "The Villa" on Zargabad - 048 045 ?