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  1. Cultivator

    1-2 FPS on Altis and 60 fps on stratis.

    Hello! There are a lot of players experiencing that problem,... me included. -nologs doesn´t work for me. Dafragmetation and that steamcache thing either. I think your brother has also to wait for a hotfix :rolleyes: Regards Culti
  2. Hi there Mister Bohemia Interactive! I still get 1-2 fps with -noLogs. Stratis runs fine. ***Screenshot*** Regards Culti
  3. Name: Stratis DM Ballermann Ballett _Cultis_Ballermannballet.rar"] Needed Content: ArmA 3 Beta #1 RH Pistolpack #2 Christian1987´s Mp7 Pack Island: Stratis Daytime: Night Type: Deathmatch Playerside: Civilian (enemies) Respawn: BASE Extrainfo: Psychobastard's Anticampscript Psychobastard's Statusbarscript __________________________________________________ Deathmatch Mission with some free running elements. You can walk on buildings and stuff like that. :D
  4. + 1 Culti wants real Panzers! :)
  5. Cultivator

    RH PDW pack

    Ahh,... ok! Didn´t knew that. Thank you :D
  6. Cultivator

    RH PDW pack

    Wunderbar! Regards
  7. Cultivator

    RH PDW pack

    Thanks a lot Robert. I love it ;D Regards Culti
  8. Cultivator

    RH wip Thread

    Thanks a lot Mr. Hammer. Great work again. Can´t wait to try out your ArmA3 weapon packs! Regards Culti
  9. Cultivator

    Paintball Mod

    There already was a Paintball Mod for ArmA2 made by the bad Mr. Burns and Baraka. I hope it will find its way to ArmA3 ;D Regards Culti
  10. Cultivator

    Arma3 Videos

  11. Cultivator

    Development Blog & Reveals

    Me too,.... :rolleyes: I am getting crazy.... :D
  12. Cultivator

    Arma: Cold War Assault

  13. Cultivator

    ArmA 2 site hacked

    Thats what i can see in Camo-Pic ;) Regards Culti
  14. Cultivator

    Grass and Foliage on a 6950 pixelly

    Hey, did you uninstalled all older ATI-Drivers first? If not try the CC-Cleaner :) By deactivating the atoc feature the problem is solved, sure, but with the atoc feature the vegatation looks much better... :D Regards