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  1. AndreAce

    Trizonasian Mod

    Thanks for your work, Marseille77 - good idea followed by a well done realization. BTW: I found the Trizonesian Anthem :D :
  2. Thank you for your work & release TRexian :) Works hefty fine with the SLX-Mod :ok:
  3. AndreAce

    RH Hk416 Pack ver 1.0

    Yes - "The Hammer" went down on Arma2 again & left a beautiful package of weapons...I would like to say thanks for your work (for all other packages made by you too)! I dared longtime for .308 assault rifles. Thank you very much for your efforts - I'm :inlove: with your work!
  4. AndreAce

    RH Aks Pack ver 1.2

    Yes, indeed! Thank you for your efforts updating this pack, Mr. Robert Hammer :)
  5. AndreAce

    RH MGS wpn pack 1.1

    Thank you very much for your efforts on that package RobertHammer ! :bounce3: and thanks in general for providing addons since Arma1 :) What's about creating a bullpup rifle in 762x51 NATO, considering the FAL by kel-Tec? >RFB Carbine<
  6. AndreAce

    RH Aks pack 1.0

    Great,that really made my day - thank you a lot for the release & your work
  7. Maybe it is not necessary to attach a M203 style grenade launcher.The FAMAS is designed to fire rifle grenades directly from the barrel: source 1: click source 2: click
  8. I am not sure that it is too big - but would be OK to make it a little bit smaller. Example 1: click Example 2: click You did a good job until now - thank you :)
  9. Thanks for your reply. If the (my) (for stand alone) malfunction of the not working "HandGrenade_PLA" on all units is not related to other addons, maybe it needs to add a specific weapon for the grenades like possibly "PLA_throw" or something like that.
  10. Hi fromz - I would like to say thanks / è¬è¬æ‚¨ï¼ for your work & rare time you've spend on this mod, I hope that you will have the ability to keep it up to date :) I found one issue (maybe it's just because of a conflict with an other addon in my Arma2): The PLA-soldiers can not use / throw the "HandGrenade_PLA" Can anybody confirm this too?
  11. AndreAce

    FDF Podagorsk

    That is great - Xmas is save now!Thank you very much for this island!
  12. The model looks nice, good work! What about asking the guys from the Operation Frenchpoint Mod for permission of using their FAMAS sound from Arma(1) ? I remember the sound was quiet good. Just a suggestion , good luck!
  13. AndreAce

    WARMOD release

    Thank you very much for your work :bounce3: I really like your mod !
  14. No, you didn't screw it up! Thank you very,very much - I will remember you positively for doing this :239: Have a nice evening, Sir!
  15. I am so happy - this made my day, positively! Big thanks @OKB O915 for your work ! I can't believe it - just one click to download & then putting it into my modfolder manually - great ! :bounce3: