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    1-2 FPS on Altis and 60 fps on stratis.

    Hello! There are a lot of players experiencing that problem,... me included. -nologs doesn´t work for me. Dafragmetation and that steamcache thing either. I think your brother has also to wait for a hotfix :rolleyes: Regards Culti
  2. Hi there Mister Bohemia Interactive! I still get 1-2 fps with -noLogs. Stratis runs fine. ***Screenshot*** Regards Culti
  3. Name: Stratis DM Ballermann Ballett _Cultis_Ballermannballet.rar"] Needed Content: ArmA 3 Beta #1 RH Pistolpack #2 Christian1987´s Mp7 Pack Island: Stratis Daytime: Night Type: Deathmatch Playerside: Civilian (enemies) Respawn: BASE Extrainfo: Psychobastard's Anticampscript Psychobastard's Statusbarscript __________________________________________________ Deathmatch Mission with some free running elements. You can walk on buildings and stuff like that. :D
  4. + 1 Culti wants real Panzers! :)
  5. Cultivator

    RH PDW pack

    Ahh,... ok! Didn´t knew that. Thank you :D
  6. Cultivator

    RH PDW pack

    Wunderbar! Regards
  7. Cultivator

    RH PDW pack

    Thanks a lot Robert. I love it ;D Regards Culti
  8. Cultivator

    RH wip Thread

    Thanks a lot Mr. Hammer. Great work again. Can´t wait to try out your ArmA3 weapon packs! Regards Culti
  9. Cultivator

    Paintball Mod

    There already was a Paintball Mod for ArmA2 made by the bad Mr. Burns and Baraka. I hope it will find its way to ArmA3 ;D Regards Culti
  10. Cultivator

    Arma3 Videos

  11. Cultivator

    Development Blog & Reveals

    Me too,.... :rolleyes: I am getting crazy.... :D
  12. Cultivator

    Arma: Cold War Assault

  13. Cultivator

    ArmA 2 site hacked

    Thats what i can see in Camo-Pic ;) Regards Culti
  14. Cultivator

    Grass and Foliage on a 6950 pixelly

    Hey, did you uninstalled all older ATI-Drivers first? If not try the CC-Cleaner :) By deactivating the atoc feature the problem is solved, sure, but with the atoc feature the vegatation looks much better... :D Regards
  15. Cultivator

    Grass and Foliage on a 6950 pixelly

    I got the same bug with Atoc= 7 and the newest Ati-Drivers,.... Issue fixed by using ATI Driver 10.10.:) Regards Culti
  16. Cultivator

    BI Developer's Blog: An interesting new entry

    Did someone managed the little puzzle in the last photograph we got in Dev-Blog? It makes me
  17. Cultivator

    BI Developer's Blog: An interesting new entry

    If you compare the clothes & equipment of these guys which are shown in the Dev-Blog with the guys from this BI-Services ... PIC :D
  18. I noticed the same problem with the newest betapatch, and i have also extreme Lod-issues when using videomemory with very high settings. (1Gb HD5870) .... Is 1GB DDR5 not enough? Regards Culti
  19. Cultivator

    Graphics engine improvement

    +100 Gummipunkte! The time has come to give us some real improvements Would be nice if someone of the programmers can give us some information how the thing affects the performance. Regards
  20. Cultivator

    RH M14 pack 1.0 for OA / CO

    Thank you Robert! I have waited for a M14 without optics since release of OA :D Here is our DL-Mirror! Regards Culti
  21. Hey Feint!.... Great Screens!... Do you have Pic 1&2 in bigger Resolution. It would be great as a wallpaper or a Loading...screen :D
  22. Thx for this innovative addon. Its realy great! Here is our DL-Mirrior and News! :) Regards Culti
  23. Cultivator

    VopSound 2.1

    Thanks for this update... its realy great.... Here´s our mirror!