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  1. I want to remove the respawn backpack. Reason: I want to resurrect in one place How do I remove a respawn backpack?
  2. The script works fine. But this is what happens below. The `r_dis` variable does not support serialization and should not be stored in the mission namespace Is this an error? I did not understand this. I want help https://www.dropbox.com/s/3kz8kjjqkzcu69q/20191121104423_1.jpg?dl=0
  3. While the user is unconscious ... I want to be able to chat ... So I am AIS_NO_CHAT = false; Set .. But you cannot activate the conversation while you are dead. I need help.
  4. Pantom

    GF Vehicle Radio chatter script

    I applied the GF Vehicle Radio chatter script to my server. But there was a problem ... Continuously low fps for 1 to 3 seconds. I think this reason is a problem with your code. So I ask you for help. And I want to increase the volume. Where can I fix it?
  5. . If I add this to the unit I want... setUnitTitrow["RTO,"true,true]; What functions do you have? I want to know the function of RTO.
  6. Medications when resuscitation (object) I want to modify the spawn time of an object. Where can I do it?
  7. My sidechat don't work when i activate this script. Either can't write nor can't speak. Any solution to this? Beside that this script is awesome and i really like it