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  1. Thank you for the quick reply. However, after reading your recommendations I went back and verified that the versions my unit were using were the most current and they were. I also did a fresh download of the f-16 and weapon pack from armaholic. Running arma with only the f-16 and weapon pack loaded i hosted a MP server. The F-16s spawned with weapons in the correct position. Loaded a custom loadout which also put them in the correct position. came down and re-armed and this time it was all out of order the results of which i have posted below. Again this, happened with the most current version of the mod with no other mods loaded to interfere. I would also like to note that even though they are armed, the zuni rocket pods appear empty. As for the crashing from the use of the gun that i mentioned, i will be doing some more testing and try to get you some RPTs.
  2. So absolutely love your mod and have been following it for quite some time. My unit has run into some issues with the F-16. ] 1. Zeus spawned aircraft have munitions hung wrong. This also happens to non zeus spawned air craft from time to time when rearming. 2. The gun on both the f-16 and f-15 when fired at ground targets causes the game to crash for players in the nearby area and has caused our server to crash several times. 3. The MFD is unaffected when using the custom user 7 shortcut. Any help you could offer in fixing these issues would be greatly appreciated.
  3. /////---No Longer Searching---///// Alias: USAFboomer (can't update on here sadly) Real Name: Luke Age: 22 Time Zone: Central US (CT) Available: Most week nights and weekends. Notable Skills: Fixed wing and rotary pilot, Gunner, Crew Chief, Intel officer, JTAC, airfield management. Looking For: Semi-serious milsim in a modded/TFAR environment. Some useful info about me. I am and active duty senior airmen in the U.S. Air Force as a KC-135R boom operator. As such i have gained a firm grasp of modern military aviation and have helped several units establish their own field training programs. Ive been playing and modding since the start of ArmA 2. I have been in multiple units over the years and have work in many different administrative and management. I also have some experience in modding and mission making. One thing i absolutely will not tolerate is drama and bullshit. I game to relax from work, not to do with drama. That said i also love to share and contribute with the community i work with. I should also note that i have several other Air Force members that pending my recommendation would also be interested in following me to whatever unit would pick me up. Ideally im looking for a flying position.
  4. lukerollins

    Airfield Logistics

    As puddinpawps said, the module is not available in the 3d editor. So with the 2d editor having been removed, towing is broken until it can be added.
  5. Name: Luke Age: 21 Location: St. Louis Important things to know! -Active duty USAF aircrew -familiar with mods and modding -playing arma for roughly 6 years -texture skills Im looking for a medium to large sized milsim unit with decent activity. Arma is pretty much the only thing i do on my downtime. Ive headed and set up training for multiple units fixed wing assets. Would love to assist with air units. not big on infantry or roatery but willing to offer what knowledge i have for any subject. highly active and looking for a community to call home. -NOTE-Still looking as of 5/26/2016
  6. Greetings! Easy going 20 yr old Arma 2 veteran here looking for a unit to call home. I have been playing arma for nerly 7 years now and it has become something i have quite a passion for. Ive been a part of several communities over the years mostly mil sim and one or two life communities. Ive done everything from infantry to aviation however my passion is with fixed wing. I have a great deal of experience in it as well as real life experience as i am an enlisted aviator in the US Air force and love to share what i have learned for the enhancement of realism in a unit. Ive also written several mil sim units training programs for aviation. Anyways if you have any questions feel free to ask! Below is a brief list of notable skills and experience. -20yr/old -Active duty USAF -7yr arma veteran -mic -central time -very capable with modding -texturing skills -very active with exception of deployments. !Still looking!
  7. USA Player looking for Realism Alright im 19 and have been playing Arma since the release of ArmA2. Very familiar with modding and have some Dev skills. Hours available vary as i am active duty USAF. Good with most Milsim roles. Looking for a small-medium size group to play with. Perfer a USAF or AFSOC style clan but im open minded. anything else you wana know just ask.
  8. lukerollins

    Air Raid siren help

    Perfect! thank you grumpy old man.
  9. lukerollins

    Air Raid siren help

    Honestly thats a little confusing. Any chance someone could be a little more specific? http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=12598&highlight=AIR%2BRAID%2BSIREN <-- when i still had arma2 (had to format my hardrive) i used this script. its exactlly what i need but i cant really open it in arma3.
  10. Hey everyone i have a small request i was hoping yall could help me with. ive been building and scripting in an airbase with patrols and all for an infiltration mission. what id like to do is set up and alarm where speakers around the base play the alarm in 3D sound apon activation of a trigger. Anyone know how id go about doing this?
  11. Hello there! i'm looking for a clan. More specifically, a United States Air Force themed clan. now a little about me... Age: 19 Profession: Active Duty USAF Hours available: varies Years playing ArmA: since ArmA 2 release.
  12. Alright so here is a small request that i think should be fairly easy. I would very much appreciate it if someone could make (or aid myself in making) a campaign hat m1911(aka a drll instructor or state police hat). Basically make it so that it could be equiped on the player via player profile. I have seen it done in a few different packs with alot of different hats so i know it can be done. Extra: maybe add symbols/colors for the different military branches and keep a plain one as a police version? more info to come as i cannot post links yet