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  1. warstrikewolf117

    US Naval Warfare Pack [WIP]

    It would have great functionality. At least from my POV. But this is your mod, not mine. so I cant tell you guys what to do
  2. warstrikewolf117

    US Naval Warfare Pack [WIP]

    I love the work you guys are doing so far. I cant wait to use this mod pack for my navy realism unit. This will make for better scenario's when we do our missions and we will be able to deploy helio's off the ships, which would be a nice change for once instead of having to launch everything from the nimitz carrier. I also would like to suggest something for this mod. Maybe make some ship personnel that have hand signal animations for the LSD ships so that it makes for a more realistic scene on LSD ship and some of the other ships as well.
  3. Squad name: 2nd Pacific Fleet, 3rd Carrier Strike Group Timezone: Pacific Standard Time (US/Canada) Gamemode preference: Master Stratis contact email: Reference Website web address: http://pacificcarrierstrikegroup3.enjin.com/recruitment short description: US Navy based realism unit, with focus on ground, air and naval ops. Language: English
  4. warstrikewolf117

    US Naval Warfare Pack [WIP]

    This mod would be so useful to my navy unit.
  5. warstrikewolf117

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    I'd like to see a mod that adds the animations for Marshaling of aircraft and heiicopters on the flight deck of the nimitz carrier. For more immersion purposes than anything else, I think it would look really cool to see a mod like that and someone made a video of deck ops on a carrier with those hand signals being used to direct aircraft onto a catapult and all the other personnel that do final check on the aircraft before launch do those signals and then the Shooter "shoots" the jet off the deck. if anyone could make that, it would be super cool
  6. 2nd Pacific Fleet, 3rd Carrier Strike Group 'IN MUNDO OPTIMUM' "Best in the World" TS3 ADDRESS: WEB ADDRESS: http://pacificcarrierstrikegroup3.enjin.com/recruitment Who are we? We are a realism group that has been formed this year and is currently looking for people to form the upper echelon of the command structure and infantry units as well as some strike fighter squadrons. We run off the United States Navy ranking structure. We use our very own mod pack that includes: RHS: United States Armed Forces, USAF, Nimitz carrier, Ace and CBA_A3. What do we do? -Maritime Patrol/Anti-Piracy Operations -Carrier Operations (including, flight ops, deck ops, night ops, etc) -Direct Action/Danger Close Fire Missions -Official Operations/Combat Drills/Counter-Terror Ops -Training (min 2 times a week) What makes us so special? -Dedicated ranking structure based off USN official paygrade structure (as of 2015) -Training (min 2 times a week) -Well Organized and professional -Mature & Realistic Players -Dedicated and Helpful command Staff Join Requirements - Age: 17+ (if younger must prove you are mature enough) - Serious attitude at all times -Must be mature at all times -Must be Professional at all times -Legit version of battle-eye -No battle-eye ban -Not a member of another group(includes other realism unit) -Must be available for training operations at scheduled times (as posted on team speak server) -Must have working mic -Must have TS3 Benefits of joining the group at starting stage -Able to be placed in a high-ranking leadership position -High chance of being placed in preferred mission specialty -Automatic entry into Naval Special Warfare Training Program (if MOS falls under NSW MOS) -High Probability of being given Squad command or Platoon Command.