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  1. vengeance1

    Project RACS

    Move on? As in not going forward with project?
  2. Is there something I am doing that cause the Trees, Rocks and Bushes to come back when using "Hide Terrain" in Multiplier but not there in EDEN?
  3. vengeance1

    [MP] co40 Domination!

    Thanks for the support on missionProfileNamespace, it works great!
  4. vengeance1

    Drongo's Air Support

    I have been successful using this with WW2 aircraft particularly Flying Legends and Secret Weapons Reloaded. I have found that only Pilot Player will have access, not sure why but I have confirmed it is due to IFA3, other types in same factions US Army can not get access? This setting in Options does not come up "By default, the system is available to all players. This can be toggled in Options>Addon Options>Drongo's Air Operations>"Everyone can access dialog"." Also planes will take off from Carrier but landing they land low in water, anybody know how to get around this? I realize the Carrier Mod is WIP just wondering how to tell plane to pick it up 18m?
  5. ZKs Lost for Altis is on Steam? Link on first posting. Great Game
  6. Hello, I don't see the Class Name for the 9mm Ammo for the Beretta in your TXT document? Can you tell me what it is please? Thanks
  7. Hi TeTeT, Can a player pilot deploy the MAAS while flying before landing? Why does it have to be placed in the middle of the runway to deploy evenly? It shifts half off the Airport Runway if deployed on side?
  8. vengeance1

    Naval Legends (WIP)

    Second that thought!!!
  9. vengeance1

    Naval Legends (WIP)

    Naval adds a whole new life to ARMA, thanks for your work! Vengeance
  10. vengeance1

    FRONTLINE - the WW2 story

    Well Done on your Video!
  11. vengeance1

    UCAV Sentinel Enhanced

    Looks like a great enhancement but why dependent on ACE?
  12. vengeance1

    Naval Legends (WIP)

    Ok thanks I can do that!