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  1. vengeance1

    [MP] co40 Domination!

    Thanks Xeno!
  2. vengeance1

    [MP][CTI-COOP] Liberation (continued)

    Thanks Darkhound7, I appreciate the response, wonder why he took it out? I see the "sqf" is still there in 0.963a, I guess I'll see about initializing it myself, mission is just not playable not long after starting server.
  3. vengeance1

    [MP][CTI-COOP] Liberation (continued)

    Hey Wyqer, The fog on Tanoa is almost unplayable, I have to reboot server to clear it, how do you turn it off? Thanks, Vengeance
  4. You should be able to find them laying around as well, look in junk piles also!
  5. vengeance1

    [MP] co40 Domination!

    Awesome to see you back!
  6. vengeance1

    MP - Ravage [COOP - 6] The Escape

    Last time I tried this on my Dedi Server I didn't experience a Save Progress? Is that a feature you have included? Thanks, Vengeance
  7. vengeance1


    Looks great, please do one without the Zombies. Thanks,
  8. Don't see the Server ZK? do you have a IP? Woops! Took awhile to come up!
  9. vengeance1


    Actually I found it, you have the "Group Bar" disabled so I changed it to "true" all is fine now. showHUD[] = {true/*showHUD*/,true/*info*/,false/*Veh radar*/,false/*Veh compass*/,true/*Tank Dir*/,true/*Commanding menu*/,false/*Group Bar*/,true/*Cursors*/,true/*Radar*/}; Thanks,
  10. Thanks Blackheart_Six, I did not add any code for MHQ, but i also did not rotate I just drove to location, so I will try the rotate thing! Thanks,
  11. What am I doing wrong? I created a MHQ Truck (so it says in list) but when it came to respawn it did not show up? Also I can not figure out how to make a Ralleypoint but I see the code in there for it?
  12. vengeance1


    Cyborg, 6 hours on the Dedi Server with this and no Add-Ons. Played well, this time I added Recruit Script, except once again on the rejoin and after clearing a town one AA enemy would not die, he was invincible! Which meant the city would not be taken. I know AI is not your deal but you have code that does not allow me to "Display F Key" assignment for AI so its a nightmare to figure out who is what. I have some code experience, where can I find the code that keeps me from displaying the AI. Thanks,
  13. vengeance1


    Again I have found that when you "Rejoin" the RHS vehicles particularly Armor can not be destroyed even with Hellfire in a AH64. I will try it without any mods
  14. vengeance1


    Very good mission, a few comments: 1. Main Mission Enemy Tank never showed up occupied or active so CAS does not attack nor does AT work. Did finally kill it with unguided rocket. 2. Had a enemy solider that would not die just ran in place so had to shut down Server to restart 3. Needs a Recruit Script for those who play without a lot of players, but I understand you did not really seem to want that 4. Ran Dedi Server for 2 days 5. Be nice if it saved your progress, especially if server gets stuck like # 2 and have to reboot. 6. On rejoin Main Mission kept resetting to Unassigned after a few minutes.? All in all very good mission