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  1. vengeance1

    Naval Legends (WIP)

    Second that thought!!!
  2. vengeance1

    Naval Legends (WIP)

    Naval adds a whole new life to ARMA, thanks for your work! Vengeance
  3. vengeance1

    FRONTLINE - the WW2 story

    Well Done on your Video!
  4. vengeance1

    UCAV Sentinel Enhanced

    Looks like a great enhancement but why dependent on ACE?
  5. vengeance1

    Naval Legends (WIP)

    Ok thanks I can do that!
  6. To answer your question YES I have used both for insertion/recovery in the same mission, I have used several Helo's successfully to hover above sea as long as the weather permits.
  7. Or rescue a downed Pilot! 😉 I use ALiVE to do this using the insertion feature.
  8. vengeance1


    Thanks for all the work! Looks great can't wait to try it. Just a note it appears it also needs additional CUP Mods like Vehicles, Units and Weapons. Thanks again!
  9. vengeance1

    Naval Legends (WIP)

    Hello! Is there a way to control the "Gun Range" of the ships? Possibly a script I can add to the init? Thanks
  10. vengeance1

    Liberation of Altis [sp/3COOP] BETA

    Nice! I'll give it a go! Thanks
  11. I tested v0.105 (except signatures) results are on Discord. Thanks!
  12. vengeance1

    Pook BOATS pack

    Nice Job! Certainly needed an OPFOR Carrier. Thanks, Vengeance
  13. I am running on a Dedi-Server, 1 player and 3 Headless Clients. The AH64 or whatever would respawn on H-Pad and all around H-Pad. I didn't count exact number but longer game ran more spawn until Sever performance got so bad I had to reboot (which is what got me looking).
  14. Yes, I was wondering the same thing about non-vanilla as the AH64 doesn't spawn work well with ALiVE or Support (Virtual). I was hoping Hermes would, changing to "NO" certainly would work but have to be VERY CAREFUL WITH RESOURCES! 😉
  15. Really like the Mod but I am having an issue on a Dedi Server with multiple respawns when destroyed? It will respawn 10 or more units CUP_AH64. Is anyone else seeing this? Thanks,