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  1. NutzMcKracken

    Unit Voiceovers

    @SceptreOfficial Did you take down the mod???? We were running it and after server reboot people couldn't join since it was removed from Workshop. Are you releasing an update?
  2. Added note, as I remembered this last night and thought I'd add. If you layout your traders and using the 3Den Plugin, start by selecting the Vehicle Trader for your trader to put down, then in the Attributes of the Trader, select the Trader Type (....Community Customs x). This should link up and make it to where you can avoid the confusion or having to go back and edit the entry when you export your traders to your initPlayerLocal.sqf.
  3. Sorted out... This is what happens when you walk away from it all for a few months, or I'm getting old. If you're trader looks anything like below, you need to make sure the first class or "select 0" dictates type, i.e. "vehicle trader" or more accurately "Exile_Trader_Vehicle" and not the "Exile_Trader_CommunityCustoms". The second mention of the trader, or "select 2" is for "ExileTraderType". ["Exile_Trader_Vehicle", ["c5efe_MichalLoop"], "Exile_Trader_CommunityCustoms", "WhiteHead_05", [[],[],[],["U_I_pilotCoveralls",[]],[],[],"H_PilotHelmetHeli_O","G_Combat",[],["","","","","",""]], [4835.48, 10089.5, 339.666], [-0.998847, -0.0479976, 0], [0, 0, 1]], Sometimes it helps to go back and reread the "createVehicle" path after you walk away from it for bit. 🤦‍♂️ For any of you that forgot as well.
  4. Hi All, I've been banging my head on what causes a Custom Trader (Community Customs Trader) to sell vehicles as an inventory item. Grr.🤕 I did it on my other server a while back and remember it's stupid simple, yet since we lost the old Exile mod forums it's been hard to sort out. Anyone remember what is needed? I've check things in the config (mission folder) like CfgInteractionMenu etc, and in my Exile Server Config config. Also checked the Trader configs and see that they are same as Aircraft and Vehicle. Any ideas? Thanks in advance, 1million pop for the answer 😎
  5. Also as of one of the last updates to Exile, there was this feature added. If you use the 3Den plugin that was supplied for Creating the traders in the first place, you will notice that one of the options for Ellipse/Rectangular markers has a Non-construction zone configuration. (Note: I'm not sure the option is there without using the 3Den plugin as I can't look and verify right now, so defaulting that it's required as it's been a while since I set it. But it works and is active on my servers) Adjust to your size of Ellipse (will only work with an even radius, X and Y) and then look for "non-construction zone" configuration at the bottom of the attribute drop downs.
  6. NutzMcKracken


    Question about Ambient Zombie configuration. Is there somehow I can define that only Ai (NPC) players become zombies after they are killed? (This is with the zombie resurrection turned on) It would be good to not include actual Human players. Players seem to be losing their bodies when they die and they turn to Zombies and go walking off 😅, then the garbage collection system cleans them up. Oops. So players would love to have a chance at getting their stuff back when respawning, lol. Really hate to turn it off as we love playing with it and seeing some of the NPC die and comeback as Zeds. Even when it's PvP people find it interesting. FYI this is on merging with Exile. Also noticed from time to time that when you kill an NPC it spawns up extra bodies and if the player unloads into the Ai it spawns more of them. I'm going to reproduce later what was reported to me to get a better idea, but I've seen it where there's 5 Ai in a car and you unload on them and what seems like 25 bodies spill out. Any ideas as to what could be causing that? Server was at one time down to 2-7FPS but after cleaning up some code with the mission and VCOM Ai Side assignment, Server FPS is back to 40's+. So maybe the FPS caused a part of it I'm assuming.
  7. NutzMcKracken

    Ravage Mod + Exile integration

    Thanks! Any way you found to add the kills to player stats without using ExileZ or ExileZ 2 mods? Looks like both require Ryan's Z&D?
  8. NutzMcKracken

    Ravage Mod + Exile integration

    @chernaruski @scottyd05 Did you have any problems with multiple dead bodies popping up after an NPC (Ai) was killed. I did enable the option for dead players to become zombies. Any ideas? Also thanks for the info on the CfgRemoteExec, I didn't have that added but I surely will add. However I don't think that's what's causing this issue. This is from the Ravage Wikia: Since I'm a little rusty...where can we state the changes so that we can dictate "ZOMBIE_Faction" can be used for Respect? Is there a custom config I can implement or change?
  9. NutzMcKracken

    Happy New Year

    Happy New Year all of you! Hope this is a good year of bringing the soul back into Exile! Look forward to all of the revitalization efforts of all.
  10. NutzMcKracken

    Unit Voiceovers

    Hi guys, The site on SteamWorkshop is down. Any ideas? Seen this happen with VCOM on their last update. Players seem to get an update but server wise we can source it with SteamCMD? Am I the only one witnessing this?
  11. NutzMcKracken

    [Release] GOM - Aircraft Loadout V1.35

    Works in Exile just fine. However haven't gone so far to make the database save last loadout. Would be interesting to get last load out and configs on reboot. Unfortunately I'm not well versed in SQL to build it out, but hypothetically it seems like it would be simple. If anyone has saved the loadouts in say wasteland and uses extDB, I'm certain it will work for Exile. @BobSBean45 It will depend heavily on the mission type you are playing on regenerating. Players tend to reload their service trucks by storing them in their Virtual Garage and then retrieving. In addition a script that you can add to the vehicle itself is to regen with setAmmoCargo (and it's related). I have players take the money from Weed gathering and use it for a variety of services that only lat server reboots, this is one of them. It also adds back in the ability to rearm the good ole ArmA way too.
  12. Was curious, why is the mod hidden in Steam Workshop? I see it updated but the Page is down or hidden? @victor87 Yes and no. Depends on how it is deployed. There's a scripted method on to a server only, or you can run it on both client and server if the clients will also control Ai. If a client spawns Ai and is not running the mod client side, that subset of Ai will not have VCOM applied to them. At least that's my understanding. So if I'm correct in tht understanding and depending on what you are doing, you may need to resort to a client and server.
  13. NutzMcKracken

    [Release] GOM - Aircraft Loadout V1.35

    This may help to understand better what others mention to fix this. While previously posted I think there was a little confusion. \GOM\functions\GOM_fnc_aircraftLoadoutParameters.sqf GOM_fnc_aircraftLoadout_NeedsFuelSource = false; //(default: true) //needs fuel supply within 50m of the aircraft or functions will be unavailable GOM_fnc_aircraftLoadout_NeedsAmmoSource = false; //(default: true) //needs ammo supply within 50m of the aircraft or functions will be unavailable GOM_fnc_aircraftLoadout_NeedsRepairSource = false; //(default: true) //needs repair supply within 50m of the aircraft or functions will be unavailable GOM_fnc_aircraftLoadout_NeedsFuelSource = false; Set those to False. I'm torn and like the system, while I understand why GOM did it this way, it's sometimes a bummer in certain situations (when you have ground vehicles and want to retain the resource count). You don't have a method to service off them. You then need to go to alternative sources for the ground-pounders. However, I did find that after the mission has initiated, source values did still track after running setRepairCargo, setFuelCargo, and setAmmoCargo against the appropriate vehicle. (I'll also save you the time by telling you no need to run RepairCargo against an Ammo Truck for instance; if it didn't have the cargo set in the "config" of the vehicle, it won't apply* ...however in some cases you might be surprised like a CUP LAV25 as an Ammo source. Nifty) On a different note if you're also having problems with Fuel resources on the map, this is what you're after in case someone asks again: \GOM\functions\GOM_fnc_aircraftLoadoutParameters.sqf . . . . GOM_fnc_removeFuelFromMapObjects = false; //(default: true) will remove all fuel cargo from map objects like gas stations so players can't land on the roof of a gas station for a maintenance free refill, might affect other parts of your mission so choose carefully
  14. NutzMcKracken

    update 1.86 verify signatures

    @@Imperator[TFD] do you run any Sever side mods? Do you allow optional mods? I think the problem is more centric to Server side mods and optional mods that are added by only adding Keys. This doesn't mean that what works for one server works for all. I have a Warfare/BECTI server that runs fine, however our Exile servers have mods similar to what @CabooseMinusOne is talking about. There's server side only mods that run and are only needed by server and at times are not part of Workshop as they are small "mini" mods with special functions etc. This creates quite a juxtaposition you could say.
  15. NutzMcKracken

    [Release] GOM - Aircraft Loadout V1.35

    The problem with the music is "say"/"say3D" I believe and has nothing to do with the GOM scripts. There is however something that is triggered when a person accesses the character "Arsenal" and spawns the "Say". We nopticed this in adding this to our Exile servers. There is something "crossing" or activating this in your mission. Instead if you don't want the music, take the lines out of the Init in the Attributes of the laptop if you're using that method. Simple as that. Here's what you're after, not his scripts: _music = this spawn {while {alive _this} do {_this say selectRandom ["radio_track_01","radio_track_02","radio_track_03"];sleep 403}}