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  1. NutzMcKracken

    Unit Voiceovers

    Hi guys, The site on SteamWorkshop is down. Any ideas? Seen this happen with VCOM on their last update. Players seem to get an update but server wise we can source it with SteamCMD? Am I the only one witnessing this?
  2. NutzMcKracken

    [Release] GOM - Aircraft Loadout V1.35

    Works in Exile just fine. However haven't gone so far to make the database save last loadout. Would be interesting to get last load out and configs on reboot. Unfortunately I'm not well versed in SQL to build it out, but hypothetically it seems like it would be simple. If anyone has saved the loadouts in say wasteland and uses extDB, I'm certain it will work for Exile. @BobSBean45 It will depend heavily on the mission type you are playing on regenerating. Players tend to reload their service trucks by storing them in their Virtual Garage and then retrieving. In addition a script that you can add to the vehicle itself is to regen with setAmmoCargo (and it's related). I have players take the money from Weed gathering and use it for a variety of services that only lat server reboots, this is one of them. It also adds back in the ability to rearm the good ole ArmA way too.
  3. Was curious, why is the mod hidden in Steam Workshop? I see it updated but the Page is down or hidden? @victor87 Yes and no. Depends on how it is deployed. There's a scripted method on to a server only, or you can run it on both client and server if the clients will also control Ai. If a client spawns Ai and is not running the mod client side, that subset of Ai will not have VCOM applied to them. At least that's my understanding. So if I'm correct in tht understanding and depending on what you are doing, you may need to resort to a client and server.
  4. NutzMcKracken

    [Release] GOM - Aircraft Loadout V1.35

    This may help to understand better what others mention to fix this. While previously posted I think there was a little confusion. \GOM\functions\GOM_fnc_aircraftLoadoutParameters.sqf GOM_fnc_aircraftLoadout_NeedsFuelSource = false; //(default: true) //needs fuel supply within 50m of the aircraft or functions will be unavailable GOM_fnc_aircraftLoadout_NeedsAmmoSource = false; //(default: true) //needs ammo supply within 50m of the aircraft or functions will be unavailable GOM_fnc_aircraftLoadout_NeedsRepairSource = false; //(default: true) //needs repair supply within 50m of the aircraft or functions will be unavailable GOM_fnc_aircraftLoadout_NeedsFuelSource = false; Set those to False. I'm torn and like the system, while I understand why GOM did it this way, it's sometimes a bummer in certain situations (when you have ground vehicles and want to retain the resource count). You don't have a method to service off them. You then need to go to alternative sources for the ground-pounders. However, I did find that after the mission has initiated, source values did still track after running setRepairCargo, setFuelCargo, and setAmmoCargo against the appropriate vehicle. (I'll also save you the time by telling you no need to run RepairCargo against an Ammo Truck for instance; if it didn't have the cargo set in the "config" of the vehicle, it won't apply* ...however in some cases you might be surprised like a CUP LAV25 as an Ammo source. Nifty) On a different note if you're also having problems with Fuel resources on the map, this is what you're after in case someone asks again: \GOM\functions\GOM_fnc_aircraftLoadoutParameters.sqf . . . . GOM_fnc_removeFuelFromMapObjects = false; //(default: true) will remove all fuel cargo from map objects like gas stations so players can't land on the roof of a gas station for a maintenance free refill, might affect other parts of your mission so choose carefully
  5. NutzMcKracken

    update 1.86 verify signatures

    @@Imperator[TFD] do you run any Sever side mods? Do you allow optional mods? I think the problem is more centric to Server side mods and optional mods that are added by only adding Keys. This doesn't mean that what works for one server works for all. I have a Warfare/BECTI server that runs fine, however our Exile servers have mods similar to what @CabooseMinusOne is talking about. There's server side only mods that run and are only needed by server and at times are not part of Workshop as they are small "mini" mods with special functions etc. This creates quite a juxtaposition you could say.
  6. NutzMcKracken

    [Release] GOM - Aircraft Loadout V1.35

    The problem with the music is "say"/"say3D" I believe and has nothing to do with the GOM scripts. There is however something that is triggered when a person accesses the character "Arsenal" and spawns the "Say". We nopticed this in adding this to our Exile servers. There is something "crossing" or activating this in your mission. Instead if you don't want the music, take the lines out of the Init in the Attributes of the laptop if you're using that method. Simple as that. Here's what you're after, not his scripts: _music = this spawn {while {alive _this} do {_this say selectRandom ["radio_track_01","radio_track_02","radio_track_03"];sleep 403}}
  7. NutzMcKracken

    [Terrain] Chernarus Winter A3

    Thanks Mate! Appreciate all your team's work. I know you can't touch on everything as you fellas have a wide scope, but appreciate all that you do. (Some of us do notice those little things you do wedge in BTW)
  8. NutzMcKracken

    [Terrain] Chernarus Winter A3

    Hasn't been an update in a while and wonder if the original Author is tracking this as he was last on June 22, 2016. At that point he mentioned that it was too difficult for many reasons, yet many have hosted it just fine (think he made it an excuse after moving on to other things like most of us have at some point like yours truly). This is probably a dead project and hopefully the CUP team can help provide us one. I say this because it's very difficult for the average layman out there that only rely on A3Launcher and Steam Workshop to get their mods. Play with Six is pretty much gone, and a lot of the new people to ArmA don't even want to futz around with manual mod mapping /folder extraction as some of us Veterans have since ArmA1. From a server owner/administrator's perspective we don't even use mods if there's no way to get it via Workshop and let alone A3Launcher as it misses a larger part of our base. All due respect, the original Mod maker for this has moved on and this is dead. As stated earlier lets hope CUP does some integration on a winter version in near future as they would be the next closest people to make a proper version. Anyone for some snow in Sahrani while you're at it? :) ;) @Chairborne
  9. NutzMcKracken

    [Release] GOM - Aircraft Loadout V1.35

    Very helpful, thanks man. Appreciate it!
  10. NutzMcKracken

    [Release] GOM - Aircraft Loadout V1.35

    Hi Grump, and once again, thanks for the fantastic MOD. I'm getting multiple instances of listings on the "laptop", do you know what what that could be...using the initlocalplayer and I vaguely read somewhere to use that, tried skimming the thread for it and may have missed it. Would this be the case of we have it in Desc? Not looking at it right now, but just wondering for MP. It seems to grow with each player connected so it's making me wonder if this it. Also we are running this in Exile, and with Aintence's post as help....(which he plays on our servers now, ironically. Pulled him aside the other day). Thinking if using the trigger area as an activator as well, however in Exile the normal default radio keys are blocked and you have to circumvent the controls under Commands to use those radio controls. So what's the best way to add the action in this respect, since can't add it to player at previously mentioned. Any help with that would be great as I'm also trying to incorporate the BIS garage function to the trigger "pad" as well.
  11. NutzMcKracken

    Parking Planes in hangars

    Appreciate the feedback. A little late in replying. I was figuring I'd have to do something like this! Thanks, I'll look into a trigger where player drives into a location in front of the hangar and supply an add action that will "park" them in the position. Fiddling with a few things at the moment, but on track with this shortly. BTW thanks for the Aircraft Loadout, it's become very useful, especially with MELB update! On a different note...love your little radio ;) Players on our Exile server flip out about it...lol. Trying to find how you sourced those and where there's configs. Would like to see if there's Coltan Blues I can add as well without defining and adding the ogg.
  12. I've tried searching around for this and wonder if anyone can direct me to some good methods of parking planes for a player in MP. To start here's the intention: Player enters a hangar or comes close to the hangar and the plane with or without player is teleported into the hangar, facing outward either ready to be serviced or with player inside plane. The idea is to use GOM's Aircraft Loadout in conjunction but also give players a little sense of immersion and use the hangars as a little protection from a persistent world of nasty Ai. The ULTIMATE idea would be to use the Garage functionality and see the plane in hangar (and use GOM's perhaps?) but I'm keeping it simple for the time being. I've used ideas like Triggers for when a player enters zone and runs a setPos and setDir based on a marker, but isn't exactly working well as intended. I've seen some talk about how you can use the Garage function and set position away looking at plane etc but I've yet to get a trigger to activate this effectively. Any insight will be welcome and appreciated. While I've been in and out of scripting in ArmA it's been tough to wrap my head around this one with some newer functions opposed to A1 and A2. I'd love to share this when it's working! Thanks!
  13. NutzMcKracken

    DS Houses

    Still having Signature issues when using v8 bikey, any ideas? Uploaded and removed previous from keys folder, tried using both my key from updated mod and from server update as well, know what to do in that regard. Seem to still have mismatch signature wise. Any ideas? Update: Well that was weird, after letting it sit for a while it was just fine! Signatures check and everything. Very very odd.
  14. I came here for the same reason as above for the LHD. Seems the Below Deck area (all floor surface areas), the contact surface is inconsistent and you either get stuck floating in mid air at times or die instantly. This wasn't a problem before until recently. Noticed that the guns on the LHD act up as well, the top fore rocket and Sea Wiz emplacements bounce around while in 3DEN after spawning in. Also is there a special way to disable the defense weapon systems. We are trying to set up a mission where you raid the carrier which has OPFOR Ai that have taken over. I tried searching tickets to see if there was one open issue on this, never submitted a ticket, would that be Open a Task?
  15. NutzMcKracken

    Laws of War DLC Cluster Munitions

    Thank you for finally adding this to the the game is all I can say (from working on one of the mods that brought CBU's to A2)!! @gippo On the "instigator" bit, don't set high expectations on this, as this was widely discussed dating back to early A1 & A2 days of CBU's, scripted artillery, etc. It was somewhat of a moot point in that CBU's and other cluster munitions were "OP" (Over Powered) and perhaps needed some limitation where by not encouraging players to use this as a "kill count exploiter" and more of a "Support" feature. It's a nice to have feature definitely, but could the data point be linked properly with consistency? That's my concern as I've not seen it happen in multiplayer in the past. @AegisWolf As far as the different munitions, someone said it right...it's a matter of hit points sadly, but that's really with most games to be honest (sorry if this somewhat of a spoiler for some). On the part about dispensor vectoring, in my experience with researching, testing, and developing CBU's for A2, I found that at times you could drop low and condense the amount of munitions released in a confined area, causing a great more deal of damage to higher armored targets due to "combined effects" from the concentrated splash damage of other bomblets. I tried modifying the script I started with by which it would control the altitude which they would disperse to avoid this. I even adjusted where the bomb or dispenser (as it's properly termed) would not "pop" or dispense unless the pilot was above a certain altitude. The way it happens in reality with modern CBU's. In reality, especially with WCMD* (and shortly before with advanced avionics) most bombs were dropped at high altitude (due to SAM danger) and "slightly" guided to target. It was adjustable by the pilot at what altitude the dispenser would open and "scatter" the munition. In reality the Tail fins spun the dispenser, making to spread more effectively (after all you had 200+ bomblets to scatter). I wanted to incorporate a function where the pilot could adjust by altitude the bomb would dispense, sadly I didn't get this far. Back to munitions and reality, with CEM (Combined Effect munitions, namely the CBU-87/CBU-103 WCMD) the munitions were intended NOT for heavily armored targets, mostly soft to medium. Their original intention was to disrupt airfields and cause great damage over a widespread area and partially destroy runways. It was later found to have other uses towards convoys, etc. *(Wind Corrected Munition Dispenser, pronounced "Wic-Med", and mostly a tailfin kit attached to a SUU-65 carrier, and then designated a SUU-66) As far as CBU-105 WCMD's which use skeets similar to SADARM artillery, these need an extremely high altitude of dispensing or "popping" in order for the whole system to have enough altitude to disperse the BLU-108, and then fire the penetrator skeet to scan. Very very different systems between releasing BLU-108's and BLU-97's (CEM). On to a different subject, more for the developers ( @DnA ) to consider if they can, even this late in the "skunk works". Consider since you have added one of the carriers or submunition dispensers with APERS, look at FASCAM or specifically GATOR which used AT mines mixed with AP mines. This if anything could add an additional "bomb" (dispenser) to the inventory. I doubt it would take much to "rework"? Since you have a system that disperses and arms APERS on the ground, why not have a separate bombs that includes both APERS and SLAM? Another idea on the concept, perhaps a smart detonation system could be integrated so that friendly forces can detonate them for a safe path through? This would seem to correlate with ArmA 3's "future" presence with advanced military functions. In researching the GATOR system they had plans to incorporate a method using an encrypted radio signal that would set off a field of them to allow allied forces through rather than a timed detonation which the system currently employs. After all, landmines by method are "area denial" systems, why not have a "gate"? Further development on the project was scrapped with US military budget cuts after the cold war ended. Like the real project, life got in the way and I scrapped my work on the CBU's and GATOR system I wanted to include for A2, so I'm very glad to see this as an addition. Many thanks for both the cool factor in ArmA and the awareness side of Law's of War.