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  1. I use an I7 2600k and when playing all 4 cores run at 80 % with a GTX 465 card, I can see now that I will need to upgrade my video card.
  2. Halli~SPARTA~

    Looking for a Good UK DOMI server

    Sparta www.legionofsparta.com
  3. Halli~SPARTA~

    Server Bans

    Sparta uses the #exec ban 24 and it seem to work well but we also transfer those bans to our Uk server. $able Great news...........
  4. Halli~SPARTA~

    As I of banned !

    Sir What server ????? If Sparta then I will Make sure you are off Ban list.
  5. Halli~SPARTA~


    It is a Wonderful thing to have an anti-cheat and you are respected for the work. I would like to see a fix for the time-out kick as I get kicked a bit and have a decent connection usally a ping of 23-28 with no desyc using Defcon Servers of Dallas Texas whereas before Battleye I never (that I am aware of) lost connection to our Server. Anyhow Great Job and Happy New Year!!!
  6. Halli~SPARTA~

    Cheapest Servers?

    www.defconservers.com Our Group has used this for many years and even our Uk/Europe Admins prefer this to any other.
  7. Halli~SPARTA~

    Whats Wrong?

    I would also not run at Very high mem. The game only uses 2 gig and your system only uses 3 of the 4 you have.
  8. Halli~SPARTA~

    DAO berzerk i was banned why?

    :eek::459: To OP this is better for you as it will move you on to a better place!
  9. Add Sparta to your filter and try it out....If not what your looking for nothing lost. TS2 :8072 Main server in US but it is a Top of the line with fiber optic, Players are worldwide. No mods needed but allow Vop2.1
  10. Halli~SPARTA~

    Need help selling the game to friend via MP

    Not so fast!!!!!!!!!! That is not the mission of Domination so to speak. If he can work as a team and take his time advancing and not lone wolfing then it may be ok but Domination is not about Rushing in and lone wolfing it. He needs to find some coop missions that involve an objective of destroying a base or Hq something like that would suit his fancy.
  11. Halli~SPARTA~

    intentionally wounding teammates!

    Untill then play on an Admined server.
  12. Halli~SPARTA~

    Community Level

    Welcome to BIS/ARMA2 forums. I would have to say without a doubt ArmA2, ArmA2 Has Dedicated Servers and are hosted by Professional Severs. (Massive Community Support) There are many great servers with differnt styles to play and I am sure you will find one that fits your needs. OFPDR has NO Dedis but can coop 4 players at a time. (not much Community support) Cheers hope this helps!............Merry Christmas
  13. Halli~SPARTA~

    Comedian Robin Williams plays A1/A2???

    Haha I can see it now....:eek::bounce3:
  14. Halli~SPARTA~

    A Performance Tip....

    To answer your post by saying get new stuff will not help you. I would run all in low, make sure physx is set to disable, put a max mem on the exe. so it will look like this after left clicking the Arma2 Icon on desktop scroll down to properties and add this to the end of the target IE. c:\program files\arma2.exe -maxmem=1024 I played Arma on a simular setup and it will crash every hour or two but you can play, Of course some of the nice systems crash every so often also. Turn off all back ground services using Gamebooster. http://www.majorgeeks.com/Game_Booster_d5952.html Good luck.
  15. Halli~SPARTA~

    Multiplayer - Invalid CD Key

    Batwing that is a mature and understandable post of which hopefully will be seen. Would be nice if via E-mail to BIS that they kill your Key and give another, you could scan reciept and old key code. Good luck