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  1. NutzMcKracken

    change mod folder

    Have you allow listed the program with any AV products and excluded common directories? It sounds more like your AV is blocking things. Also allow the program through your firewall. Mods work fine for me and many others. Sounds like you have something local going on.
  2. NutzMcKracken

    change mod folder

    FYI for clarification because it's not quite clear for some and perhaps someone might have meant one over the other in this post. You need to use the switch -addonDownloadDir not -addonsDir. The first will force the location of Download and Detection of mods and Workshop content in a custom directory. -addonDownloadDir D:\DownloadedMods You do not need to add an "addons" folder in the line above -addonDownloadDir will create one. As stated before, make sure the location exists and your mods are copied over. Note on this as I had 20GB of mods to move. Go ahead and copy the addons folder in .\Documents\My Games\ArmaReforger\ to your destination and it will then have an addons location in the new directory. As an example when copying .\Documents\My Games\ArmaReforger\addons to (using example destination) D:\DownloadedMods, it should now have an addons folder there. This is key in detecting the mods you already downloaded. Fire up the game, then it will state it needs to sync the mods in the directory. Then after sync you will be good to go!
  3. I wanted to see if someone could confirm what function is responsible for writing a new player to the database. Was wonder if someone has a flow or knows the operation of how this happens. Seen several functions partially responsible, but looking to track this down completely. I'm trying to exclude the headlessclient from writing a new player to the database. I'm about sick of cleaning "hc's" out of my database.
  4. NutzMcKracken

    [Release] GOM - Aircraft Loadout V1.35

    I've also been trying to keep this from happening as well as a Interactions Menu method. Still working on this and be glad to share what was figured out. As far as players not seeing other vehicles, usually it's a ownership thing with ArmA. I noticed if you get into it and it's within detectable distance, it will show in the list of configurable vehicles. Do like how you did your screens 😉
  5. NutzMcKracken

    [Release] GOM - Aircraft Loadout V1.35

    Go into your GOM_fnc_aircraftLoadoutInit.sqf, find the following lines and comment them out like so: /* { [_x,0] remoteExec ["setAmmoCargo",_x]; [_x,0] remoteExec ["setFuelCargo",_x]; [_x,0] remoteExec ["setRepairCargo",_x]; } foreach _nearbyVehs; */ This sets all the vehicles nearby to 0. By commenting it out you restore the "Ammo...", "Fuel...", and "Repair..." cargo for each type. You should still be able to source off them for resources as well. Just forewarning though. Some mods planes have weighted values that will empty the Ammo for the nearby ammo source. The theoretical indefinite supply can actually be used up by this mod, we have done it. So you may need a way you can either restore the ammo cargo, or simply acquire another ammo source. So don't be surprised if you run out of ammo.
  6. NutzMcKracken

    Arma Reforger/Arma4 VR Support

    To start, the naysayer's that are relatively new to the "Armaverse" (less than 10years) just need to put a cork in it and see what happens. Buckle up and see where the journey goes as a lot of us here have seen ArmA make some interesting twists and turns you couldn't have predicted years ago. As a long standing ArmA player & Mod dev (since ArmA 1, missed OFPS), I've seen things come and go, wishes for this and that come to fruition. Be patient is all I can say, all the stuff we were wishing ArmA 1 had; ended up in A2 and A3; and I'm pretty certain VR is a big initiative (or should be). While the dev's are in their early days of Reforger, they do need to make this (VR) a #2 or #3 initiative in the grand scheme of things. If they don't I fear that Bohemia again, might miss the boat and opportunity to capture new players that are dead set on VR. For the idea of making the game more approachable (which Reforger is, thank god as my friends have complained about this for years) , capturing the VR scoped players will be $$$ in the bank, a good ROI from a business stand point. As for the performance angle, this can not be assessed with advent of new hardware on the horizon (AMD RDNA 3 or Zen 4 on the X670E along with much more...Intel, Nvidia, etc). In about a year or 2 the hardware arena will be much more attainable and approachable and making VR in ArmA much more than a pipe dream.
  7. Hi Folks, I run Kronik servers at the moment with Ketanna and we have been trying to optimize certain mods and plugins with Exile. One of the challenges I've been encountering is ExAd. Been simply told by some to not use it, but it has so many hooks into what we do. So wondered if anyone has optimized this a bit more than MonkeyNutz going in and removing pieces off ExAd's GitHub. I was wondering, does anyone have some ExAd optimizations or fixes? I have my own and willing to share, but at this moment it's pretty messy. In addition, I've been going through and cleaning up things we've been doing over the years (Kronik), and clearing out stuff we just kept pilling in our mission PBO. I've also been trying to track down certain Functions that are not listed in the CfgRemotExec, and finally going to start Exceptions for BattleEye based on some recent BattleEye Query Timeouts we've been getting. Before we were disregarding BattlEye kicks and rolling with it, but it's looking more and more like I need to do those dang exceptions. Any tips and trick are welcome and very well versed with ArmA and some scripting, but in no way am I going to promote myself as a professional codie. Yet I'm not *new* to this. I'll be glad to share my experiences thus far and some of what I've done and researched with Parameters files, the Max Numbers of mods to registered to steam, Headless Clients, etc etc. If you have an interest to check out the server and get an idea of what were seeing performance wise, you can find it on both A3Launcher (promoted), or on the standard Launcher by looking for "kronik". Let me know if you notice anything stands out. Already today I noticed the IgiLoad reloaded, so interested in updating this part. Thanks, Nutz (aka SirSmok@lot from A1 & A2 days)
  8. NutzMcKracken

    GeForce now problem?

    No problems joining servers in reference to Ge Force. Ge Force will not cause this type of problem with ArmA. You might want to look more local or reach out to the server owners. Couple things to know: Video drivers or things like GeForce Experience don't hinder server joins. It either crashes the program or not. However a bad overclocking profile that you are setting, like a very aggressive overclock could. This is because the overclocking profile is not working well with ArmA and not related to the server. You can test this by opening the editor and placing a man on the map and running around. But this is all in reference to video driver stuff. Try to join with a newly created player profile. If you can then it's something in your normal Profile causing the issue. Usually when it gets to this point (referencing screenshot) it's trying to pull your profile or player data. High Pings, playing on wifi, server overtaxed (bad server FPS), or even high network activity on server can delay it. Just let it sit for a minute. If you did let it sit, then contact server admins and ask for advice and be ready to supply your local logs. Here's where local logs can be found: %localappdata%\ArmA 3\ (should be able to copy and paste this in the search box next to the windows flag to get to your local logs)
  9. There's one caveat to this, if you are using 16AA Building replacements, they will not detect new building classes. Also the map and some buildings were updated since SuperJ and I did this long ago (2018). I'll be remapping soon as there's been some minor shifting of building positions and centers I noticed. Been wanting to circle back around to this and polish it up.
  10. NutzMcKracken

    Unit Voiceovers

    @SceptreOfficial Did you take down the mod???? We were running it and after server reboot people couldn't join since it was removed from Workshop. Are you releasing an update?
  11. Added note, as I remembered this last night and thought I'd add. If you layout your traders and using the 3Den Plugin, start by selecting the Vehicle Trader for your trader to put down, then in the Attributes of the Trader, select the Trader Type (....Community Customs x). This should link up and make it to where you can avoid the confusion or having to go back and edit the entry when you export your traders to your initPlayerLocal.sqf.
  12. Sorted out... This is what happens when you walk away from it all for a few months, or I'm getting old. If you're trader looks anything like below, you need to make sure the first class or "select 0" dictates type, i.e. "vehicle trader" or more accurately "Exile_Trader_Vehicle" and not the "Exile_Trader_CommunityCustoms". The second mention of the trader, or "select 2" is for "ExileTraderType". ["Exile_Trader_Vehicle", ["c5efe_MichalLoop"], "Exile_Trader_CommunityCustoms", "WhiteHead_05", [[],[],[],["U_I_pilotCoveralls",[]],[],[],"H_PilotHelmetHeli_O","G_Combat",[],["","","","","",""]], [4835.48, 10089.5, 339.666], [-0.998847, -0.0479976, 0], [0, 0, 1]], Sometimes it helps to go back and reread the "createVehicle" path after you walk away from it for bit. 🤦‍♂️ For any of you that forgot as well.
  13. Hi All, I've been banging my head on what causes a Custom Trader (Community Customs Trader) to sell vehicles as an inventory item. Grr.🤕 I did it on my other server a while back and remember it's stupid simple, yet since we lost the old Exile mod forums it's been hard to sort out. Anyone remember what is needed? I've check things in the config (mission folder) like CfgInteractionMenu etc, and in my Exile Server Config config. Also checked the Trader configs and see that they are same as Aircraft and Vehicle. Any ideas? Thanks in advance, 1million pop for the answer 😎
  14. Also as of one of the last updates to Exile, there was this feature added. If you use the 3Den plugin that was supplied for Creating the traders in the first place, you will notice that one of the options for Ellipse/Rectangular markers has a Non-construction zone configuration. (Note: I'm not sure the option is there without using the 3Den plugin as I can't look and verify right now, so defaulting that it's required as it's been a while since I set it. But it works and is active on my servers) Adjust to your size of Ellipse (will only work with an even radius, X and Y) and then look for "non-construction zone" configuration at the bottom of the attribute drop downs.
  15. NutzMcKracken


    Question about Ambient Zombie configuration. Is there somehow I can define that only Ai (NPC) players become zombies after they are killed? (This is with the zombie resurrection turned on) It would be good to not include actual Human players. Players seem to be losing their bodies when they die and they turn to Zombies and go walking off 😅, then the garbage collection system cleans them up. Oops. So players would love to have a chance at getting their stuff back when respawning, lol. Really hate to turn it off as we love playing with it and seeing some of the NPC die and comeback as Zeds. Even when it's PvP people find it interesting. FYI this is on merging with Exile. Also noticed from time to time that when you kill an NPC it spawns up extra bodies and if the player unloads into the Ai it spawns more of them. I'm going to reproduce later what was reported to me to get a better idea, but I've seen it where there's 5 Ai in a car and you unload on them and what seems like 25 bodies spill out. Any ideas as to what could be causing that? Server was at one time down to 2-7FPS but after cleaning up some code with the mission and VCOM Ai Side assignment, Server FPS is back to 40's+. So maybe the FPS caused a part of it I'm assuming.