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ExAd and Other Optimizations?

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Hi Folks,

I run Kronik servers at the moment with Ketanna and we have been trying to optimize certain mods and plugins with Exile. One of the challenges I've been encountering is ExAd.  Been simply told by some to not use it, but it has so many hooks into what we do. So wondered if anyone has optimized this a bit more than MonkeyNutz going in and removing pieces off ExAd's GitHub.

I was wondering, does anyone have some ExAd optimizations or fixes?

I have my own and willing to share, but at this moment it's pretty messy.

In addition, I've been going through and cleaning up things we've been doing over the years (Kronik), and clearing out stuff we just kept pilling in our mission PBO. I've also been trying to track down certain Functions that are not listed in the CfgRemotExec, and finally going to start Exceptions for BattleEye based on some recent BattleEye Query Timeouts we've been getting.

Before we were disregarding BattlEye kicks and rolling with it, but it's looking more and more like I need to do those dang exceptions.

Any tips and trick are welcome and very well versed with ArmA and some scripting,  but in no way am I going to promote myself as a professional codie. Yet I'm not *new* to this.

I'll be glad to share my experiences thus far and some of what I've done and researched with Parameters files, the Max Numbers of mods to registered to steam, Headless Clients, etc etc.

If you have an interest to check out the server and get an idea of what were seeing performance wise, you can find it on both A3Launcher (promoted), or on the standard Launcher by looking for "kronik".


Let me know if you notice anything stands out. Already today I noticed the IgiLoad reloaded, so interested in updating this part.


Nutz (aka SirSmok@lot from A1 & A2 days)

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