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  1. nuxil

    Flares = Useless?

    Hello. I havent played A3 for years now, i just like to check the forum once in a while. But i do remember this problem, In A2 we just depbo one of the files. copied out the flare script. changed it a bit so it would deflect missiles. then just added it to the mission init and it would overwriting existing flare code. no addons was needed. Im sure this is possible in A3 too. maybe even someone has done it already.
  2. nuxil

    Bec in batch file !!

    Hello. Im not a batch guru so i cant help you with your current problem. But Bec is highly outdate and has not been maintained for years now. I suggest you take a look at other options out there. There seems to be some comming along fine.
  3. Many of you may wonder what the heck am i doing. Im so sorry for not informing you people about this so you could prepare. As you seen my 1st post updated with only a few words and no explanation why i am doing this. I am going to tell you why i decided to do this. As of today im doing my own little protest against the path Bis has taken. I am going to keep protest against their policy change until they change it and make it fair. So its basically the end of my little contribution to the community.. Im no Big content maker in the arma community. I only do my own little hobby modding and never release anything to the public. Now i feel that this hole "Arma 3 Server monetization" is rotten to the bone. This "sign up your server here as a monitized one" then it's ok if you follow this simple rules its ok. I am afraid its not Ok. And its not that simple. These are my personal opinions thought. So please respect them. What they are basically doing it letting the server hoster earn the cash (those who host the game). While the ones who makes the mission, framework makers, addons makers(vehicles,etc), map makers, just have to sit by and see their work cash in while they get nothing in return. Things like this takes hundreds of hours to make. its easy peasy to setup a server and clash some addons and mission on a server. And it does only take a few hours setting it up. "tweaking,admining,maintenance it is a another matter" Even if a person if to put in a "no commercial usage" or something like that in their EULA, no single person has the , time, money, "(knowledge)" on how to enfore their EULA. Now i ask bis. did you ever think about us who makes 3rd party software being exploited? Guess not, As i said, even if we are to put a "for none commercial usage" in our ELUA. how can we really enforce this? We have the same problem as addon|mod makers. but then again. we where never bound to any of your EULA so we always had this problem with enforcing it anyway. I had my fair share of dmca take-downs trying to enforce my own EULA. phhh, i say i rather waste my time on other stuff. This shitty banaid after the A3L episode is just big bs in my opinion. If Bis is really to allow monetization then every part has to be able cash in, Addon makers, map maker, mission maker so on. I hear alot of this: addon|map makers do it for fun, fame, etc. Sure they do. Why the hell would the else be doing it. Now why cant (server hoster's) do the same?. Donation for server rent is another thing, which im ok with. But not direct profit to be made by hosting a game (and exploiting addon|mod makers work) As a personal opinion i think that the "spirit" of arma should not be monetized at all. period. I think the solution to a none monetized community is simple Tie in the dedicated server whith the steam account and have the server shutdown periode if abuse is reported though a reportabuse site. But Bis has chosen another path. Now Bec. There is a kill signal sent on version check. This kill signal has only been used before on reporter accounts that tried to abuse|exploit the system. As you have discovered the fix|workaround is simple All you have to do is block any request done to ibattle.org by Bec. either in your sw firewall (windows firewall) or on your router Bec will work normally after that. with the exception of the reporter account and version checking. Why did i do this kill signal? So people stop sending|requesting "garbage" traffic being sent|received to|from bansys & ibattle. as im no longer providing any services there. I am taking my stand against Bis, You may say this is childish, egoistic, no point, I am only hurting the server hoster who use Bec. Nevertheless i have made my stand on this matter and i hope you can respect them, you may not agree with them and i respect that. I am sure there will popup something new in not so long, i seen a few wip ongoing. until then im sorry for the inconvenience i caused you all. I am not trying to start some crusade or anything, me personally feel its time to check out and move on to something else. Regards. nuxil.
  4. nuxil

    ArmA-Banlist (Community Banlist)

    I said stupid for the client, i did not say it was stupid for the server. I said it would make no sense unless you want to connect it to another system A sql server is that. ;) However. As i already said. If you where to go public with the AC you are exposing your self. One could just peek at the sql table(s) and see what the function(s) do. Also this would not work for "all missions" would it? that would be pretty damn hard to make. I would rather spend my time on writing proper BE Filter(s) for my mission with Regular expressions etc. than make an custom AC. C or ASM would even be better :p There are lot of programs written in vb.net. So nothing wrong with it. Example. CDBurnerXP which i use alot If you like to spend 5x more time writing something in c++. fine. then that is your choice. I would not unless it requires heavy optimization, "in regards get most work per cpu cycle". Anyway. i think we have hijacked this thread enough about anticheat discussion. ParadoxParadoxon has already said he will "drop" that idea. ;) --------------------- ParadoxParadoxon i would help you out if it where php. But im about to check out from this community, i dont like the path Bis is taking and i will not have any part of it anymore.
  5. nuxil

    ArmA-Banlist (Community Banlist)

    Sure there is. but sqf is not one of those ways. Not sure how callExtension is going to help you here. Using it on the serve make no sense unless you want to have it to connect to some other system. Using a callExtenson dll on the client is just "stupid". Because. 1 * You can not sign a dll. 2 * You can replace it with you own custom dll. 3 * You can debpo the addon and see how it calls the dll and now it uses the data. With out the access to the game engine such as Battleye have, your basically wasting your time on making an AC. Once you go public with a sqf anticheat you are exposed. everybody can see how it works. I am wondering ParadoxParadoxon why all this? PHP ASP.NET VB.NET
  6. nuxil

    Arma 3 Server monetization

    I just want to burst in and say. If any servers are charging for server access and they are using the tool (Bec) for whitelisting or slotlimiting, Let me know. Bec is not to be used for any Commercial or Military purpose. Having a "Pay to enter" is considered as commercial since the server owners are clearly having a profit from it.
  7. As i said. i cant help you much with this. * I have no clue which "Domination-type" mission you where playing. * I have no clue how the BE Filters on the server looks like. So the best option here is to talk to the server admin. Tell the admin excatly what you where doing so they can try and reproduce the "Triggering of BE Filter" them self. If the admin is not willing to listen then its time to move on to some better server. Although i highly doubt this will result in a global ban.
  8. Hi. Im sorry. i cant help you much with this. This is most likely a ban set on you because you triggered a BE Filter for what youre telling me. What the code means or does i have no idea. You can fire up the editor and check for your self. _what_is_this = [7,121,32,48,41,32,100,105,115,112,108,97,121,67,116,114,108,32,49,48,54,41,59,10,9,9,9,125,59]; hint format ["%1", toString _what_is_this]; Please contact the server it happend on since i cant do much about it. They might have banned you because you have exploited some system ingame. I can not unban anyone, bans are controlled by the server admins not me.
  9. I have expressed my opinon. You have expressed yours. Now we leave it at that. i dont want to get into a debait about your opinion or try to convince you otherwize. nor will you be able to change my opinion on this matter. Lets get back to the thread title. and leave personal opinions behind. "Opening up Arma 3 to paid user-made content" - How? I posted my questions with the thead title in mind as i see huge issues with allowing paid use-made content.
  10. Exactly. no quality control. tons on junk. Perhaps something like ED does it. A certain standard must be kept before 3rd part addon makers are allowed to sell their content and it needs to be approved by Bis And you keep repeating yours. this conversation is just looping. Instead try to answer my question about my conserns regarding this. i think its more important that what you feel about monetization or what i feel about it.
  11. So its ok to let steam be spammed down by crappy shit made by 10 year old kids? Ok. will read that post. was very tired when i wrote my post. Modding should not be monetized, modding should be done because people like it and do for it fun. It has worked fine for 15 years now. It seems like some community members in here thinks that. Hey i spent 10+years on modding for this game engine. Its about time i get paid for the stuff i create. (a little blunt way to put it tho.) Let the community mods stay free. let everyone benefit for mods, not just them with money in their wallet. If you appreciate a content makers work, you can donate to them if you like their work. money makes greed, money makes one corrupt. and that's a fact. And you basically say the same as me, so we got a an awful attitude both of us ;p Except you got one thing wrong here. We all don't need ArmA, there are other great games out there. :)
  12. At first i was thinking that Opening up Arma III to paid user made content could be nice thing. Why not let the modders who love to mod and do it for fun earn some money on it at the same time. But after thinking a bit about it in not so sure this is a good thing to do or the right path to take. Maybe these questions have been asked & answered before but i am too sleepy and lazy to dig though 250 posts :p My main concerns are. * What quality control will be involved here? * Who will do the quality control? * Who will ensure/control that no copyrighted content is "Ab"used. * What kind of protection will be involved here, (ie. will the addons/mods be ebo'ed?) * How will user paid content work regarding MP. * If the content is derivative from some GPL licensed work how will this modified source/code be available? I'm also a bit worried that this would split the community "elitist & novice|noobs" more than it already is. I'm also afraid addon/mod makers will hesitate to share their knowledge due to this. After Bis got steamifyed they got a bit greedy in my opinion. What i mean by this: They now make all sorts of "mini" mods which they call dlc's to try and suck out every penny they can from users.. * Dlc This * Dlc That * Dlc Whatever + they want a cut out of content you made. Its starting to remind me of how EA does business, but its not that bad yet. Now with the server monetization i feel it has only made things worse when its starting to be like: * Pay to get in faster or be white-listed. * Pay to get a special player slot. * Pay to get vehicle skin X,Y,Z. * Pay to be a black dude, Pay to be a white dude. * Pay for this pay for that. I feel its too much and Bis really needs to rethink what they are doing. The community has thrived well for about 14-15 years now without any money involved. Why does everybody suddenly need to make money on hosting the game or creating content for the game? Did any of you pay money to get the knowledge you posses on scripting, configuring, model making by depbo other peoples content or looking at tutorials? HELL NO. It was all free. And now you want|expect us to pay for content you made which you would not have been able to create without this free knowledge. I also like to point out that. Now since they allow server monetization they must open up for addon/mod monetization as well. Why should only the (Hosters | Mission makers) be able to make money when the guys who are doing the real hard work gets 0. It takes hundreds upon hundreds of hours to make quality content. It's very unfair to them. But i just hope Bis wakes up and see the madness in this and stop all allowing of monetization. Don't get me wrong. I'm all for donations which will cover server costs and maintenance. I dont want to see N^y altislife servers trying to earn money of hosting. If they really want to allow server monetization i believe more strict rules needs to be in place. Such as. Only the community who created the mission|addons|mod can host it, and this need to be approved by Bis. And this will be limited to 1 or 2 servers only. So BIS.. Stop digging your own grave. Without the community you are nothing. No one want to play your game without mods (except a few souls). vanilla its just bad. So get a grip and stop this madness. Don't fuck up the community by the path you're taking now. All my friends have trash-binned their copy of arma3, and many other have as well. I'm not ready to do that quiet yet, but i to will do this if Bis continues on the monetizing path. Some of you might say. Well your loss. But i don't see it a loss when there are other great games out there i can spend my time on.
  13. Yes and No... The Rcon protocol does not tell you who executed a kick or changed a mission. Example. you have 2 Rcons connect. you have no idea of knowing if it was rcon 1 or rcon 2 who did the kick or whatever. The only time you know who is who is when a rcon user uses the say command. it will tell which rcon did the say. So only way you can know who executed a command is by example making a web-interface that requires a userlogin and not allowing any other rcons connected to the server. this web rcon would ofc need to log all commands executed by the user(s). The only other option i see is to not allow any other rcons than Bec or Epm Rcon to your server. and only have 1 rcon active at anytime. Bec does log who executed commands. example: !kick foobar. Bec will then log: Admin blah blah..... So the only way you will know who did execute what is to request this to the BE dev. "and pls dont since it means i need to update Bec too :p"
  14. nuxil

    Blanket ban on altislife.co.uk

    Stop wasting youre life on these altislife servers. If you like role playing. try out citylife instead.. they got Years of experiance with this type of gaming.
  15. nuxil

    Laser guided artillery

    I havent played Arma3 for ages so i dont know how the support module works. But to simulate laser guided artillery ammo, i belive you have to script this. Because if you want a bomb to follow the laser (you/the weapon) needs to have a "lock" on a targer before you fire the weapon. Only then will the bomb/rocket follow the lasertarget. this is how the engine work. This is ofcource not doable with an artillery since you cant lock on to a lasertarget after you have fired. Although, it is rather easy to script such a system.