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    [SP/MP] BeCTI

    Still no words from Benny ? Actually went back to play A2 BE warfare.. :/ It was fun tough and I realised how much I missed Taki and Cherna warfare :)
  2. ArmaDan

    [SP/MP] BeCTI

    Any news from Benny on eta for next version?
  3. ArmaDan

    [SP/MP] BeCTI

    How far away are next version ?? Really miss WarfareBE :D
  4. Most modern combat aircrafts have both radar and incoming missile warning i think. But any skilled guy in bomber dont need to lock on to anything to take out targets, ccip hud in bomber is very good to manually bomb anything on the ground, and with some training also any moving vehicles. and u cant lock on to buildings, only vehicles if u configure tab to joystick. buildings u have to visually find to take them out.
  5. @Beagle: With some tactics its not impossible to defend against aircrafts. You should have bought a Rapier AA vehicle, and if u didnt had cash enough, u should have asked ur team to put money together for a rapier. Tor and rapier are extremly effective against any air. Usually the first thing we do when we see enemy air and we dont got it, is to get a tor/rapier up as soon as possible. Also building defence posistion in base i think is a bad idea, as it shows up on radar as grey dots, and in most cases where u find lots of grey dots together, u also find base buildings. And yes with some skilled players that splitt up in pairs to take towns faster it is possible to take 8 towns to build AF in under 1 hour.
  6. Hi:) Im server admin on tv2 battle.no arma2 servers, and today a player joined server and this message apper: "Playername"'bin\config.bin/cfgVehicles/GUE_soldier_Base/HitPoints/HitHead.name'. What does it mean?
  7. Have a friend that just reinstaled A2 & OA, and now he cant launch CO. A2 & OA works fine, but when he trys to launch CO, he gets that DOS screen and steam window with "preparing to launch A2OA" , and nothing more happens. Have tried the tips given here like, run steam as admin, verfy file integrity and disableing UAC in windows. still same problem. Please help
  8. Hi and thanks for reply :) But im all green when it comes to scripting, dont got a clue on what you are talking about :p Im playing on Gossamer's warfare, and its just so annoying when im in TorM1, hunting for enemy aircrafts, and when I fire at them, I take my self out, or the missile explode over the tank, and take out anyone close to me, like own heavyfactory when I just buildt TorM1 and are under attack from enemy aircrafts. And in Gossamer's warfare, its the Shilka that is equiped with TorM1 AA system, dont know if that has anything to say.
  9. Hi:) I Have problem when I'm using the TorM1 AA system. When I lock on to enemy aircrafts and fire the missile, it sometime explode on the vehicle, and even take out the vehicle sometimes.
  10. Cant set BEclient/server to adminpriv, cant do it on OA either, or i dont know how to... have tried to set A2 and steam to adminpriv, but that didnt help. ---------- Post added at 07:49 PM ---------- Previous post was at 06:26 PM ---------- Found out what the problem was. UAC!! Turned off UAC in windows and all the problems went away:D
  11. Today when I was going online to game, I was kicked off server by BE, with message: You were kicked off the game (Battleye: missing OS privileges (run game as administartor) WTH!?!?! gamed last night without any problems! Cant find out how to run OA or BE as administartor? Tried to run Arma2 and steam as administrator, but it dont help, same message. tried different servers, same thing. My specs: Gigabyte GA-790FXTA-UD5. AMD Phenom2 X4 965. 4gb Corsair dominator 1600m/hz cl8. 2x XFX 5870 @850m/hz. Coolermaster 1000w psu. W7 pro 64.