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  1. Lou Montana

    [BETA] Arma COMREF - Offline Wiki

    Updated to 2020-06-12 COMREF - (way?) less parsing glitches.
  2. Hello everyone, Here is a small project that may be helpful to everyone that doesn't always have access to internet/the wiki, or to everyone needing the biki when it is down. With the support of peeps in the #community_wiki Arma 3 Discord channel, I managed to extract wiki data to make a COMREF (Operation Flashpoint flashbacks intensify) This is basically offline documentation for commands and functions in all Arma titles - note that some glitches are still present, but the data is pretty much usable. newest version: 2020-06-12 COMREF (added messagebox colours and better parsing) old version: 2020-06-10 COMREF (first version) My little helpers: @Grezvany13, @Dedmen, @x39, @optix, @Heyoxe, @A3_Stickie
  3. I suggest you read the wiki, and especially https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/compile compile takes a String , which you never provide.
  4. For the future visitors of this thread, here is the Biki page about Conversations. Enjoy! @medusacadenza
  5. Lou Montana

    3den event handlers

    The wrong info was an oversight on my behalf when filling examples some months ago; it is fixed now. Don't hesitate to mention Biki mistakes on the #community_wiki Arma 3 Discord channel!
  6. BiKi has been updated with "LightShafts" and "HBAOPlus"
  7. [SP/MP][COOP] LMS 1-4 Recon Recon is a Singleplayer or Coop mission for 1 to 4 players, featuring a small PMC recon group. Mission file: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1405129258 Mission setting: Island: Stratis Daytime: 2018-01-13, 07:00 (can be changed) Weather: clear, foggy (can be changed) Mission goal: Simple yet hard: identify a target among the resistance, hidden in the woods. Once your target found and not killed, contact your HQ to know the next steps - kill or spare. Gear: Silenced weapons, NVGs, UAV with TI Functionalities: camera intro and mini-cutscenes detailed briefing fully voiced translated (EN/FR) randomised: the target identity and location changes on every game server-side mission settings stealth is rewarded interactive actions NO MODS REQUIRED - Apex weapons needed Feedback: You can contact me on Steam or BI forum for praises, improvement ideas or threats on my (virtual) life! No Paypal here, just tell me if you enjoyed it and I will be more than happy ;-)
  8. Done for the most part! Find them here: Category: Command Group: Custom Panels
  9. On it! Like I needed more pages to rework :p
  10. Lou Montana

    Check if head under water?

    did test with enableSaving [false, false]; _obj = "Sign_sphere25cm_EP1" createVehicle getPos player; _obj attachTo [player, [0, 0, 0.1], "neck"]; waitUntil { sleep .1 ; _alt = getPos _obj select 2 ; _toHint = format["POS: %1\nATL: %2\nASL: %3", _alt, getPosATL _obj select 2, getPosASL _obj select 2] ; if (_alt < 0) then { hint _toHint; } else { hintSilent _toHint; }; FALSE ; }; it works for sea, but as soon as you put your head under pond water getPos gives same result as getPosATL (above pond water, data is different) enableSaving [false, false]; _obj = "Sign_sphere25cm_EP1" createVehicle getPos player; _obj attachTo [player, [0, 0, 0.1], "neck"]; _obj2 = "Sign_sphere25cm_EP1" createVehicle getPos player; waitUntil { sleep .1 ; _obj2 setPos[ getPos _obj select 0, getPos _obj select 1, getPos _obj select 2]; _alt = getPos _obj select 2 ; _toHint = format[ "POS: %1\nATL: %2\nASL: %3\n\naltDiff: %4\nwater: %5", _alt, getPosATL _obj select 2, getPosASL _obj select 2, abs( (getPosASL _obj2 select 2) - (getPosASL _obj select 2)), surfaceIsWater getPos _obj ] ; if (_alt < 0) then { hint _toHint; } else { hintSilent _toHint; }; FALSE ; }; helps to detail the problem, but at the moment I didn't find any way to detect head under pond water. on its track, looking for it!
  11. Lou Montana

    Check if head under water?

    it might be object attachTo [player, [0,0,0], "[b]head[/b]"]; attachTo "Lhand" works, I don't see why head wouldn't work, unless attachTo doesn't process upper-body animation. I check that at home and let you know.
  12. Lou Montana

    View stuck looking sideways

    Hello, Can you try with vanilla Arma, without any mod ? my first thought is that it could be a wrong key applied to "view left" in the controls settings, either this or maybe your joystick fell behind your desk and is assigned to view control :) Please check controls and any other input device on vanilla Arma 2 and post your reply.
  13. Lou Montana

    Check if head under water?

    what you can do is attachTo an invisible object (empty helipad ? HeliHempty) to the soldier's head (selection "hlava" : see ArmA: Selection Translations for more example) then detect if this object is underwater, all this independant of the animation state. _h = "HeliHempty" createVehicle getPosATL player; _h attachTo [player, [0,0,0], "hlava"]; waitUntil { (getPos _h select 2) < 0; }; hint "glub glub"; I can't give it a try since I'm @ work but give me a feedback if this works :)
  14. Lou Montana

    Ragdolls = In .... Realistic wounds ???

    I'm pretty sure they said it definitely won't be implemented in the release but that they will give the moddability