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  1. UGLY58

    Bornholm, Denmark [Terrain WIP]

    Nice Work, Huge project hopefully you have help ? Certainly looks real promising keep up the good work !
  2. It says "checking Radios" in debug but then "No suitable Radio" appears top right. Logs show the following:
  3. In regards TFAR and ACRE Tried playing with the dtaRadioTypes = ["tf_rt1523g","tf_mr3000","tf_anprc 155"] etc but no luck. Great shame as this works very well without those to me, key mods. I tried adjusting key definitions in the dtaconfig.hpp but as others report that is just a shortcut to the item radio click. I wonder if its possible to redefine that element another way as dtaRadioTypes does not seem to work for me, or others it seems. Maybe naming a player "FOO" or "JFO" etc could work or linking the function to a specific item defined in the dtaconfig.hpp ?
  4. Please be aware that there is some kind of clash between your mod and Task Force Radio. With this mod enabled we are unable to use the short range radios in TFAR.
  5. Discovered tonight that by using @TFAR and @jtac_exptoobj you loose the default functionality of short range radios. Server reports that @TFAR is not deployed on server but it is and Long Range Radios work fine. Will report at the @JTAC mods page as well.
  6. After patch 1.20 I can no longer join any server running TFR. Same for ACRE BTW.
  7. Naught, We have been trying to get this to work with our Headless Client and unfortunately the HC crashes every time we try to run your HC Module. 1. Using Arma 3 2. Familiar with HC setup and using it successfully on other missions. 3. The only clue we are getting for the crash in logs is [96440,3070.86,0,"XEH: PreInit Finished. CACHE DISABLED? (Disable caching with cba_cache_disable.pbo): SLX_XEH_RECOMPILE=false, CBA_COMPILE_RECOMPILE=false, CBA_FUNC_RECOMPILE=false"] Any ideas, we have been looking for something like CMF for a while to adopt as a standard Template...
  8. 8 BIT SALUTE - Saturday17 May Task Force Blackjack is doing a 24hr Charity Gaming Event on our Arma 3 public server. If you wish to contribute or just take part please stop buy. This event is part of Operation Supply Drop raising money to send gaming consoles and games to deployed troops and recovering veterans in military hospitals. Search for "Task Force Blackjack - Alpha Server" on 17 May. Operation Supply Drop - See our event page HERE See you on Server !
  9. UGLY58

    Hardcore insurgency

    I have been trying to find a version of insurgency that correctly supports HC for sometime. I tested yours today but as soon as we use the HC option we get no red squares at all. We have been trying work out why but know joy as yet.
  10. UGLY58

    =BTC= Logistic [A3] - BETA

    Giallustio, Awesome set of scripts just what we needed, no problems yet on Dedicated Server. Will you update this to the latest Dev or wait for stable ?
  11. Ollem, Bump on the Arma 3 download link, we have moved to Arma 3 and miss this mod it adds a great deal of realism.
  12. Thanks, Now all we need is forceheadlessclient=1 to work in Dev Beta and we can stop the Damn HC from stealing the Games Master Slot :)
  13. L etranger, Ref Headless Client - It took me a look inside VTS to work this one out, but we have had some vary varied results with HC enabled and not. It was only when I looked at the spawn code I realized the HC only handles Groups. So a word to the wise for everyone on that. So if I fill a town with enemy placed inside buildings (great addition btw) - then I presume they are individuals and that is why we have been getting poor occasional low server FPS ?
  14. Congrats John ! Looking forward to working with you on future projects