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  1. That looks absolutely outstanding! Keep up the good work.
  2. b00ce

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    At a minimum every US Military helicopter in the mod has this feature, obviously I can't speak for any non-US aircraft. Basically any modern western aircraft should have it. But I stand corrected on the preemptive flare thing, I wasn't aware that it did anything, I'll have to test it.
  3. b00ce

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    You're just wasting flares bud, ArmA doesn't work like that as far as I know. And IRL most systems are completely automatic, detecting the launch through various means, and deploy the appropriate amount of flares to defeat the specific threat absent any interference of the crew, to the point that there isn't even a switch in the cockpit to turn the system on. There IS usually a manual flare switch, but its for the rare circumstance where you maybe might need to do it manually. The only countermeasure that's 100% manual, at least in the US Army, is chaff (Because it gives away your position on radar if the operator hasn't noticed you yet and also FODs out the aircraft, also there are TTPs in place where chaff is used very specifically) The ideal situation would be having automatic detection of IR guided missiles, because the computer onboard can tell what kind of missile it is by the launch signature, and automatic flares, and then having manual flare and manual chaff where it pops one off. But I'm sure the RHS team already knows this and they've either already tried or don't think its important enough to justify the butt-pain, which is completely fair.
  4. It isn't dead, progress is just slow due to work taking most of my time and motivation being low because of it. But I am still working on it... Slowly. http://imgur.com/a/c4hf0
  5. b00ce


    Looks good to me. http://imgur.com/a/F2lp9 As a side note, I would avoid using Aliens: Colonial Marines as a primary reference. Looking good so far pookie, sucks that plane_X and memory points are so limited. Perhaps you could make it change memory points when the ramp is down? It'll look clunky, but its better than having a floating APC in the cargo hold. RHS's C130 could also be of interest, I wonder if (With permission of course) it could be adapted to work with vehicles. Edit: Also, I really studied the footage during the atmos escape at the end, it looks like there's only one of the two seat benches and the swivel chair from the APC.
  6. b00ce


    That green looks REALLY good, maybe some slightly lighter brownish weathering splotches and darker, shiny, oil stains would do it some good. But it'll have to come after you give it a proper UV.
  7. b00ce


    On the back of the aft landing gear, the back flap thingie (Untextured on your model) . Also, is it memory points or proxies for the ramp spot? Also2, Found this little gem. It appears to be the model that they used for the express elevator to hell scene while it was still inside the hangar bay. http://alienscollection.com/profilesdropship/
  8. b00ce


    Nice, well I have a new model in the worksâ„¢ No such thing as too much coffee. :D Looking a lot better, I do still have critiques though, so you're not off the hook yet. The upper window on the right side of the cockpit should be flat. The fairings coming down in front of the main landing gear should be split and folded. The bar separating the upper and lower curved windshields should have an angled bit on both sides. There's probably more stuff I haven't noticed. Good luck.
  9. Well, its either that or you only have an M9 and the pilots have M4s. Plus there's the fact that weapons are "sensitive items" and I don't think anyone wants the reaming from the big green weenie that comes with leaving your assigned weapon behind (The machine guns are assigned to the crew-chiefs/door-gunners, not the aircraft). As for the ammo weight, what makes you think that a 250 round belt is going to weigh more than a 100 round belt? They actually weigh LESS. Duh!
  10. ; but none the less, if I get shot down, I'm not going to bother with the egress kit. I'm going to hold it by the carry handle and the spade grip and shoot from the hip like its a smart-gun. :D
  11. I'm confused then... Also The "weight" of the machinegun is definitely based on caliber. Much like above .50 is generally considered a cannon. As a side note, I come in contact with M240H fairly regularly. With the egress kit installed, it isn't too unwieldy to shoot from the shoulder. I wouldn't be able to shoulder it for an extended period because it IS 26 lbs (Heavier than the MG3 at 23 lbs). That said, generally speaking, the weapon would not be employed standing unless absolutely necessary because it is more effective from the prone with the bipod extended.
  12. b00ce


    I'd ask McRupert and Bad Benson what/how they did their raptor.
  13. b00ce


    No, its from an old page on this site I had it bookmarked a long time ago, but the web-master put a password on it and I can't get to it anymore. If you go to some of the links on the right side of the page, there's a wealth of knowledge there as well.
  14. b00ce

    War Plan Blue (W.P.B)

    Fantastic work; I mean, I never wear them unless I ABSOLUTELY HAVE to, but its great to see some proper ACUs being made.
  15. b00ce


    I have 1.2 GB of Colonial Marines references, if you're interested. It has closeups of the full scale model decals on the rocket pods as well. Be warned, you'll want to start a new model from scratch, like I did. ;)