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  1. Excellent news. Many thanks John Spartan.
  2. Currently, the Mk 45 Hammer is not usable as an artillery piece via the artillery computer. I feel it would be better suited to its role if this was available. Many thanks.
  3. Share a link to the dropbox file where you have it stored :)
  4. I'm sure this has been asked before, but for mission makers ease, will this (i) be compatible with ALiVE? (ii) Have assets that incorporate the Commander's Tablet so we could have helmet cams like we saw in Halo I's cutscene that revealed the flood (Link: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?166488-cTab-Commander-s-Tablet-FBCB2-Bluforce-Tracker-UAV-and-Helmetcam-Interface ) I'm looking forward to sinking my teeth into making some good MP scenario's with this mod :). Keep up the good work!
  5. At the risk of this sounding like a request, are the OFP Islands likely to make an appearance? Perhaps all on the one map?
  6. You thinking of incorporating the CRAM addons to simulate CIWS?
  7. goose4291

    NB_ACR (Army of the Czech Republic)

    Is the Landrover Ambulance from ArmA 2: ACR going to make an appearance?
  8. I'd quite like to see the Scimitar/Scorpion that you made back again, it was a fantastic model!
  9. goose4291

    Everon2013 for @A3MP

    All 3 islands, one map.. mega!
  10. Cool! Looking forward to it. Are you going to be increasing the seating capacity, as the original stock C-130 barely held a BiS Chinook's worth of chaps?
  11. I'm afraid you'll have to bite the bullet on that one, ever since OFP the larger ships have had to be statics. Plus if it's movable it increases tenfold the risk of players clipping through the damn thing.
  12. Is this getting transferred to ArmA III?
  13. goose4291

    ArmA 2 C-130J and MV-22 Redux

    A little question: How many cargo slots will the C-130 have? Are you upping it from the number the original model had?
  14. At the risk of asking something silly, are the larger ships (i.e. Fearless, Interpid, Invincible) being done as static models?