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  1. eble

    Project RACS

    I remember this project 🙂
  2. eble

    Project RACS

    @wld427 - oh found this forum, I like these mods haha Good to see your still messing about mate, maybe I should learn this new stuff :)
  3. I can get planes working and as some use scripted weapons they work as well. Can't get bombs working but aa missiles and a2g missiles work fine. righy Still struggling with pilot positions. Just can't nail the proxies. Its a challenge but then that's fun right? As soon as I have something concrete I'll post here.
  4. Than guys for some reason I can't access the bis forums from home. I've started some conversions so this helps a lot
  5. Correct I see no jet inheritance at the moment. But I need the 'pilot' proxy to convert Helo's, it's starting point. Must say Arma3 has renewed my interest again :)
  6. Hi All. I'm having issues porting addons to arma3, I need to know the name of the 'pilot' proxy for Arma3 please. Cheers
  7. They 'might' not include jets - but we can. :)
  8. done, my poor old Arma II system looking dated now lol :) (Minds the intel quad core 2.4)
  9. I managed to get most the Arma2 addons I did in TOH and the Kiowa, just the flight model was normal Arma2 if that makes sense. If Arma III is the same addon transfer should be easy at first and probably harder later when you try and make them TOH flight model compatible. Anyway will know for sure Tuesday at some point :)
  10. eble

    Helicopters in the Alpha?

    Give me 24hrs from release and the Kiowa will be up, can't guarantee weapons but it will be in game - this all depends on flight model implementation etc.
  11. For fixed winged aircraft in arma III - go to your favourite addon download website or tools - select your jet from Arma II - place addon in folder for addons for Arma III - start the game and hope it works. If not give it a day or two for new crew names to be found out and you'll see jet before Thursday - Promise :)
  12. Clearly what they showed was a mock up only, I'd go with an RC Jet as the flying one as well. I dunno make a few hundred of these attach a couple of anti ship missles and they could easily swarm Naval targets. I can't help but like the design :)
  13. eble

    Syria - What should we do if anything?

    Confirmed reports - well as good as you can get I guess: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-middle-east-21269766 Does this give Syria a chance to blame someone else? would they launch attacks on Israel? Also what about the Iranian/Syria self defence pact? http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2005/feb/17/usa.syria And just a few days ago Iran said... Any attack on Syria would deemed to be an attack on Iran. http://www.google.com/hostednews/ap/article/ALeqM5h66YvZXJaPsAqCThT5q9LNC_00jQ?docId=1174c64fbdbc4b648dc1069df8a07ca4
  14. eble

    Syria - What should we do if anything?

    Maybe it's old age or my time away from the UK, but you do realise in time that all media outlets have messages to tell, the BBC have been very one sided throughout this conflict. Not saying too much but, since a few of the Air bases were overrun suddenly we started seeing cluster bombs all over the news? I try to got my news from several news sites and read between the lines, without direct access it's insane to trust one source or sources from one country.