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  1. McRuppert you just LOVEEEE to tease us. I just watched the dance party and I want everything in that video so badly!
  2. Hahaha! It's so funny how all the mods on this forum get so butthurt about every little goddamn thing. "WHAT DID YOU FUCKING SAY?! SOMEONE DIDN'T POST IN THE ADDONS REQUEST THREAD?!?!?!? SEND THE FUCKING NUKES." Why don't you find something better to do than bitching at everyone for every little thing? So what reason are you going to ban me for? Speaking my mind, spamming, or better yet.. 'excessive swearing'?
  3. I would love a killhouse, CQB/MOUT training map. With targets to hit and hostages to avoid. Somewhat like the one in Call of Duty Modern Warfare and America's Army 3 but larger.
  4. Is there a MP with this map loaded?
  5. Snyder

    Sandboxing ArmA II

    DO EET. GTA: ArmA
  6. Yes please! There is nothing fun to do in MP, we need something fresh!
  7. At least my mom took me to NASCAR.
  8. That wouldn't be hard to do at all either knowing the amount of Americans on the forums (me included! :))
  9. Are there any servers running this? I'd like to try it out.
  10. I'm not sure if they are on the list but these are the things I would like: maps such as: Tatooine, Endor, Death Star (with outer part for space battles), and Correllian Corvette interior. Republic Clone Troopers, officers, movie characters (Com Veers), AT-AT, AT-ST, AT-PT, AT-TE, TIE Fighter, Bomber, Advanced, Interceptor, ARC-170, V-Wing (Republic), Separatist planes, and finally jedi with lightsabers. :)
  11. Yes, some units are starting to switch to Multicam.
  12. Why did BI have to make it so difficult to do such simple things? They really need to make it much more convenient and easy. Not everyone knows how to script like a pro. Thank you for your help I will try that.
  13. I would have thought this would have been answered before but I searched and came up empty. How would you spawn enemy soldiers inside of a building? I'm sure it has something to with adjusting height but how would I do that? Example, there is a 3 story building. What would I have to write for one unit to be on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd floor and the roof?