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  1. @bombajack It is a bit tricky as you need to find a lot of locations but I am willing to show you how. Join my discord https://discord.gg/mNUzqB as it will be a talking thing to do,
  2. Hey Guys Been doing other stuff for awhile but also made a few small changes to LOST I will be running my server for the next few days (maybe longer) If you want to jump on and give it a go please feel free to come kick some arse Server Details Name -- Zks -=LOST=- Tanoa IP -- Port -- 2302 Discord -- https://discord.gg/mNUzqB
  3. zonekiller

    { instead of , error

    That would cause an issue im sure
  4. zonekiller

    { instead of , error

    in the server code you have this error File mpmissions\__cur_mp.Altis\Config_Clothing.hpp, line 57: Config: '{' encountered instead of ',' I would suggest that you remove most of the arrays and put them back a few at a time to see where the error starts
  5. zonekiller

    { instead of , error

    just a quick look at the code i notice that at the end of some arrays you have a comma and others you dont line 203 { "U_Rangemaster", "EMS Uniform", 0, { "", "", -1 } } line 240 { "U_B_CombatUniform_mcam_vest", "", 15000, {"", "", -1} },
  6. A simple way to explain it is _townenemy would only be local to a script or within {some code}; townenemy is local to every script and can be changed by other scripts _townenemy = [wp1_enemy1,wp1_enemy2,wp1_enemy3,wp1_enemy4,wp1_enemy5,wp1_enemy6]; { _x disableAI "TARGET"; } forEach _townenemy; // would be local to the script that it is run on and cant be changed by other scripts also what you would have to be careful if your units die and are not respawned so if wp1_enemy1 died then that variable no longer exists and will give an error when referenced one way to get around this would be townenemy = ["wp1_enemy1","wp1_enemy2","wp1_enemy3","wp1_enemy4","wp1_enemy5","wp1_enemy6"]; // global string array can be read from all scripts if added to an init.sqf script in the script you wish to change the target setting _townenemy = []; // create an empty array {if !(isnil {call compile _x}) then {_townenemy pushBack _x }} forEach townenemy; // add all the alive units into a local array from the global array { _x disableAI "TARGET"; } forEach _townenemy; // would be local to the script that it is run on and cant be changed by other scripts //(call compile _x) converts a string back to an object, ie _object = call compile _string; // if !(isnil {call compile _x}) // checks if it is a variable that exists
  7. If you wanted an action to kick a unit from your group you could try this in the initPlayerLocal.sqf add Kick_Unit = { { _id = player addAction ["Kick " + (name _x) + " " + str(_x distance player), {[_this select 3] join grpnull;player removeaction [_this select 2]},_x,1,false,false,"",""]; // adds kick name and distance action for each unit in your group [_id] spawn {params ["_id"];sleep 10;player removeaction _id;}; // removes action after 10 seconds } foreach group player; }; player addAction ["Kick Unit From Group" , {spawn Kick_Unit},[0],1,false,false,"","(count (units group player) > 1)"]; // adds a kick action when you have members in your group
  8. Hi avibird1 is this for SP, MP Hosted or MP Dedicated as there would be different ways it would need to be done ? This should work on all SP, MP Hosted or MP Dedicated I would do it this way but it does depend on how you exactly want to do it below adds a little database to each unit so it knows who they can join and who is in their team this setVariable ["POW", [TL1,[P1,P2,P3]], true]; // add this to the init of P1,P2,P3 this setVariable ["POW", [TL2,[P4,P5,P6]], true];// add this to the init of P4,P5,P6 this setVariable ["POW", [TL3,[P7,P8,P9]], true];// add this to the init of P7,P8,P9 this setVariable ["POW", [TL4,[P10,P11,P12]], true];// add this to the init of P10,P11,P12 and to the initPlayerLocal.sqf add the below will only show the join action if you are TL1 and looking at P1,P2 or P3 or TL2 and looking at P4,P5 or P6 ect and the leave action if you look at one of them after they joined you They will then form their own group player addAction ["Team Join Me" , {((cursorTarget getVariable "POW") select 1) join player},[],0,false,false,"","!(isnil {cursorTarget getVariable ""POW""}) and (group player != group cursorTarget) and (player == ((cursorTarget getVariable ""POW"") select 0))"]; player addAction ["Team Leave Me" , {[cursorTarget] join grpnull;((cursorTarget getVariable "POW") select 1) join (cursorTarget},[],0,false,false,"","!(isnil {cursorTarget getVariable ""POW""}) and (group player == group cursorTarget) and (player == ((cursorTarget getVariable ""POW"") select 0))"];
  9. that could be that case also then it would be townenemy = [wp1_enemy1,wp1_enemy2,wp1_enemy3,wp1_enemy4,wp1_enemy5,wp1_enemy6]; { _x disableAI "TARGET"; } forEach townenemy;
  10. The mission has 13 playable units that need to get into the BUS1 for it to succeeded add the 13 units to an array 13_units_array = [P1,P2,P3,P4 ect]; // make an array of all the units condition : 13_units_array == crew bus1; // if they all need to be in the bus and only the 13 units
  11. I guess wp1_enemy1 etc. are group names? so if townenemy is an array of group names and not unit names it would need to look like this as you will need to loop through all the units in each group as DisableAI only works with objects not groups Syntax: unitName disableAI section Parameters: unitName: Object - AI unit Just remove the quotation marks inside townenemy array then loop through each unit in each group. you could do something like this townenemy = [wp1_enemy1,wp1_enemy2,wp1_enemy3,wp1_enemy4,wp1_enemy5,wp1_enemy6]; { { _x disableAI "TARGET"; } forEach units _x; } forEach townenemy; // it will run the red code for all units in selected group (_x) before continuing on to the next loop in townenemy //(yes i know there are 2 _Xs that is because each _x is only local to whats between {} ) or for "_i" from 0 to ((count townenemy) - 1) do { { _x disableAI "TARGET"; } forEach units (townenemy select _i); }; or townenemy_units = []; // create an empty array {townenemy_units pushBack units _x } forEach townenemy; // add all the units from groups into one array { _x disableAI "TARGET"; } forEach townenemy_units; // run code on each unit Hope this helps
  12. Thanks this one does have me stumped
  13. Hi Guys Is there a way to get AI to ignore close objects such as A plane will get stopped by a rabbit or dead body while taxiing. (I want the plane to takeoff without getting stuck) An AI man can only move to a position no closer than 2.5 meters to an object like a ball. (I want the man to walk right up to the ball not stop 2.5 meters away)
  14. Here is something i have been playing with just for fun. Watch AI play football against each other - fully random and as realistic as i could make it feel free to use or do as you wish with these scripts ENJOY. after the last update the ball goes underground sometimes - just click on a different game on the map. added some code to fix this issue - should be good now Download Link Tanoa FootBall
  15. zonekiller

    Earplugs in multiplayer

    you could try something as simple as add the below lines into initPlayerLocal.sqf _player addAction ["Remove Ear Muffs" , {1 fadeSound 1},0,1,false,false,"","(soundVolume < 1)"]; _player addAction ["Wear Ear Muffs" , {1 fadeSound 0.15},0,1,false,false,"","(soundVolume == 1)"];