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  1. Hey Guys/Gals Update will be hitting steam very soon
  2. Cheers Thanks you Happy New Year too Kremator
  3. Happy New Year Everyone Well I see that some people are still playing this and I've been tinkering as well. I've added a new feature or two and used some of Phronk's Furniture Script code and have incorporated it into lost. In the download there are two sets of zip files Lost Addons.zip and Lost_MP_Missions.zip, In the Lost_MP_Missions.zip file are the missions that have been converted to the new LOST Engine. Lost_Addons.zip contains two folders, (Server and Client Addons) and (Server Only Addons) The (server and client addons) go in both server and client computers and have not been updated except for the keys now work properly and the (Server Only Addons) go on the server and this is where most of the changes happened the database is the same and can use existing game data bases and the database add on is still just the current one, But the LOST_ADDON is the new lost engine that is only run on the server and in takes a big load of of the client CPU's Anyways have a Happy New Year and we can go a bit more into this when I have sobered up a bit. Latest_Lost_2020_Complete http://www.zonekiller.net/Missions/ARMA_3/Lost/Latest_Lost_2020_Complete.zip
  4. zonekiller

    ARMA3 AI FootBall

    Spawns Real time AI football matches at all the footy fields on Tanoa I wrote this a year a go when I had a project in mind. Its not perfect but it is a bit of fun. You will find it in MP mission list when you host a local server. It is MP compatible. You can watch the game only and teleport to a new match by clicking on the map. Steam Link https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1903800622 Have Fun Cheers
  5. Hey how is ya peoples? I would like to stress test my survival mission -=LOST=- and could use your and your friends assistance with this. I assure you this Mission is 99% bug free and rather difficult and really requires a team effort but also can be enjoyed it in rambo mode. The server is up and running and will be until next week but tomorrow (Sunday 25-08-19 ) would be a good day to do a stress test, So if you can please jump on the server and give it a try. ITS ALL VANILLA except the ZKs_Items Add-on. ZKs_Items http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=883919327 So a quick rundown You need to scavenge and collect stuff to repair vehicles, eat, drink and just survive. There are so many things that can kill you, such as roaming gangs (infantry and vehicles) snakes, sharks, hunger, thirst, earthquakes, mortars and zombies. but there are things that can assist in your quest to do all the missions inside this mission defibrillators give you a free life and cellphones will have your game friends spawn in to the mission on the closest spawn place to a friend with a cellphone. even halo to and from helicopters and chop down trees with an axe, anyway lots of different things happening and different ways to achieve things. Come give it a try Discord - https://discord.gg/sfSmJ2 Server Details or ZKs LOST Server
  6. Hey Peoples Well I have been doing some major updates and I am running a test server for any one that wishes to test out the mission Server Details or ZKs LOST Server I have removed the Base Building on the server so the only addon required is the ZKs_Items everything else is ARMA 3 Vanilla no DLCs required http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=883919327 What you can do in this Mission Welcome to Zonekiller's Mission -= LOST =- First of all download the Addon @ZKs_Items - For The Food and Other Items http://www.zonekiller.net/Missions/ARMA_3/Lost/ZKs_Items.zip or http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=883919327 if you dont have this you will only get access to weapons and not be able to fix vehicles , Heal , Drink or Eat etc. This is running a database so you and your items and vehicles are recorded and will be the same for you next time you play.(unless someone finds your vehicle and steals it or you DIE) The AI are all Nasty . feel free to kill them. This is PVP , TEAM or friendly , play it as you want. if you get close to a player add him / her (lol) as a friend with your action menu (need to be within 3 meters) you will be able to see them on the map after that. At the moment you scavange , collect and try to stay alive. Drag items to where your watch goes in the inventory, Not all items can be used it that way. There are Mini Missions that if you complete you may get special Weapons or Items. you need to find an assortment of tools to fix vehicles. Drink and eat to keep your stamina in check everything works in actions at this point. Below is a List of what each Item does. The Items not on this list are used in the Mini Missions Enjoy!! ITEM USE LIST ------------- Used Items (In Gear Dialog aka Inventory). Use by dragging the item to the Assigned Watch Position. You can Pickup and Drop your last thrown Chemlight. Bed Roll, when used will create a Sleeping Bag,Laying on the Sleeping Bag will restore your Health,Hunger and Thirst. Defibrillator, If used will restore your Health, But if left in your inventory when you die will give you a second chance, When you restart you will be at your last location with all of your equipment except the Defibrillator unit. Cellular Phone, If in your inventory will make your friends spawn in close to you if they have died. Food items will lower your Hunger. Drink items will lower your Thirst. Medical items will lower your Damage. Vitamins will boost your Fatigue endurance for 30 minutes. When you use a Drink Can it will create an Empty Can in your inventory (Empty Cans are needed to repair vehicle Hulls). When you Drink a Canteen a Empty Canteen in your inventory. If you use a Empty Canteen while its raining or next to a Water Source it will add a Full Canteen to your inventory. If you use a Empty JerryCan or Fuel Drum while near a Fuel Station or Tank it may add a Full JerryCan or Fuel Drum to your inventory. If you use a File it will select a mission and add a Document to your inventory. If you use a Document it will show locations on the map and show you in a Hint the mission. If you have an AXE-HAMMER-KNIFE-WRENCH in your inventory you can use these as Melee Weapons use LMB. If you have an AXE in your inventory you can use this to cut down trees use LMB. You can use a tent to store your gear, You can only get tents from doing missions. No other players can take your gear or your tent. To pick up your tent hold the shift key while looking at it. TO Add Friends So You Can See Them On The Map. ---------------------------------------------- When you get close to a player you will get a ADD FRIEND action. when you have added a friend then you can see where they are on the map. If you can not see the ADD FRIEND action then they may have it locked. You can lock and unlock access to add you as a friend by holding down the Shift Key and using the actions You can show everyone or just your friends your position on the map by holding down the Shift Key and using the actions Items in your Inventory That Give You Actions. ---------------------------------------------- If you have a Rope in your inventory you can Tow or Lift other vehicles and you can get raised or lowered from flying VTOL aircraft or choppers. If you have a Grinder in your inventory you can Dismantle Wrecks. If you have a JerryCan or Fuel Drum in your inventory you refuel vehicles. (It will leave you with empty ones) If you have a Empty JerryCan or Empty Fuel Drum in your inventory you can refill them from vehicles. If you have a Weapons ModKit and Bullet Casings and you are in a Gunner seat you can add a Magizine to that turret.(Bullet Casings deleted after 1 use). To Repair Vehicles you need in your Inventory. ---------------------------------------------- Pliers and Carbattery are needed to fix the Engine (Carbattery deleted after 1 use). Wrench and Tyre are needed to fix the Wheels\Gear (Tyre deleted after 1 use). Drill and Battery are needed to fix the Glass (Battery deleted after 1 use). Screwdriver and Ducttape are needed to fix the Fuel Hoses (Ducttape deleted after 1 use). Hammer and Empty Can are needed to fix the Body (Empty Can deleted after 1 use). Butanetorch And Matches are needed to fix the Rotors (Matches deleted after 1 use). MultiMeter And Metalwire are needed to fix the Electronics (Metalwire deleted after 1 use). To Recruit Civilians -------------------- Walk up to a civilian (the ones without a gun) and use action to Join Group when you get close. You can have up to 4 Units. Use the F keys to select your unit. (F2-to-F5). If you have a Radio you can have up to 9 Units.(F2-to-F10). Press 4 for him to use or find Vehicles. Press 6 for him to get Items and Guns. Press ~ to get them to Regroup or Stop. For your units to pick up items Press the F# key while looking at the object and press backspace to exit the menu that pops up then you will see a unit pickup action. Hold down your Shift Key to get the Kick From Group Action. Units in your group will try and find their own weapons,ammo and medical supplies including DEFIBS. Units in your group can heal themselves if they have medical supplies in their inventory. Vehicle Options --------------- Air vehicles have Ear Muffs to reduce noise. If you have a Rope in your player inventory you can Tow or Lift other vehicles and players can get raised or lowered from flying VTOL aircraft or choppers. You can eject and parachute out of most AIR vehicles (No Chute needed in inventory). You are able to push boats if they are on land (you need to get into driver position and then get out first). When your in the drivers position you can set ownership of the vehicle (this must be done to lock vehicles) You may lock vehicles only the owner can unlock them. Vehicles will stay locked for a maximum of 5 days. Vehicle inventory will be inaccessible in locked vehicles. Any ideas and feedback feel free to email. zonekiller@live.com.au
  7. @bombajack It is a bit tricky as you need to find a lot of locations but I am willing to show you how. Join my discord https://discord.gg/mNUzqB as it will be a talking thing to do,
  8. Hey Guys Been doing other stuff for awhile but also made a few small changes to LOST I will be running my server for the next few days (maybe longer) If you want to jump on and give it a go please feel free to come kick some arse Server Details Name -- Zks -=LOST=- Tanoa IP -- Port -- 2302 Discord -- https://discord.gg/mNUzqB
  9. zonekiller

    { instead of , error

    That would cause an issue im sure
  10. zonekiller

    { instead of , error

    in the server code you have this error File mpmissions\__cur_mp.Altis\Config_Clothing.hpp, line 57: Config: '{' encountered instead of ',' I would suggest that you remove most of the arrays and put them back a few at a time to see where the error starts
  11. zonekiller

    { instead of , error

    just a quick look at the code i notice that at the end of some arrays you have a comma and others you dont line 203 { "U_Rangemaster", "EMS Uniform", 0, { "", "", -1 } } line 240 { "U_B_CombatUniform_mcam_vest", "", 15000, {"", "", -1} },
  12. A simple way to explain it is _townenemy would only be local to a script or within {some code}; townenemy is local to every script and can be changed by other scripts _townenemy = [wp1_enemy1,wp1_enemy2,wp1_enemy3,wp1_enemy4,wp1_enemy5,wp1_enemy6]; { _x disableAI "TARGET"; } forEach _townenemy; // would be local to the script that it is run on and cant be changed by other scripts also what you would have to be careful if your units die and are not respawned so if wp1_enemy1 died then that variable no longer exists and will give an error when referenced one way to get around this would be townenemy = ["wp1_enemy1","wp1_enemy2","wp1_enemy3","wp1_enemy4","wp1_enemy5","wp1_enemy6"]; // global string array can be read from all scripts if added to an init.sqf script in the script you wish to change the target setting _townenemy = []; // create an empty array {if !(isnil {call compile _x}) then {_townenemy pushBack _x }} forEach townenemy; // add all the alive units into a local array from the global array { _x disableAI "TARGET"; } forEach _townenemy; // would be local to the script that it is run on and cant be changed by other scripts //(call compile _x) converts a string back to an object, ie _object = call compile _string; // if !(isnil {call compile _x}) // checks if it is a variable that exists