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  1. miasdad


    I recall a query I posted here on this subject awhile back about dead trees and vegetation.Is that what this feature does?
  2. miasdad

    Community Factions Project

    About time somebody gave the CUP team some love.Congrats
  3. miasdad

    ArmedForces:UK Vehicles

    The Scimitar!!Missed it since my PR:BF2 days!!
  4. miasdad

    GF Auto Loot Vehicles Script - Mod

  5. miasdad

    GF Auto Loot Vehicles Script - Mod

    Hey GR,does this script depend on third party vehicle spawns,editor placed or does it spawn vehicles itself?
  6. Not really,it's among the first steps I take when troubleshooting mod problems;but yea tried it.Narrowed the problem down to mostly military/cpl civi vehicles.I use Vcom AI in my missions and they're scripted to steal parked vehicles which they drive off in.The very ones I'm unable to start.That's what really confounded me.
  7. miasdad

    ANZINS Terrain

    Didn't know about your mod,EO.Where is it?
  8. miasdad

    ANZINS Terrain

    As he stated it's for Altis & Stratis for now.Can't wait for Tanoa.Just looked at Altis and the vibrancy is unreal.Just imagining what it will do for the rich tropics of Tanoa!
  9. Working on that now.Yet after disabling all mods except for CBA & TPW vanilla vehicles won't even move.
  10. Here in the last couple of updates I've noticed all of the spawned vehicles from *Park* are locked?That is,you can enter them but you can't drive them?
  11. miasdad

    Enhanced Movement

    Another cause for it to stop working can also be attributed to too many moving parts.If you have alot of AI/vehicles,additional objects that will slow it down.But one in particular that has prevented EM to not even work is that one mod you mentioned-Bloodlust.
  12. miasdad

    Rosche, Germany

    Good job!
  13. miasdad

    Ravage Mod

    Ahem..make that 29
  14. Found the culprit and its unbelievable!On a snow terrain you surely would like to see some snow,right?Well,after disabling 90% of my mods and the animals still didn't spawn I decided to look at the environment(had snow on my missions). I disabled the snow and lo & behold animals came back.