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  1. Uploaded to dropbox https://www.dropbox.com/s/m8g4u1bzpey2xet/ZK's Lost.chernarusredux.7z?dl=0
  2. I ported it to CHR cpl years ago.Might still have it,I ll check.If not maybe make another one after upcoming CHR update
  3. Would you consider adding an option for the AI to be equipped with launchers in the future?I'll buy you a round if so😉
  4. miasdad


    Yea,I thought so too but in a game last nite on Chernarus killed one and wasn't able to gut it.Just a game but really felt bad,lol.
  5. miasdad


    Are we able to eat boar yet?
  6. @Vandeanson So they're no longer stored in boxes..must have missed that memo.And the "medboxes"is referenced to the box with vaxines that used to popup in hideouts which is little significance to me as I don't use zeds.Thanks for the heads-up,bro.
  7. Just played mission with latest version with no probs 'cept the bandit camps are spawning without loot boxes?The same to be said of the hideouts-med boxes but no supply boxes.
  8. Many Thanks Haleks!Your the best!
  9. Is that the environment module(edit terrain object)in Eden?If so how do you use it if you want the entire city leveled,instead of just one object?Haleks Ravage mod does a good job as far as damage but I want to level the entire city
  10. Good to see it still alive & kicking ZK