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  1. i was messing around so that the Monster that player controls has a invisible pistol and that disables those animations for carrying a gun but that didnt work ;(
  2. Hello there George Floros GR i am just looking how the monster can hurt another player if he is in range of lets say 2 m with no weapons Hello there EO i know but that means i need to use zombie models but i dont want that i was thinking of makeing my own custom player model.
  3. Ok so i am working on 1 project where player can be monster and i dont know how to make so the player that is a Monster/Zombie attack with hands if he is close to bluefor and make dmg to that bluefor guy. P.S. i am not using any mods.
  4. Stormmy1950

    Underwater arma

    Hello guys i know its coming to end of a dev for arma 3 with a releas of Tanks DLC but there is 2 things i am asking if you could do. if you could do something about water in arma 3. I mean i love underwater fighting but in arma 3 i feal like its laking of that. I had so many fustrations when beaing in zeus and trying to put objects underwater. Also putting ai to patrol under water its pain in ass to do when you are zeusing. All i am asking if you could do something to make zeus easyer to put objects underwater and waypoints for diver ai. also every time i try to move object under water it just teleports next to a zeus camera. Or even give a player somekind of option to deploy that nayal mines underwater i know they in real life weight like 300 kg but if you could do something like if the boat has nayval mine in the inventory give the player a option while in boat to deploy that mine under neath the boat or something like that. Also sorry guys if i posted this on wrong forum post.
  5. Stormmy1950

    Earplugs in multiplayer

    ty for that @thedubl sorry i wasnt active i was away today so yea i will test that script and give it a feed back later
  6. so i have the script that works when the players join at the same time but i wanted to add when players join on a random time to still have earplugs and i added JIP but not correcly if somebody can tell me how to add JIP correclty i have error Missing ] [ player addAction ["Enable earuplugs ",{ params ["_plyr","_caller","_id"]; private _actMenu = (_plyr actionParams _id) select 0; if (_actMenu isEqualTo "Disable earuplugs") then { _actMenu = "Enable earuplugs"; call disableEarplugs; } else { _actMenu = "Disable earuplugs"; call enableEarplugs; }; _plyr setUserActionText [_id,_actMenu]; },nil,0.8,false,true,"", ""], ] call BIS_fnc_MP;
  7. ok what you need is a check and a boolean that will check are the all players incapacited if true end mission if false do nothing. also you need a check if they are incapacited to switch them to other team so if they are incapacited switch if not switch back https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Revive
  8. I advise you to spawn zombies in distance of player that player cant see and also despawn zombies from x distance of player becouse that amout of AI on the server will lagout the hole server and the more players you have the grater the lag
  9. Stormmy1950

    AddAction enable/disable

    ty very mutch sorry i didnt pay close attection +rep from me
  10. ah..... there is so mutch parameters you can capture with this what you just ask 1.to have waves randomize you can define like a spawning area in range lets say 200 m , 200 m. and you can put more spawn points then 1 2. you can put a global variable that will define a difficulty like check the number of players on the server then increse the ai for every player 3.tip for a each player use foreach then increse difficulty by so mutch 4.tip for admin calling number of waves just put a global variable int and use loop foreach number of waves * difficulty for each wave and when wave is complited just add increment ++ to next wave 5. well that depends what your guys are haveing and who are they fighting if they are fighting CSAT lets say you will put less guys if they are fighting AAF you will put more guys 6.well this gameplay againts bots are great and all but me personally i would like to fight zombies like this it would be mutch more fun and scary at the same time
  11. Stormmy1950

    AddAction enable/disable

    yea when i run that script that you sent me @pierremgi it dosent event give me a option of addAction btw i am running this on Init.sqf. I am going to switch after to initPlayerLocal just for testing i am in Init
  12. Or you could make a timer on a server that every 15 sec check are players wearing wrong uniform so if they are take that off them if not do nothing pls NOTE this method is heavy for a server performance.
  13. Stormmy1950

    getter for allowFleeing

    i dont know how is this scripted but did you try with float i mean name allowFleeing cowardice name - object cowardice- Number this allowFleeing 0.8;
  14. Stormmy1950

    Stamina increase

    i beleve there is no way getting stamina higher from a maximum number that is set but you can decrese the fall rate of stamina by cheking player speed and distance
  15. ok guys all i want when player enables the earplugs go to disabling earplugs. i have manage to eneable earplugs but i cant disable i dont know what i did wrong if somebody can help _a = 0; // call enableEarplugs; enableEarplugs = { removeAllActions player; player addaction ["Enable Earplugs","earplugsPutIn.sqf"]; }; disableEarplugs = { removeAllActions player; player addaction ["Disable Earplugs","earplugsTakeOut.sqf"]; }; if(_a isEqualto 0) then { _disableEarPlugsVariable = [""] call disableEarplugs; _a = 1; }; if(_a isEqualto 1) then { _enableEarPlugsVariable = [""] call enableEarplugs; _a = 0; };