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  1. This converter helps you to quickly create a pixel accurate satmap. The tool takes the Mask image and looks at each pixel color, according to the layer.cfg it grabs the ground texture of the pixel color and saves the average color of this texture. In that way we can use the mask and the ground texture to generate a nice satmap really fast. More inforamtion and example can be found on github https://github.com/VisMotrix/A3_MaskToSatMap_Converter -------------------------------------- Edit ---------------------------------------- Build v4.1 Fixed: - Fixed type errors for the noise generator. Added: - GUI description in readme Build v4.0: GUI release Added: - GUI version of the program, simply lauch maskToSatMapGUI.exe for a user friendly interface! Build v3.3 Improved: - image loading speed - sat map generation speed - noise generation speed - file export speed - memory usage reduced - large maps (30k x 30k) now only take ~30s to process and export vs >100s on previous build Build v3.2 Improved: - Readme Build v3.1 Added : - brightness noise generation - memory conservation mode for large maps and/or machines with less RAM - new options: -lumvv, --lumvariationset luminance variation0 -memconserve memory if possble, for large maps Improved: - Massive speed up for noise generation - compression of output sat map now uses deflate algorithm for smaller files, saving takes longer Build v2.0 - Added : noise generation option Build v1.0 - first releases
  2. Atom_Monky

    Gui Expand/Collapse pane

    thanks for the perfect example. you are the man !
  3. Hi, can someone help me out with an example of a GUI containig a Expand/Collapse pane eg: The A3 3den editor atributes settings are Expandable and Collapseable but i cant get it to work 😕 thanks in advance
  4. Atom_Monky

    3den Preview Image scaleable

    got it to work 😄 Steam Workshop : PPscaling (Eden Preview Picture Scaling) for mission makers with bad eyesight 😛
  5. Hi, I want to make the object Preview Image adjustable in size and maybe change some other things on it. I figured out where i can hardcode the size of the control as seen in in the gif. But i cant find where arma sets the object preview Image to the EditorPreview ctrl. Can someone tell me a which function i need to look at. How do i retrieve over which object or category the mouse cursor is hovering? the controls are Idc98 at Display3DEN >>Controls >> EditorPreviewGroup https://i.gyazo.com/951650eec12d49067214024440e94e2a.mp4 does anyone have experience with this preview image stuff?
  6. Hi i wanted to ask how can i make a tree view list of objects like it is in the enden editor. what i currently found is snippets from other posts: h = [] spawn { disableSerialization; _display = findDisplay 46 createDisplay "RscDisplayEmpty"; _mod = _display ctrlCreate [ "RscCombo", 100 ]; _mod ctrlSetPosition[ 0, - 0.06, 1, 0.05 ]; _mod ctrlCommit 0; { _mod lbAdd format["Mod: %1",_x] } forEach ["Name 1","Name 2","Name 3"]; _mod lbSetCurSel 0; _tree = _display ctrlCreate [ "ctrlTree", 101 ]; _tree ctrlSetPosition[ 0, 0, 1, 1 ]; _tree ctrlCommit 0; tvClear _tree; _classes = 'true' configClasses (configFile >> 'CfgVehicles'); for '_i' from 0 to 10 do { _tree tvAdd [[], configName selectRandom _classes]; for '_j' from 0 to 10 do { _tree tvAdd [[_i], configName selectRandom _classes]; for '_k' from 0 to 10 do { _tree tvAdd [[_i, _j], configName selectRandom _classes]; }; }; }; }; can someone help me to ghet a list of all the mods and then only get the objects form the selected mod? thanks for your time
  7. Atom_Monky

    Missing Lod 2

    Hi all, I have noticed that im not seeing lod 2 on my models. Here is a test i have made and found some interresting things. i show all my foundings in this video.
  8. Atom_Monky

    Mask tiel ColorCalculator

    new Versin 4.0 released ! The tool can fix you mask now, you dont have to spend time to edit your mask to fit the 5 colors per tile anymore 🙂
  9. Atom_Monky

    Mask tiel ColorCalculator

    I only tryed max 16k, but give it a try. it may exceed your ram there is no multi images option yet but i will give it a try
  10. Hi, I have written a tool which calculates the number of colors in each tile of your mask image. It replicates how terrain builder would split the mask into tiles and checks each tile for issues. After calculating the mask colors it shows you a map overview with the error tiles ( if there are errers). When the mask contains error the tool will provide you with a fix mask function for example: An example mask has 8 colour surface types within a certain tile, the tool then calculates the percentage of each surface colour and replaces the 3 lowest percentage colours with the most used percentage surface colour within the surrounding 10*10 pixels (result picture below). | Changelog | v0.1 - pre releas stuff v2.0 - calculates the number of colors in each tile of the mask - gui v4.0 - fixes your mask - layer.cfg support - fix preview Documentation: Example: -Setup: - Calculation output view: - Zomm & Tile info - Fix your mask: > Download Link HERE < Requirements: - java version 1.8.0_221* and higer (*tested with) - it may not run on pcs with weak cpu due to multithreading calculation. - it may need a lot RAM to calculate. (depence on mask size) Special thanks to: Pennyworth for helping me out with a lot of calculation stuff Mondkalb for his documentation picture 😉 Known issus: Installation loading issues => be patient it take up to 10 min I cant select my mask.png image => mask image need to be an .bmp file. Windows defender blocks exe => more information -> allow it anyways Antivirus blocks => Make an exception View is laggy => zoom in for less lagg max Mask size => if your mask ist over 30k pixels you can split it into 4 segmenst and runn each individually. ( tiles in row and mask size need to be divied by #segents in row) Please give me feedback if the tool works for you and if there is anything to improve. Feel free to contact me anytime for support 🙂
  11. its now includet in the script to select the current layer in the export option
  12. Hi, i made a small AutoHotkey Script for faster updating my roads in bulldozer while editing the polyline. It just presses the hotkeys in the right order to save the shapes document, and opens buldozer when its aktiv. How To Use: Ctrl + 1 : Auto export and BD refresh Ctrl + 2: Switch between BD and TB F6: Kill the script Requirements : AutoHotkey: https://www.autohotkey.com Buldozer Tools: How To Install: (1) Create a file called "Script.ahk" (2) Paste the code in it. (3) Run the file as admin. code: edit: select current layer export
  13. Atom_Monky

    Blender and geometry

    if someone is interested as well: https://blender.stackexchange.com/questions/132658/simple-retopology
  14. Atom_Monky

    Blender and geometry

    Hi, I have a question for all blender specialists. what would be the fastest way (for you) to create a simple geometry lod for this complex structure ?
  15. Atom_Monky

    Esc key toggle rsc

    it seems that the new controls are overlapping the pause menu, can i move them behind the pause menu? And what is the best way to get the relativ postion to the controls group ? DONE ---> found an efficent way to transform dialog to RscControlsGroup: 1. Open the arma GUI editor -> STR+I Imort your dialog -> "" missionConfigFIle >> "nameofyourdialog" "" 2. add an RscControlsGroup and move it to your dialogs outer boundaries 3. STR+L and edit every control to -> PositionType "ControlGroup:2300" 3. STR+Shift+S Saves to your dialog to clipboard (you see a short flash on the screen)