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  1. Howdy, I have spotted this Golan [WIP] Map and I was wondering if its released somewhere (If it was on Armaholic which has gone down). The last response to the thread was 2015 and then it seems like the creator has fell underground and didnt tell anyone about the progress or how is he gonna dev the map or no. Here is the link to the official thread. The owner doesnt seem to exist on steam or anywhere else so there is no way of contacting him. Thanks for all the responses and have a great and beatiful evening/day/morning.
  2. Hello, because of my little knowledge of vehicle configs I come searching help here. My problem: Because there are no mods for French SA-342 Gazelle helicopter that have quality, ( I found 2 that are the same, Workshop version which works partially and then a ArmaHolic version that works a bit more) I am trying to fix them myself. When I spawn the armed Gazelle which is made to have HOT missiles, It has Base Arma Vikhrs but that is not the most important problem. The biggest is gunner camera and laser designator. The activation is up to gunner but the laser des. is pointing from somewhere above the Gunners head as it should be from real life-ish. My question or request is how to make it to not be pointing from that spot and so the Gunner can control where its pointing. In advance, thanks for all the advice.
  3. Hey! I've been trying to get my hands on RHS configs or classnames for weapons and their ammo to get them fixed to certain aircraft and pylons. As most of us "pilot heads" know, RHS and FIR doesnt model out all guns and some guns can be attached to certain aircraft pylons in real life but In arma its not possible. I've got a hint that by getting classnames or config names like "rhs_agm144k_hellfire" and using attachWeapon or attachWeaponTurret could resolve the problem of some guns being forced on pylons they couldnt be loaded on. In forward, thanks for any advice from RHS devs or people around! 🙂 EDIT: As this I meant mounting Russian Weapons on American aircraft or ground vehicles.