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  1. HorribleGoat

    Optical Camouflage material research

    there is no final working simple solution provided. Only examples on how some of the tests worked out.
  2. Better late'o'clock than never I suppose. Today at 4AM I managed to submit my entry to the competition: the experimental Waltham Robotics DOGG-0 field support unit. Whopping 10 hours to spare! 😝 The unit was deemed too expensive for the Military to test so Waltham Robotics had to look elsewhere for testing partnership and they ended up collaborating with the AAN news service with exclusive documentary deal about the development and future of robotic all terrain field support units. WR provides the technology and technical support and AAN war reporters take the units out into difficult and dangerous parts of the world documenting the ups and downs of the little helper. The DOGG-0 unit is rather curios by nature and only time can tell how far the technology goes:
  3. HorribleGoat

    Fifty Shades Mod Set

    Not yet but perhaps later this year 😅 Great to have you back!
  4. Really digging the new look of the chaos mask! Fits on chaos turned factory worker as well as chaos veteran. The plasma looks great too, the sights look very fitting to it. You got any pic of how aiming looks like through them?
  5. Looks like we might not have seen the last of mr President yet. He just recently posted that they turned the ship mods private instead of deleting them and still stick to the story that they are original.
  6. HorribleGoat

    Optical Camouflage material research

    rvmat files are basically text files that are renamed as filename.rvmat instead of filename.txt You may need to turn off file extension hiding that is on by default in windows.
  7. Good to see you around Gnat!
  8. HorribleGoat

    Optical Camouflage material research

    Thats pretty cool indeed! From distance its probably impossible to see if it stays transparent like that and does not have any reflections that would give it away. Im myself still looking into how to best use the refraction shader as I like how it looks like the air simmering. I dont think that effect can be done with other shaders
  9. HorribleGoat

    Optical Camouflage material research

    @cervantes Looks like youve put some effort into this indeed. Do you have any pictures on how that material you set up looks like in game? I do wonder about your use of fresnel in the stage2 as that stage is supposed to take in a texture file. Are you sure what you put in it does anything?
  10. HorribleGoat

    Is it possible to make character fat?

    The vanilla characters however can not be edited so a completely new one would need to be made.
  11. HorribleGoat

    hiddenSelection textures help

    You would need to have another mesh slightly on top of the main mesh for that second "decal" texture.
  12. HorribleGoat

    Hiding parts of Vanilla Vests

  13. I would perhaps sort it with PMC on top as its the most latest guide. From experience people will just click on the first link which right now contains pretty much invalid way of setting up the tools. Also it might be good idea to separate A2 and A3 stuff to avoid confusion Lot of visitor 3 stuff there too which is also obsolete now.
  14. Blenders mirror tool does that. As in changes _l to _r.
  15. HorribleGoat

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    @outlaw4life "Porting" aka. ripping would be prohibited as it breaks IP ownership. You can likely find similar enough gear in other mods though. Take a look what Steam Workshop has to offer.