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  1. Are you guys using external drives? that has caused this problem at least once before.
  2. Bone name needed for character

    Yeah for all the reasons you've ran into modeled stuff in pilot view don't really work well. Texture overlays are best that can be done I think.
  3. Bone name needed for character

    You got all the available bones for character in the model.cfg skeleton. Unfortunately I think "head" is the best option to get stuff move right along the heads movement. Stuff modeled in 3D to be in the view work quite badly afaik because of the issues you have ran into now. The first person camera view does not quite work like human eyes, so the near vision edge perspective can go really screwy fast.
  4. [WIP] Multiple Variant Patrol Boat

    Heya. For boat configs Id start with downloading the Arma 3 Samples from steam and checking out the sample model (p3d) and configs (cpp/cfg) and how they are built. Also since you are using Blender to model do check out FHQ toolbox addon for it so you can export the ..p3d straight out of Blender. What kind of variants you want to make? Different colors/ parts/ weapons? The 2 first can be achieved with whats called HiddenSelections in Arma and the latter can to some extent be done with 1 model and hiddenSelections but depending on what kind of weapons you want to do it might require multiple model variants.
  5. Problem with Vegetation

    Are the textures saved with _CA suffix? as in your_Plant_Texture_01_CA.paa? Also make sure the area around your plant is all transparent, that kind looks like 1bit (on or off) alpha of a _CO texture Just realised the black is the shape of the polyplane xP so either the texture has no alpha transparency at all or the suffix is wrong.
  6. That house fits right into the neighborhood!
  7. Vest Weights

    I would say usually all character weights need to be manually tweaked to work properly. Blender (and probalby Max too) have tools to copy weights from one model to another so you could copy weights from the sample vest and then tweak them to your liking. Object Builder does not have very great weighting tools so using external software is adviceable. You will likely need to make compromise with the weighting because rigid mesh parts may not move properly with the Arma animations.
  8. Just as a tip I would suggest avoiding Addon Builder with anything else but missions as it lets you pack in all kinds of errors. Mikeros PboProject is far better in regards of error reporting and ability to produce properly working .PBO Also never ever pack anything onto P: drive keep it clean from anything else but your development data. For easy and working tools setup: https://pmc.editing.wiki/doku.php?id=arma3:tools
  9. Unfortunately there is no such full step by step turorial. It is little unclear what kind of animations you mean to do as there are multiple different ways to animate stuff in Arma You can have character movement animations (which are mostly the topic of this thread) These are in .RTM format (armas animation format) and are basically your default skeletal animations you see in all games Branching off the above there are static poses, gestures and weapon animations that to put it simple overlay the character movement animations All of the above need the character animation file made with appropriate skeleton model and also configs for the animations to run in game. Then there are the vehicle/static object animations that are driven by the model.cfg and the skeleton and animation classes that are defined within it. And here we probably are already way over your head. I'll take a leap of faith and assume you are talking about character animations so to begin with you should learn about generic character animating to understand the technique and how different tools work and what suits you and what you want to learn to use. Then when you understand how skeletal animations work you can start digging into what special quirks Arma has for those. Blender for example offers quite nice animation suite along the 3D modeling tools and its free and there are some nice Arma related community made plugins for it. IMO it is easiest to start with if you dont really know anything.
  10. [WIP] Female base model project

    Well before a moderator slaps your fingers for making new posts just to ask how a mod is progressing I'll tell you its going slowly. Mainly because processing the thousands of animations is tedious and I've just had other things I've been concentrating on. Its not forgotten, just waiting for a right time I get back on it.
  11. Lost Dragons - Total Modification Alpha

    Well to be hones manportable jetpack is pretty much a suicide machine so while its very cool we might not implement such equipment. Climbing equipment is more likely to be implemented along with small flying personal transportation vehicles that are slightly less dangerous for their driver. :D
  12. Lost Dragons - Total Modification Alpha

    Uuh we are in the big leagues! :D Thanks Blud!!
  13. Lost Dragons - Total Modification Alpha

    New blocks have made their way in game and I did some hit geometry testing and thought Id take a quick video with live FPS counter as well to give you guys some idea on how these highly unoptimized assets work in game.
  14. Cant get a skin not to be blurry

    The texture files also need to be right resolution. 2048x2048 is commonly used, but Arma 3 does support 4096x4096 textures too. The cost is performance as 4k texture takes a lot more power to run. And textures need to be transferred in right formats from your image editor into .paa for Arma
  15. Lost Dragons - Total Modification Alpha

    Got residential units on the walls: