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  1. HorribleGoat

    Waltham Robotics DOGG-0

    :9 I saw that too. Robots like this are making their way into games now.
  2. you cant fix those errors. only the author can.
  3. HorribleGoat

    Multiple textures to one model

    Id recommend running some basic blender tutorials to get the hang of the program. You can add multiple materials on a object in Blender in the materials tab by creating more material slots and assigning them to faces in edit mode.
  4. HorribleGoat

    [HELP] rvmat is not working

    there are various default rvmats in P:\A3\Data_F\ if you have your tools and P drive development environment set up correctly
  5. HorribleGoat

    p3d error in Eliteness

    you are doing retexturing wrong way if you are packing the original p3d retexturing is done by making a new texture and a config file to point an objects configs hiddenselections to your new textures, not by unpacking a mod, replacing textures and packing it again you are essentially breaking the whole thing. Only objects that support hidden selections can be retextured in the proper, no rules breaking way. also pboManager is not proper pbo tool, delete it.
  6. you are definitely doing animation very wrong if you use that many bones on those parts. Also proxies dont have separate animations so you can bypass the limit with them.
  7. There is no skeleton in the p3d to import, weighting does import so possibly you are just trying to import a model that does not contain weighting. Is it really a model you made?
  8. what model are you editing?
  9. HorribleGoat

    Lost Dragons - Total Modification Alpha

    Possibly a copy paste mistake was made. Fixd now
  10. HorribleGoat

    Lost Dragons - Total Modification Alpha

    Heya! Still going forward with the project, no worries! Just slow progress. On latest news, the new sexy WK-209 legs have made their way in game now so the whole latest design is now imported. I did also get the animation rig improved a lot so that the animation making is more efficient now. New "normal" walk sequence clocking at 18kmh speed. There are quite a lot of more sneakpeeks at our discord too! https://discord.gg/8mP9k2u
  11. HorribleGoat

    eXile Number Row '4' not functioning properly

    you would probably have best luck with answers by contacting Exile devs on their Discord server.
  12. HorribleGoat

    Optical Camouflage material research

    Id make the suit in similar way as the ghillie is made and so that it hides/covers the rest of the gear when used. The wiki explains how the different parts of supershader work quite well and how different texture types are composed. Not much else is written about them I recall except for tree materials. They have their own page. For things like this kind of "hacky" use of shaders there isn't really any guidance for. Filepatching with the diagnostics exe can be very useful for faster testing though.
  13. HorribleGoat

    Optical Camouflage material research

    My approach will be a custom suit that is made with refraction shader in mind and will work with it. For me there is no need to be able to apply it to every unit. Another working example is the one in my video where the silhouette effect is created with the attached camo blobs and the main character is actually fully hidden. Cycling gear/character swap would be a lot more performance heavy approach, I would not recommend it.
  14. HorribleGoat

    Optical Camouflage material research

    Turning off AO and DoF isnt really a solution. The difference between objects that look partially solid/grey/white shaded is that they are originally non transparent models. So that is a property that gets baked into the p3d on binarization depending on what PAA type the p3d is assigned with. (_CO non transparent/ _CA transparent). (That is with the refracting shader) And its not really a bug since it works as intended on the transparent objects it is used on (or well particles)
  15. HorribleGoat

    PBO Manager Problem

    the main problem you have is using pboManager for anything. It is not a proper addon creation tool.