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  1. You are last hope for that - how make non linear animation of parts in vehicles (like blades in taru or ammo belt in CH-53 from RHS?) the selections with non 100% weights are not causing any effect in buldozer prewiev - but  isn't it start to work after binarize? Nothing in this topic is on Wiki just basic anims described, and of course in test models this method is not used too on vehicles

  2. HorribleGoat

    Waltham Robotics DOGG-0

    Plan, yes! Try to find time to do that, Yes! Success rate so far: 0% 😅
  3. There is no solution for that, you will run out of bones and cant make them work with dampers. You are not the only one to look into this in the years Arma games have existed and probably wont be the last, but there just is no way to do it. The mesh loop track that the game is designed for can be made to look pretty nice if you invest enough effort into making it though.
  4. HorribleGoat

    What files needed to retexture Vanilla NVGs

    it is not possible to retexture nvgs as hiddenselectiontextures dont work on them
  5. HorribleGoat

    Object Builder Uniform Weights

    you can use the sample character from Arma3 samples on steam as reference
  6. HorribleGoat

    Mask tiel ColorCalculator

    use png for color check. bmps dont work as far as I've seen
  7. HorribleGoat

    S.O.G. Prairie

    Im gonna challenge that a bit and say that lazyness would have been not include any planes at all. Like it has been pointed out Air missions were done by completely different branch of military but we did include planes so that they can be used by players in any way they want.
  8. HorribleGoat

    Making Animation for custom guns

    There are no updated videos so you will have to figure out the UI changes on your own. The principles in older videos are still the same though, buttons just may be in a bit different places.
  9. You would need to build a config patch mod that is loaded after ACE that overrides the item names or creates new derivate items with the new name. At this stage you will have to evaluate if you want to spend time (some weeks or months maybe) to do this kind of a thing.
  10. HorribleGoat

    S.O.G. Prairie

    You can create your own air combat scenarios pretty easily with the Arma 3 inbuilt mission editor, but SOGPF itself does not come with air combat missions as it focuses on the SOG (Special Operations Group) action.
  11. HorribleGoat

    Lost Dragons - Total Modification Alpha

    Yes, just life things cut free hobby time sharply so development been quite slow. Many concepts been remade few times as the ideas mature and become more clear.
  12. HorribleGoat

    How to edit reforger models?

    Models can not be exported out to be edited. What you would like to do may not be possible on those models.
  13. I've posted this on the Arma Discord a while back but perhaps it can be useful here too: Got a bit curious on the character size and had to test out what is required to fit out Arma 3 character to the new size so here are few observations: +The Reforger man is 180 cm tall VS Arma 3 man at 182cm + This may be partly due to the different pose ( more straight limb A pose VS more relaxed A pose) + The shoulders are angled way more down and the back and neck curve differently, this gives the new skeleton/armature/character different posture and different reach + There are some differences to the limb and back proportions too and the hands are more natural shape. +The lower body is relatively similar, the hips are slightly lower and there is small difference in the leg positioning but the leg differences are very small +main challenge is the hands which are in very different pose (half grab VS A3 straight palm and fingers) and the difference in both bone length and different configuration mean older models will very likely need lot of hand/gloves tweaking or remaking to fit the new character as the pose cant comfortably be matched with the old A3 skeleton without some quite noticeable mesh and uvmapping deformation. + some models may have challenges with the shoulder areas too as the shoulders go way more down, which can lead to quite bad results if proper adjustments are not made. In my test here I have not yet completed all the adjustments and the armored gloves of my armor suit will require full rework due to the issues mentioned above. They were made to fit the previous hand shape. The torso area is hard armor which I opted to keep rigid in place as well as the armored/powerarmory neck and helmet. The character head sinking into the suits neck works alright and requires only minimal fitting of the hood and helmet interior.
  14. This most likely means the vertical scale of your map is broken or your ASC coordinates are not correct and the imported height layer is not inside your mapframe when you rebuild it. Also real life above water surface height data has sea water always at 0m level so the sea behavior is as expected. The asc import you have there definitely has heights since the shading is visible.
  15. HorribleGoat

    [Resources] How to make a Terrain

    Video tutorials about terrain making for Arma are not very good. They leave out necessary information and usually follow bad practices that will hinder your work. As pointed above, the Arma discord is the place to ask questions or if you want to use to forums, it is best to create your own topic and describe whatever problem you have in detail so anyone reading can easily help if they have answers.