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  1. HorribleGoat

    Lost Dragons - Total Modification Alpha

    True the project has been ongoing for few years now. we got all kinds of stuff cooking.
  2. HorribleGoat

    Lost Dragons - Total Modification Alpha

    Well they are not released yet. 😄
  3. HorribleGoat

    Lost Dragons - Total Modification Alpha

    Heya! Just a lil 2020 reminder that we are still kicking! Still on slowmode, but that is likely to change sometime after summer when work loads shift. The above is a quick little pic for our newly activated Twitter account in response to mr Karel Morickys call for mod pictures
  4. Oh so this is the thing I've heard about on the Terrain_Makers channel. So Does this utilize binarize at all? Or what kind of PBOs is this intended to be used for? Apparently terrains dont work at all with this as there has been a couple of cases now that were related to this method of packing.
  5. HorribleGoat

    Flowing water

    Well Id take any water related improvement and not ask questions. xD
  6. HorribleGoat

    Flowing water

    Dunno about that 😈 I'll try to remember post video of a more advanced test when I get it in a bit better shape.
  7. HorribleGoat

    Flowing water

    Have done some concept testing with that. Its possible to make at least to some extent. Most difficult part is to blend a mesh water nicely with the sea water shader.
  8. HorribleGoat

    I/o error Wrong MDL version

    This belongs to the Editor section of the forums. You will need to describe your process bit more clearly for anyone to be able to help you. Where do you add the head template? What helmet p3d are you trying to add that makes the error? Arma 3 models from the game data can not be edited (or from any mod either) as the files are binarized when they are packed into the game and that makes them unopenable. All new models need to be created from scratch.
  9. Well there isn't really any better ways I'm afraid. As far as I know anyway. You cant really reliably attach stuff on characters other than making stuff gear and attached things would be drawn under the actual view from first person. But gear stuff can have added animations. If it does not have to be universal and only for your use for player, it could be implemented into the player character like the PipBoy in Fallout games. However it would still have to rely on texture changes.
  10. Very cool indeed! Is that build onto the character or using a gear slot?
  11. HorribleGoat

    Paths, AI Logic and Height

    No that I know of. AI pathing requires ground connection.
  12. HorribleGoat

    Paths, AI Logic and Height

    If theres no connection to the ground in the path lod, AI will bug on it. So floating things like that wont work.
  13. In Blender you can use FHQ Arma toolbox to import the P3D into Blender directly.
  14. You cant open binarized p3ds (unpacked from the game files or mods) You will have to make your own models from the beginning.
  15. HorribleGoat

    White Textures in game

    @jollyroger666 I would suggest using the PMC ulltimate terrain tutorial to set up your tools and to go over the basic workflow.