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  1. HorribleGoat

    Mask tiel ColorCalculator

    Thanks! If you can get multi image us to work then I'll give a test run. I dont think i can spend time on compiling the images into full 65k right now.
  2. HorribleGoat

    Mask tiel ColorCalculator

    Are there any limitations on how large images it can handle? I got a 65k pixel textures set up for my terrain in 4 pieces, can it load up multiple images and compare also the shared exdges? Or should a full 65k image be used?
  3. HorribleGoat

    Mikero PboProject Error

    try lowering an area of water like -10 meters at some corner. I think the free Mikero tools have a bug currently that there needs to be terrain under water.
  4. HorribleGoat

    Mikero PboProject Error

    you might want to consider joining the Arma3 Discord for more immediate help. Also do you have any water on your terrain or is your terrain very flat? Also does it work in Buldozer
  5. was it possible to have different model for when its equipped and different for when its on ground?
  6. Looks awesome! Keep up the great work and take your time! Release when you are happy with the results!
  7. HorribleGoat

    Odd lines on models

    @reyhard/ @kllrt Just to make sure you guys are aware of this possibility.
  8. HorribleGoat

    Odd lines on models

    Using sbsource = visualEx causes this too when it calculates shadow from the visual lods and there very straight surfaces. @Dedmen Any chance you can give/offer this fix to BI? 😄
  9. HorribleGoat

    Mikero's Dos Tools

    I remember something something includes dont work in binarized missions or something like that. Not 100% I remember right though.
  10. HorribleGoat

    Reign Of Jurassic Mod

    Do note that this mod has not seen updates for about 3 years now. It may not be available anymore.
  11. HorribleGoat

    Lost Dragons - Total Modification Alpha

    One more proof of concept test.
  12. you need to be in edit mode and the mass tools become available in the left side toolbars Arma tab
  13. have you set up the O2Script path in the Toolbox settings in the Blender settings - addons tab?
  14. HorribleGoat

    Lost Dragons - Total Modification Alpha

    Also the new Battleship in a quick and dirty game test: And the retiring older design on the right there for comparison. Also a collision test video. Im quite satisfied of the results. Do note that the ship is 400meters long and runs on helicopter simulation right now.
  15. HorribleGoat

    Lost Dragons - Total Modification Alpha

    This is a test version of the upcoming Battleships redesigned turret. As you can see its rather big.. Which is quite fitting to our grand scaled theme of course.