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  1. Its called terrainSynth and is engine generated fake terrain. There is a parameter for that in the config
  2. Star Wars - TIE Fighters

    Looks brilliant @Lenyoga The Tie Defender was so great ship in the good old Tie Fighter. I think yours does it great justice.
  3. .xyz vs .tiff for heightmaps

    I would strongly suggest using a terrain creation program where you can actually see the terrain while you make it. You can for example paint the basic shapes you want your terrain to be on any image editor and use that as a base to generate/refine it in L3DT using the different processes it offers. Or Id bet any other terrain creation tool can import the image as a base of a project. It might take some time to learn a new program but for completely fictional terrain it will be worth it to be able to see it as you work on it. It could be possible to use an image as displacement map in a 3D modeling software but as 4k (4096x4096) resolution heightmap is the first properly worthy to use (my opinion) that would mean 16777216 verticles containing grid, which can be rather straining and slow to work with.
  4. .xyz vs .tiff for heightmaps

    I would like to know which tutorials tell to use .xyz, when .asc is the far better and bug free working one. .xyz works, sure but it has had the occasional corruption happen to it. Image files are ok if you for some reason really need to use them, but why would you want to when there are real heightmap data formats (.asc, .xyz) available? Program you use dont export them or you want to draw the map yourself? (check out L3DT if you have not already)
  5. Successfull PBO, but empty.

    @scotg Im 99% sure that DeRtm is for debinarizing RTMs back to editable format and for converting rtms between Arma titles. It has nothing to do with the packing of them into PBO. Free tools should binarize rtms just fine.
  6. Lost Dragons - Total Modification Alpha

    In the wake of the new export finally working: New progress along the big lines of the map concept
  7. Could very well be your modded cars are not built right :X Vidda has wet roads. Got to drive carefully.
  8. [WIP] Female base model project

    Adding different skeletoned characters like smaller framed woman has technical difficulties that probably have not been cost effective to overcome on normal develepoment of Arma. That said I have been unfortunately quite slow with this project as it is a lot of work to do. I am still very much at it though!
  9. Lost Dragons - Total Modification Alpha

    Also another as other news I managed to get the Blender Object composition export to work with all 3-axis rotations!!! I dare you to do the same in Buldozer!
  10. Lost Dragons - Total Modification Alpha

    Heyaa! Teaser time again! Progress on the terrain, 3 new trees generated on the map to form the bulk of the foresty areas.
  11. Ouch thats always horrible! But great that you dont let the setback keep you down! Keep it up!
  12. ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    I would say not in anyway efficient or accurate way. I think Arma lacks features for accurate playback even if you managed to capture positions, directions and such for all objects.
  13. Texture Showing as Transparent

    Have you saved your texture on them with the right texture suffix _CO? does your texture have any transparency to it at all or alpha layer? In your picture on the right the middle part of the barrel is seethrough. You must not combine transparent and non transparent areas in same texture
  14. Original concepts and content are always welcome and in all likelyhood someone would enjoy playing this type of gamemode. As its said here as long as you create legit original work there are no problems at all. The main question in my opinion is: Do you enjoy making it? Because if you do enjoy making mods you should do it, its a nice and creative hobby with endless possibilities.
  15. Probably the experimental one. Also if you want to compare its the official release on FHQ homepage or the experimental one. Armaholic is just a mirror and no guarantees when it updates.