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  1. When are you going to fix this

    Exactly what I was after, there is right way to use objects as they are intended to use by design and then there are ways to use them incorrectly which can cause buggy behaviour.
  2. Project - Vertical Lift 2035

    I love the hull on it but for some reason the engine part looks always so off when its turned up. Maybe im old fashioned and stuck on the Osprey engines. x9 Fantastic work though
  3. When are you going to fix this

    Kunduz is a custom map and may use custom assets thus it can be issue with those particular assets or the creation of the terrain. When you say you clip into walls and fall indicates that they are tall which does not sound vanilla assets and thus migh not be as much engine issue but wrongly made or used objects. Although such can happen with vanilla stuff too, I dont think its that common. Which is why its important to give out exact details of the situation and how it can be reproduced.
  4. When are you going to fix this

    What kind of situation does the falling into the wall occur? Are mods involved? I mean yes you can clip into objects accidentally that's a fact but also its not that common if in vanilla gameplay I think.
  5. no you would have to make your on config addon and make RH a dependency
  6. First of all Robert Hammers addons are RH not RHS. While minor detail its better to not to confuse the 2 with each other. And you would likely have to make a config patch that modifies the vanilla AK/makes a modified version of the vanilla AK to allow the use of the accessories you want. This however would not be multiplayer compatible on places that dont use your addon.
  7. bLandscapeTools - Introduction

    @mir_o what is the correct version of Blender to use now that 2.79 seems to have reached last stable release and development has moved on to 2.8? bLandscape tools do not seem to work with the latest 2.79 though.
  8. 3D satmap on Gimp or PS

    if you compare to vanilla satmaps they dont have any shading on them, shading is produced by the ingame lighting and terrain normalmap.
  9. 3D satmap on Gimp or PS

    Id maybe use even less shading and also use "overlay" or "darken" as the layer type. so that the satmap does not get that white tint to it. Also don using shadowmap might not be a good idea, it makes the shadows too strong. If you add any shade to the satmap it should be very very minimal.
  10. In Arma AI building navigation already works on pathways build in into the objects so In theory all the used objects could have pathways on them.
  11. Interesting and different concept for a mod! Will definitely follow how the development goes! Good luck!
  12. They have a thread in the editing section and they are on youtube. You'll probably find them as fast as I would.
  13. Arma specific part in modeling characters are mainly the weighting so that the character follows the Arma animations correctly. The Sample models provide a good fully functional character sample which you can use as a base/reference. As to how to get things into the engine there are some tutorials around and Id recommend El_Tyranos tutorials series. Even though it is for modeling in Blender the same principles can be used in any 3D program. I dont remember if there is a character episode in the series, but all Arma objects follow very similar config setup and when you understand how to get any kind of object into game the rest can be derived from that. The A3 samples also contain all the config examples needed and basically you can get a model in game by just replacing the character in the sample. The Editting section of this forum also contains a lot of info.
  14. "Silverlake" Source Files

    Basically you have to state that they are free to use etc etc because otherwise the strictest of licence applies.