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  1. hi, I try to get some bushes on my grass surface. But all bushes are too many and placed in one line (https://imgur.com/a/4sWurch or https://imgur.com/a/p9lsqt7) When I go under 0.0002 or 0.0003 with ficus_bush at probability no object will be placed. How do I get a lower probability value and some randomization into my bushes or do I need to place them manually? My cfgsurfaces now: https://pastebin.com/kTXhCjzg
  2. Walkero0

    png files in layer generated rvmat

    Thank you now it works.
  3. Hy I experienced an issue during generating layers in terrain builder. I edit my surfacemask and diffuse map in photoshop, upload it to my source folder, start terrain builder. On Rasters I update content from sourde. and then I generate the layers with mapframe-->properties-->processing. (https://imgur.com/a/hym0s0S) After Generating Layers I have png files in the generated rvmat layer files. Example: (https://pastebin.com/DAgVcMDz) When I start my map in Arma3 it comes with error loading rvmat, which is understandable. But why are there png files and not paa in the generated rvmats? paa is aviable in the layers folder.
  4. Walkero0

    Mask tiel ColorCalculator

    ok that works thanks! But the doubleklick on tiles don't work and loading layers.cfg won't work (No colors in Layers.cfg detected ) My layers.cfg: https://pastebin.com/4YZF8WzM
  5. Walkero0

    Mask tiel ColorCalculator

    Hy. I used your tool many times and it worked great. But now at Windows 11 it may not work. It gets stuck on 100% loading: https://imgur.com/a/l5FqaOz I added the colorcalculator folder and exe to the windows defender exceptions. Also tried as admin. I use a 16k image bmp file. My pc has 24GB ram and a ryzen 5 5600x with enough power: https://imgur.com/a/yh57ISs
  6. hy, I want to remove all warnings from my mod and PboProject won't pack my basicDefines_A3.hpp because of this warning: ***warning***:In file '\wlk_roads\basicdefines_A3.hpp': macro 'LOAD': trailing ; should be in each caller. Never the macro body. My basicDefines_A3: How can I fix this line 87?
  7. hi. How can I count kills from opfor units with that in singleplayer? Or score the kills from spawned opfor units to civ player?
  8. Walkero0


    Hi once again I ask for your help. I tried to configure dynamic airport on my map to land planes with autopilot. I went through every step at https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3:_Dynamic_Airport_Configuration But something is fucked up in my config. I don't really know how to set Longitude and Latitude or mapArea correctly (I think that's causing this). My Plane Autopilot is always trying to land on the left lower corner of the map (ocean) and crash landing. I got the coordination values for the dynamic airport configuration in eden -->rightclick somewhere-->Log-->Log Position to Clipboard. config I got the direction values with debug console: _unit = player getDir jet; copyToClipboard format["%1",_unit]; hint format["%1",_unit]; Mapframe: Location Samplers What values are causing this with left lower corner on map? Plz help.
  9. Hi. I have a problem with my halogen lamp. When I place the model it in Eden it works fine. But when I place it in Terrain Builder lamp didn't shine at night. What am I missing here? Lamp_model
  10. Can anyone give me a clue why my models tail is streched? I tried export fbx to O2 from Blender and 3ds-max, both same result. When exporting as 3ds, tail isn't streched but the sections get lost. Blender: fbx-Model in Object Builder: Original Model: cgtrader
  11. I have this class in my config.cpp: class cfgsounds { class bear_roar { name = "bear_roar"; sound[] = {"\wlk_animals\bear\sounds\bear_idle_roar",0.70794576,1}; titles[] = {0,""}; }; }; and added this to my class States: class Bear_Idle_Walk: Bear_Idle_Stop { duty = -0.7; file = "\wlk_animals\bear\anim\bear_walk"; speed = 0.4; variantsAI[] = {}; looped = 1; soundEdge[] = {0.5}; soundEnabled = 1; soundOverride = "bear_roar"; head = "headDefault"; connectTo[] = {"Bear_Idle_Stop",0.1}; interpolateTo[] = {"Bear_Idle_Run",0.1,"Bear_Idle_Eat",0.1,"Bear_Idle_Stop",0.1,"Bear_Stop",0.5,"Bear_Walk",0.5,"Bear_Run",0.5,"Bear_Die",0.1}; }; but it is still silent when animation is running.
  12. Walkero0

    Animal Animation

    So i managed to get a working model with crappy animations. But I have some questions: Does the walk animation need to move forward in the animation itself? Because it won't move forward like my animation in blender. Does all animation need to have the same pose on start? I have weird Legs from walking to running.
  13. Walkero0

    Animal Animation

    So, I managed to pack my bear with the model.cfg structure of Operation Blockhead. But my model isn't visible: I have no errors in rpt. My pack with logs: https://cloud.walk3r.info/index.php/s/j3tkzTEwqaApo99 I can play scenario and run through the unvisible. Seems model path is not correct but it is.
  14. Walkero0

    Animal Animation

    Contacted THA shark guys 2 weeks ago, dinosaur guys. no response until now.
  15. Walkero0

    Animal Animation

    I have redone model.cfg parenting and added all memory points from sample character and changed to their bone names. Still cannot crunch: https://cloud.walk3r.info/index.php/s/XWIAVYDumcp7AXt What should i do? give up?