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  1. problem solved for those who would have the same bug, close programs running at the same time as Arma2 OA Uploaded with ImageShack.us ;)
  2. :eek: the game crashes and returns to the desktop with this error message, someone can help me ?
  3. colonel29

    The Orphaned Projects Thread

    download limit of 10 is really annoying with rapideshare :o I created a new link on Megaupload : http://www.megaupload.com/?d=ZD4YQFBX
  4. Addon of the map of libya but desertic , empty :o because no time to continue... addon for Arma2 libya.pbo and visitor file included for those who want to continue the map in this file : http://rapidshare.com/files/456021102/addon_libya_map_empty.rar
  5. I can do in the field of Libya but only empty someone would have to add building roads and airports, who are interested? (Because I have not to make any mastery over a map and completely optimized for ARMA2. sorry)
  6. still no M26 tank on the horizon? http://www.combatcamel.be/Pershing.htm :rolleyes:
  7. can you show us a screenshot of the M26 pershing in game? :p
  8. well, that's not to say but it's already a good base addon, add a good texture and add details ... it should give a better appearance of a tank :D
  9. very good job on the models of tanks, the textures are well rendered! something new about an M26 maybe? ;)
  10. I have not changed anything, I just test the mod in ARMA2 :p
  11. this one works fine but the windows inside driver are white :o
  12. I just realize after a few changes in the config that the giant ants that I made for Arma1 working perfectly in ARMA2 and OA So soon the wicked warrior insects will invade the land of arma 2 again it also works for the angry gray, if it works for a creature, it also works for any other life form ... :581:
  13. I am willing to help for the Pershing and F4U if you want my help contact me by pm :p;)