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Found 9 results

  1. Colonel Malashenko

    Mi-24a Krokodil

    Status: Version 0.3 beta History Mi-24A (Hind-B NATO classification) was the first production model of the legendary Mi-24 helicopter series. It was build relying on a "Flying IFV" concept. The early model could carry up to 8 soldiers and use a wide choice of weapons, like S8 rocket pods, UPK-32 gunpods, bombs and guided missiles AT-2 Swatter. Addon info It's a port of the ArmA 2 OA mod, which was made by Pathetic_Bezerker. All I've done is changed configs to the ArmA 3 standards and added some A3 features to it. Features - Can carry up to 8 persons as passengers and 2 as FFV gunners - Dynamic loadout from Jets DLC - Detailed and historically accurate model - Additional skins, which can be changed via BIS Garage (Russian, CDF, Takistan, more will be ported later) - You can cosplay Rambo and Red Dawn with this helicopter! Known issues - A little strange flight model - No advanced flight model (will be implimented soon) - Pilot hands position need to be fixed - No server key Credits & Thanks: PATHETIC BERSERKER - For the vision, 3D modeling, texture work, and rudimentary animation & config stuff behind creating this addon. zGUBA - Advancing and directing config and general clue giving/direction pointing. ICEBREAKER - for supplying Government Army of Lingor camo and roundels for GAL and Molatian units. BIS - For allowing the use of textures (specifically instrument clock faces) As well as the great game platform, tools, and community support we know them for. LEOPOTAM - For correcting the Russian on the instrument panels and for his awesome Blender to O2 export/import tools making this project possible for me. And a great thanks goes out to both EricM and RKSL Studios. Additional thanks goes to Lyotchik-Sniper for his help with implimenting doorgunners and dynamic loadout Javik - the person who most cried about adding Mi-24a into Arma 3 and very shy person Download: Link removed by the Moderating Team
  2. This addon will add Cold War era aircraft reskins to your A3 for several NATO and Warsaw pact armies. It is intended for use together with the GM DLC to give the some air mobility. It also adds pilot gear for both sides. RELEASE DATE: 28-Apr-19 UPDATE V 1.03: 16-December-19 AUTHOR: Lennard (Steam name: Thunderstreak) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CLASSNAMES: BW UH-1D - "len_uh1d_bw" CSLA Mig-29A - "len_mig29a_01_cs" LWP Mi-8 - "len_mi8amt_lwp" LWP Mi-24D (AT) - "len_mi24d_AT_lwp" LWP Mi-24P (AT) - "len_mi24p_AT_lwp" LWP Mig-29A - "len_mig29a_01_lwp" NVA Aero L-39 - "len_l39_nva" NVA Mi-8 - "len_mi8amt_nva" NVA Mi-24D (AT) - "len_mi24d_AT_nva" NVA Mi-24P (AT) - "len_mi24p_AT_nva" NVA Mig-29A - "len_mig29a_01_nva" SCREENSHOTS: REQUIREMENTS: Arma 3 RHSAFRF RHSUSAF RHSGREF KNOWN BUGS/ISSUES: None known at the moment. CREDITS: BIS - Arma 3 game RHS - A2 Ports da12thMonkey - Config help EULA: By downloading this content you agree with the following: - The addon shall in no way be modified or repackaged, unless permission is given by the original author. - No responsibility can be claimed on the original author for (im)possible damage to your system/game that may be caused by installation of this addon. - You may not use this addon for any commercial or military training purposes. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- UPDATES: V 1.01 - Added ZEUS compatibility - Added pilots for BW and NVA V1.02 - Added NVA Mi-24D and Mi-24P variants - Added NVA L-39 - Added NVA pilot gear - Updated NVA pilot uniform V1.03 - Added LWP Mi-24D and Mi-24P variants - Added LWP Mi-8 variant - Added CSLA, LWP, NVA Mig-29A - Added LWP pilot uniform Download direct Steam workshop Mirrors are welcome! Have fun!
  3. This campaign is for people who like flying helicopters in ArmA3. Most missions focus on the Mil Mi-24 Hind because of its versatilty. The campaign fully supports the Advanced Flight Model. The story is about a former military pilot and if the mission is played solo this character should be chosen. The first season of the campaign allows for up to 2 player to play COOP as pilot and gunner, later missions will allow more people in several helicopters. All missions are still BETA and the COOP is somewhat untested. Any constructive feedback is appreciated. The campaign includes a ton of references to other games, movies and TV-shows often with some silly humour. Hope you are not easily offended. Thanks -RHS team -CUP team -Grumpy Old Man for his awesome loadout script -ALIAS for his roadflare script -Project Opfor team -all the modders, scripters, mission builders etc. who make this community great since OFP days. Steam Workshop Link Have fun!
  4. Hi all, after the long time I am releasing a new addon. Here is Qinetix Czech Air Force Hind Tigers which contains four versions of Hind Tigers of Czech Air Force 221st Helicopter Squadron. These machines you can know from NATO Tiger Meet. For example the newest one is Hind Alien Tiger. It's just retextured Hind from CUP. You can see screenshots and download the addon on Steam Workshop. This addon requires CUP Vehicles.
  5. German Hind Version 1.11 by McLupo Release of an addon Today I would like to release my very first addon here on the BIS-Forum, to present it to a bigger audience. Background: FRL_Myke, a well known com-member, released in spring of 2014 an addon, made by his 6 year old son. It was a coloured furniture; some of you will remember?! It was named "Samuel´s table" I was very impressed, because I´m a 56 year old man and I didn´t have the skill, nor a clue, how it works, at this time. In short: It was the initial ambition to learn all this stuff, because I want to create an addon by myself. Pure ego. ;) And today I´m very proud to release this debut feature to the biggest ArmA Community.. So have fun with this small addon and take it as what it is - a beginners work, neither more, nor less. ___________________________________________________________________________________________ Description: Simple as it is...a community request was the initial impact to do this job. But the main reason was the historical meaning. After the reunion of Eastern- and Western - Germany the German Forces took charge of a few helicopters for testing (Hind-D) from the NVA. At last I wanted to see the Hind in ArmA. Content: Woodland version of the Mi-24P Desert version of the Mi-24-V Navy version of the Hind-D Version of the NATO Reaction Forces of the Hind-D (Everything is fictitious and my interpretation of a German Hind) Features: Unique German Helicopter Pack Handcrafted camos Decals, scratches and optical highlights Fully playable as BLUFOR-Faction Woodland, desert, navy and Reaction Force of the Mi-24 (P+V+D) Signed AddOn (bikey included) Changelog: v1.11 ADDED: Navy version of the Hind-D (Original CDF-Faction)) ADDED: Version of the NATO Reaction Forces (NRF) (Original CDF-Faction) ADDED: Some new decals (Labels,Markings) ADDED: Each Hind with Head-Logo (Eagle, Tiger, Panther, Puma) CHNGD: Priority of the MCLU_GermanHind FIXED: Config.cpp adjusted FIXED: ReadMe corrected Credits/Thanks: -Armaholic and ArmA2Base for the mirrors -Foxhound and Miller for hosting my stuff -Bohemia Interactive™, creating ArmA, the best military simulation ever and all the good stuff around -BIF, a heartfelt thanks to all the nice guys The four versions of the German Hind i can offer to you: Additional video: MIRRORS: MCLU_German Hind v1.11 Arma2Base http://www.arma2base.de/include.php?path=download&contentid=6228 Greetings McLupo
  6. Here it is, the thing most of you were waiting for... the Hind pack for ArmA! Its still kinda beta but should work pretty good already and we done what we could without the tools. Those who already know the OFP one will notice that nearly all textures were edited or redone, i think i finally found the right colours that i already wanted to have in the OFP version. As usual post comments, suggestions and bugs in here. Some known things: - Rotors dont cast Shadows on the model in Shadow settings below high - The material effects add some weird effects on some part of the textures but at least it looks a lil ArmA like with what we have atm. For the rest check the readme. --- Big thanks go to Scars for letting us use his Models and textures. Also to GranQ and MechaStalin who helped a lot in bringing the Hinds to ArmA. For the hosting and the first 2 screens i have to thank Mr.Burns and armed-assault.de / armed-assault.net --- Download with demo mission Download RHS Hind Pack v.1.0 @ armed-assault.de Download RHS Hind Pack v.1.0 @ armed-assault.net Download RHS Hind Pack v.1.0 @ Armaholic.com Download RHS Hind Pack v1.0 [28 MB] @ ArmedAssault.info FTP#1 Download RHS Hind Pack v1.0 @ armed-assault-zone.com Download RHS Hind Pack v1.0 @ nextgenerationgames.de --- Screens ( Click on them to enlarge to 1280x1024 ): --- OK have fun everyone... i for myself now finally try to enjoy the tiny remains of this weekend .
  7. <span style='font-size:17pt;line-height:100%'>EricM Mi-24 BETA1 Pack (SLA)</span> Put in game by RKSL Studios. Released: 21-June-08 CREDITS: Model and Textures – EricM Config and animations – Rock (RKSL studios) DISCLAIMER: THIS IS A BETA RELEASE please treat it as such. Expect some bugs or issues. The Software is distributed without any warranty; without even the implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. The Software is not an official addon or tool. Use of the Software (in whole or in part) is entirely at your own risk. CONDITIONS OF RELEASE: By downloading this addon you accept ALL the following terms and conditions: - EricM and RKSL grant to you a personal, non-exclusive license to use this addon. - This addons is NOT FREEWARE and it does not contain any BIS copyrighted materials. - You may NOT alter or reskin this release. (A template and paint kit will be released as part of the FULL release.) - This addon, model, textures or config may not be commercially exploited in any way.  This includes “pay to download†or “burn to disk†services and or Military training purposes. - This addon is designed for use only in BIS’ Armed Assault PC game. You may not port or convert any of its content for use in any other game or platform - You may NOT use this in VBS2. - You may freely distribute these addons only in its original package. FEATURES: - Carries 1 pilot, 1 Gunner and 6 passengers - Animated “cargo†doors - Animated sensor doors - Working Landing gear including Dampers - Working lights - Working Instruments - Texture Normal mapping - Damage Textures - NO SCRIPTS VERSION HISTORY: 0.9B - | 21-06-08 ! - EricM Hind - Public Beta 0.8b - | 21-06-08 ! - EricM Hind - Private Beta 0.1a - | 21-06-08 !  - EricM Hind - Private ALPHA CLASSNAMES: ericm_hind_1  =  Mi-24D HIND-D ericm_hind_fg_1 = MI-24P Hind-F You can find the models in the editor as: OPFOR > EricM/RKSL Air > Mi-24D HIND-D (BETA) OPFOR > EricM/RKSL Air > Mi-24P HIND-F (BETA) REPORTING BUGS: We want to give you the best addon we can but we can only do that if you help us.  Please report any bug or issues you have here: http://bugtracker.rkslstudios.info NOTES: 1 – This addon is unsigned at this time future releases will be signed to ensure proper MP compatibility. 2 - This pack only contains a sample of two versions. The MI-24D and the MI-24P with fixed Twin 30mm cannon 3 – This version contains ONLY the SLA (Opfor) skins subsequent packs will contain several preset versions 4 – As per EricM’s wishes. The FULL release will include all the MLODS and source files to allow you to create your own versions 5 - The Archive is passworded to ensure you actually read the readme and agree to the Terms and Conditions.  The password is at the end of the readme Mirrors: Download 1: – RKSL Studios – RAR 31.4Mb Download 2: – Armaholic – RAR 31.4Mb Download 3: – ArmAbase – RAR 31.4Mb Download 4: – Armed-Assault.de – RAR 31.4Mb Download 5: – ePrison.de – RAR 31.4Mb
  8. how do I make any civilian car indestructible in the editor?
  9. As per BI wiki: unit say [sound, maxTitlesDistance, speed] and: playSound name Information contained within is a little confusing. What's the difference between the two? As a point of context, if I wanted a custom sound to be played so that all players (MP - obviously) can hear it clearly once triggered, which one, or what, should I use?