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  1. Colonel Malashenko

    Mi-24a Krokodil

    I'd like to, but he was online more than a year ago last time
  2. Colonel Malashenko

    Mi-24a Krokodil

    It is said on the model, that it's free to use in arma (It's written in russian). Moreover the model was made not by RKSL, it was made by Pathetic_Bezerker. And I said that all i did is changed configs to A3 standards. I don't call myself as an author. All rights are reserved by Pathetic_Bezerker. If he say that he wants the mod away from Workshop, I would remove it
  3. Colonel Malashenko

    Mi-24a Krokodil

    Status: Version 0.3 beta History Mi-24A (Hind-B NATO classification) was the first production model of the legendary Mi-24 helicopter series. It was build relying on a "Flying IFV" concept. The early model could carry up to 8 soldiers and use a wide choice of weapons, like S8 rocket pods, UPK-32 gunpods, bombs and guided missiles AT-2 Swatter. Addon info It's a port of the ArmA 2 OA mod, which was made by Pathetic_Bezerker. All I've done is changed configs to the ArmA 3 standards and added some A3 features to it. Features - Can carry up to 8 persons as passengers and 2 as FFV gunners - Dynamic loadout from Jets DLC - Detailed and historically accurate model - Additional skins, which can be changed via BIS Garage (Russian, CDF, Takistan, more will be ported later) - You can cosplay Rambo and Red Dawn with this helicopter! Known issues - A little strange flight model - No advanced flight model (will be implimented soon) - Pilot hands position need to be fixed - No server key Credits & Thanks: PATHETIC BERSERKER - For the vision, 3D modeling, texture work, and rudimentary animation & config stuff behind creating this addon. zGUBA - Advancing and directing config and general clue giving/direction pointing. ICEBREAKER - for supplying Government Army of Lingor camo and roundels for GAL and Molatian units. BIS - For allowing the use of textures (specifically instrument clock faces) As well as the great game platform, tools, and community support we know them for. LEOPOTAM - For correcting the Russian on the instrument panels and for his awesome Blender to O2 export/import tools making this project possible for me. And a great thanks goes out to both EricM and RKSL Studios. Additional thanks goes to Lyotchik-Sniper for his help with implimenting doorgunners and dynamic loadout Javik - the person who most cried about adding Mi-24a into Arma 3 and very shy person Download: Link removed by the Moderating Team
  4. Colonel Malashenko

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    So, are there any mods with AK\AKM 7.62 with plastic black furniture?
  5. Colonel Malashenko

    Cannot create uniform error [SOLVED]

    Idk how, but I've fixed it. Theme closed
  6. Tried to make a retexture of IFA3 lite uniform, but found this mistake. For the one time I even managed to "fix" it, but when I picked my uniform in Arsenal, i've got nothing, model didn't work, but as a skin it works properly I've looked through forums but found nothing useful, could someome help me with this? Here is my code class CfgWeapons { class Uniform_Base; // External class reference class UniformItem; // External class reference class U_KOG_General_uniform : Uniform_Base { author = "AWAR & Joarius"; scope = public; displayName = "New Uniform" model = "\A3\Characters_F\Common\Suitpacks\suitpack_blufor_diver"; hiddenSelections[] = {"camo", "e_st_leut"}; hiddenSelectionsTextures[] = {"\PersonalArmy\data\kog_colonel_co.paa", "\PersonalArmy\data\kog_colonel_co.paa"}; class ItemInfo : UniformItem { uniformModel = "-"; uniformClass = "KOG_General_uniform"; mass = 20; armor = 0; containerClass = "Supply30"; }; }; }; class CfgVehicles { class LIB_GER_lieutenant; // External class reference class LIB_GER_recruit; class KOG_General: LIB_GER_lieutenant //Unit Class name: Class getting info from { side = 1; //Blufor faction = "BOL_FACTION"; //Your Faction vehicleclass = "BOL_Units"; //Unit Group author = "Warlord Malashenko"; _generalMacro = "BOL_Colonel"; //Class Name scope = 2; displayName = "General"; //In-Game Name weapons[] = {"Throw","Put"}; respawnWeapons[] = {"Throw","Put"}; magazines[] = {}; respawnMagazines[] = {}; cost = 300000; threat[] = {1,0.7,0.3}; linkedItems[] = {}; respawnLinkedItems[] = {}; uniformClass = "U_KOG_General_uniform"; //uniform you are using hiddenSelections[] = {"camo", "e_st_leut"}; hiddenSelectionsTextures[] = {"\PersonalArmy\data\kog_colonel_co.paa", "\PersonalArmy\data\kog_colonel_co.paa"}; camouflage = 1.0; }; };
  7. Dear UNSUNG devs, are there any ways to share music script, which is used on your Hueys and other helis? It's really awesome
  8. Colonel Malashenko

    CSLA Studio - A3 WIP

    Why are there soviet RD54 Backpacks on HUMMWVs?
  9. Colonel Malashenko

    ARMA 3: Conflict '85 - A CUP expansion

    OFP has a lot of things, that are a little bit odd (Berets for soviet officers for example). I tried to represent Soviet Army of that period, but I hadn't enough resources for that. Vilas had mod (Project '85) that was pretty historical. Soviet soldiers there had standard uniform. I can make codes for mods and textures, but have no experience with models
  10. Colonel Malashenko

    ARMA 3: Conflict '85 - A CUP expansion

    Have a nice day, comrade! I want to ask you a favor: get rid of that soviet camo. It was used ONLY by Spec-Ops teams from 1982. There is a lot of ways to represent soviet army in Arma 3. For example, try to use "Butan" camo (It was used in WiC). Soviet army began to use it in 1985 in Soviet Marine Corps and VDV troops. A lot of soldiers in that period weared standard olive uniform (Some examples below). Try to make soviet troops more realistic, I can't help laughing when I see another "Red Dawn" scene, based on OFP\Arma engine. Moreover, KLMK was used by Border-Defence troops, so it's a nonsense to make it a standard camo for motorized infantry