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  1. I have gotten permission from the author (And if anyone doubts I did get permission via asking on the mod page) , I am working on Teacups Su-22. However, besides given permission, he has not sent all the original files - instead I have been working with the .Cfg and managed to get it in the editor again. But when doing that discovered there was more problems such as the PhysX with the wheels and the ejection system.
  2. Sorry I am new to this, I do not have a model.cfg actually for the aircraft but only the config.cfg. How can I go about creating the model.cfg?
  3. I am trying to update a older aircraft and one problem I am having is the ejection system, it is not working - when I eject from the aircraft, the ejection seat appears but hovers above the aircraft and nothing else happens. I have tried adding in this; I am not sure how to get it properly working, any help would be appreciated.
  4. I will see if I can make a normal map work, but thank you for all the help!
  5. It is, I am trying to reskin the vehicle and learn that before I touch the rest of the .Cfg. However thank you for clearing that up! But if I would add texture normals to the vehicle how should I do that?
  6. Here is the .Cfg https://pastebin.com/fb97AfkY And I did get permission from Fox to use the Migs and work on them. But yeah for some reason I can't get the camos to appear in-game, the skin layers show up like "CDFAF Plain" and "CDFAF Woodland" but the texture itself stays the same.
  7. I am new to working with Cfg's and I have been working on adding some more camo textures to a jet however, the option of them appear in-game but when I click on it, the texture stays the same, can someone perhaps point me into the right direct? Also, how can I make a vehicle show up on a certain side, so like if I was to try and get a jet to appear in the editor what would I put in the .Cfg to make it show up. Thanks in advance!
  8. Yup just found it, thank you for the help!
  9. Thanks I will look around for it, but do you have a link to El_Tyranos videos by any chance?
  10. Hey could anyone point me into a good direction for adding clothes and equipment to Arma, I am really stuck right now, I know how to rig and such but like what is the proper procedure for making the model then adding it to Arma. I am trying in the long run to make a faction mod, but I am trying to start at the basics and just add a new uniform. But I have not found any decent tutorials for doing this, is there anyone who could maybe show me how to do this 1 on 1 if possible. Thanks!
  11. Thanks for the info! Also is it possible to use 3DS Max? I have seen some people use Oxygen tool, but could I do the same thing but in 3DS Max because it's similar.
  12. Also another question, is there a official modding discord to join, and what is the policy of using other mods in yours, such as if you use a weapon from a different mod. Do I have to contact that modding team or individual?
  13. Hi I am new to Arma 3 modding scene, but I have previous experience with another engine. I am wondering where to start - and what resources are available. Such as rigging for clothing and units, but also vehicles mainly tanks. If anyone could point be to tutorials or even some sample resources to use, that would be appreciated! Thanks for any advice!
  14. Amazing work! Love seeing some older Soviet equipment in use!