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  1. The vehicles also have customization in the Virtual Garage. For Tatra T815 you can also put your custom emblem using the command setObjectTexture. Don't forget to choose "custom emblem" in the Virtual Garage. e.g.: //Slovakia this setObjectTextureGlobal [3, "acr_a3\addons\acr_a3_vehicles\t815\data\emblems\ossr.paa"]; //East Germany this setObjectTextureGlobal [3, "acr_a3\addons\acr_a3_vehicles\t815\data\emblems\npa.paa"]; Or you can use your own texture.
  2. Qinetix

    Cold War Rearmed III

    That's great news! Maybe it's too early to ask. Are you planning to remake missions and campaigns?
  3. Update 1.02! ADDED: New skin of Gripen no. 9234 (100th anniversary) CHANGED: New preview pictures CHANGED: New bikey FIXED: Invisible texture of fueltank and targeting module Special thanks to Ivo Kardoš, pilot of the Czech Gripen 9234, for sharing a photo of this aircraft.
  4. Qinetix


    I've just fixed the script for siren. Update is out! ver. 1.04 - fixed script error of siren after the Contact update - added map for GPS: Livonia
  5. Qinetix

    Real life Chernarus gallery

    Check it HERE
  6. Qinetix

    Real life Chernarus gallery

    Leukas is also the place I want to visit.
  7. Qinetix

    Real life Chernarus gallery

    Thanks! Yes, there are a lot of nice places around my home. The next will be Livonia maybe. Also, I want to ever spend a vacation in Limnos (Altis). 😁
  8. After five years, last month I came back to real life Chernarus. Check my comparison (Arma vs. real life) galleries from 2014 and 2019. Try to guess the place in comment on each photo. 🙂 7/2014 https://t.co/TXYSgJcUPL 5/2019 https://t.co/Tg0RrvtwRW
  9. Qinetix

    Copyright Laws

    HERE is my experience 🙂
  10. Qinetix

    Arma 3 DLC - CONTACT

    Let's hope it won't bring aliens or lasers into the game. I'm not against these assets, but this would break Arma series. Chemical or nuclear warfare is better option.
  11. Qinetix

    Arma 3 DLC - CONTACT

    Only one day left. Check this tweet by Ben_at_Arms
  12. Qinetix

    CSLA Studio - A3 WIP

    Maybe the CSLA mod will be a Creator DLC...
  13. Qinetix


    UPDATE! ver. 1.03 - modified some edges on the model (instruments, hatches, etc.) - improved lights of instruments - added working indicator lights (fuel, indicators before starting engine, etc.), lighting buttons - added working position lights - tweaked water temperature gauge - new PhysX LOD model - tweaked some LODs - now the vehicle doesn't tilt so much when steering - added damage texture of glass in interior; due to new materials of interior glass from last update, broken glass texture wasn't seen inside the vehicle - new bikey
  14. Qinetix

    CZ BREN 2

    Update! ver. 1.01 - added CZ 807 8 inch variant - added model of grenade for grenade launcher - added reload animation of grenade launcher - ability to use RHS gripods - new bikey Download from Steam Workshop Thanks to reyhard for help with solving an issue with RHS gripods.
  15. Qinetix

    CZ BREN 2

    Now I'm not sure if changing firing modes makes any sound in vanilla weapons, then I could fix it. As wsxcgy wrote, CZ military uses Meopta ZD-Dot. It's planned to add this optics for BREN 2.