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  1. Qinetix

    CSLA Studio - A3 WIP

    Maybe the CSLA mod will be a Creator DLC...
  2. Qinetix


    UPDATE! ver. 1.03 - modified some edges on the model (instruments, hatches, etc.) - improved lights of instruments - added working indicator lights (fuel, indicators before starting engine, etc.), lighting buttons - added working position lights - tweaked water temperature gauge - new PhysX LOD model - tweaked some LODs - now the vehicle doesn't tilt so much when steering - added damage texture of glass in interior; due to new materials of interior glass from last update, broken glass texture wasn't seen inside the vehicle - new bikey
  3. Qinetix

    CZ BREN 2

    Update! ver. 1.01 - added CZ 807 8 inch variant - added model of grenade for grenade launcher - added reload animation of grenade launcher - ability to use RHS gripods - new bikey Download from Steam Workshop Thanks to reyhard for help with solving an issue with RHS gripods.
  4. Qinetix

    CZ BREN 2

    Now I'm not sure if changing firing modes makes any sound in vanilla weapons, then I could fix it. As wsxcgy wrote, CZ military uses Meopta ZD-Dot. It's planned to add this optics for BREN 2.
  5. Qinetix

    CZ BREN 2

    Check this site, there are all barrel length variants. Take note of different scale of the rifle in every picture. I have not studied how it will work with the JSRS sound mod yet. But I guessed that if I will use a parent class name of a vanilla rifle, than it will work with the mod. Is there any chance to put something into my config or adding parent class of Spar16 is the only solution?
  6. Qinetix

    CZ BREN 2

    Thank you, guys! I hope you will enjoy it for a long time 🙂 Check the WIP gallery HERE
  7. Qinetix

    CZ BREN 2

    The CZ BREN 2 assault rifle for Arma 3 used by Army of the Czech Republic and by French GIGN. This addon contains eight variants of the CZ BREN 2 assault rifle. CZ BREN 2 (8" length barrel) CZ BREN 2 (11" length barrel) CZ BREN 2 (11" length barrel) with grenade launcher CZ 805 G1 CZ BREN 2 (14" length barrel) CZ BREN 2 (14" length barrel) with grenade launcher CZ 805 G1 CZ 807 (8" length barrel) CZ 807 (14" length barrel) CZ 807 (14" length barrel) with grenade launcher CZ 805 G1 The addon requires CBA for compatibility of attachments and magazines of other mods. Download from the Steam Workshop
  8. Qinetix


    Thanks, I appreciate you all enjoy this mod.
  9. Qinetix


    Check this video, guys!
  10. Qinetix


    Second update! ver. 1.02 - added own proxy model of damaged wheel - changed resolution of AAF and UN skin textures to twice smaller due to total size of the addon - added new skins with smaller resolution: CSAT, CSAT Tropical, CSAT Jungle, CSAT Grey, Camo Desert 2 (first three are made by Pennywise; for grey I've used his sample) - added better texture for camo net with alpha channel (modified vanilla) - added new color variants of cam onet for certain skins (originaly there were two variants - desert and woodland camo) - added new maps for GPS: Trava, Ruha, Vidda, Napf - fixed magazine error of some vanilla vehicles when using this mod - steering rear wheels as in real world (animation only, in physx there still steering second axle) - due to rear wheels tweaked turncoef and steering sensitivity in config because of loosing speed when steering with higher turncoef; thanks to that turning diameter is smaller - animated anntenes inspired by RHS (thanks to kllrt for providing me a sample) - added new glass materials Also updated "Special thanks" paragraph in the first post: Pennywise - for making CSAT and Camo Desert 2 textures Kllrt - for providing me a sample of animated antenne of RHS mod vehicles Moreover new license for the mod has been written: https://ofp-csec.info/titus-eula
  11. Qinetix


    Found this message in RPT: Problem fixed. Just wait for next update.
  12. Qinetix


    I've decided to make Titus with rear wheels steering (animation only) and tweak turncoef in config. Central wheels are still steering in PhysX. Just check the test version and let me know what do you think about handling and visual behaviour. It's configured for unarmed version only. Download test version HERE.
  13. Qinetix


    In next update Titus will get new textures of camonet. Also there will be added white and black variants of camonet. Moreover I've made own model of damagewheel.
  14. Qinetix


    I'm sorry but I had to make a hotfix: - also removed wet look from damage and destruct textures