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  1. RamaMarines

    [WIP] US Military Cargo Truck M35A2

  2. RamaMarines

    [WIP] US Military Cargo Truck M35A2

    If you send me a photo, I'll do a camo, we don't have Colombia map, but there will be a truck :D
  3. RamaMarines

    [WIP] US Military Cargo Truck M35A2

    M35A2 Truck base color update More screens: here Soon I will publish something. :-)
  4. Gun trucks will have to wait. While we are doing something else.
  5. RamaMarines

    [WIP] US Military Cargo Truck M35A2

    I have a scheme for applying camouflage on the M35, of course the version of the 80s will be later, I will gladly do it. Such a clips on the M16 saw in Vietnam, unfortunately I did not find good photos from different angles to make it. Maybe someday.
  6. RamaMarines

    [WIP] US Military Cargo Truck M35A2

    Work in progress, soon there will be new information.
  7. RamaMarines

    [WIP] US Military Cargo Truck M35A2

    Thank you all for your kind words. At the moment the work goes on. Also, I would like to say a big thank you, bludclot and Andrew.
  8. RamaMarines

    [WIP] US Military Cargo Truck M35A2

    I wouldn't mind, but it's after I do all the "Vietnam era."
  9. RamaMarines

    [WIP] US Military Cargo Truck M35A2

    It's unlikely I'll work on A3 modification, but it is not excluded in the future.
  10. Hey everyone! It is time for me to show you my truck, M35A2 Kaiser-Jeep, 1964 issue. Since we don't have any commuity made G742 (M34/M35/M36), I've decided to create a common framework for these vehicles and gradually develop their options. This truck was the workhorse of the US Army in the mid to late 90s and had several different modifications for the M35 truck only. I'm not talking about other options M35 series family (tanker, remotly truck, water carrier and others) that also had a lot of modifications. At the moment, it is suitable for many scenarios, the Vietnam War, the escalation of the conflict in Panama, Operation "Desert Storm", the invasion of Iraq in 2003, and almost everywhere the American soldier's foot came. The truck had several incarnations and configurations and was produced by several different manufacturers. More screens: I am currently planning 3 different eras/versions of the M35: War in Vietnam: M35A2 with metal roofed driver compartment with/without tarp, tarp roof driver compartment with/without tarp, without a roof with the possibility of lowering the front glass, option with a M2 .50cal machine gun on the M36 Ring Mount. Well, the famous guntrucks, with the reservation and with different weapons, from the dual machine guns M2, dual M60 to minigun. Also, a low-armored dumbbell with a quarter-machine gun M2 - M55 is planned. Anything I can find documented of Vietnam War gun trucks from the various branches. The consequence of the Vietnam war 70s-80s: more of the same but with different camo, U.S. army, for different divisions and other operators from other countries. 90s and present: M35A2 with metal roof with/without tarp, with a rag roof with awning / without an awning and various gantraks on its base, for armies still expropriating M35A2 (Israil, Georgia, Venezuela, Philippines, Kongo, Iraq and others), as well as trucks of any insurgents (African, South American, Thai rebels and others, to countries that were supplied by the M35), terrorists (Taliban, the Islamic state (I saw a couple of M35 taken from the Iraqi army in Syria and Iraq, several more captured in the Philippines by local terrorists from ISIS and etc), Somali terrorists of the 90s and the present and others) You may suggest any liveries or nations + other ideas and variations and I may implement them if I like them. Also, would like to make different variants of the M35, many were made, such as M36 (with stretch), M49 (gasoline tank), the M50 (the water carrier), M109 (Shop Van), M60 (light wrecker), М59 (Dump), as well as other options (M34, M44, M45, M46, M48, М108, М257 and many others). It is also possible to create on the basis of it a future modification of the M35A3 and South Korean modified trucks K-511, K-511A1 Also, I would be glad if you will subscribe to my ArtStation: https://www.artstation.com/artist/ramamarines If you have anything that may help me, be it research and technical information, reference material or other assistance, I'd appreciate the help. I'll be back with more updates soon!