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  1. How do I increase health to my playable units when playing MP? Or reduce incoming damage coming from enemies? Is there a simple script for this or just adding something to player's init field would do the trick? I'm running few mods including ACE which seems to f*ck everything up. Few years back I used to change the Ace's Player Critical Damage Threshold setting to my liking (around 9.98) and it seemed to do the trick. We could take lot more damage from enemies until we would go unconscious or die. Now changing that setting won't do much difference no more so we die from just 1-3 bullets without any armor. I'd like to change the settings so we could take about 5-10x more hits/damage until we would go uncoscious or die. This adding HP thing in ArmA has been a very problematic for me and my friends.
  2. Cullin

    S & S

    USMC collar rank pins are missing, and army collar rank pins doesn't work on USMC fatigues :/ I wish we could get collar rank pins for marines too!
  3. The top of the list in the uniforms are not showing for me (ranks below S/Sgt etc). They used to work back in the day when you copypasted some line into a folder.. Please I really need all the ranked uniforms master sergeant etc how are they not working for me in game? Pic below https://imgur.com/a/PGCRYiC
  4. As a Finnish guy I am so happy about this mod. The models and textures are great! I noticed that the L/S 26 is a bit too small weapon compared to other weapons. In my opinion it should be longer and "bigger"/"fattier". It is really big and heavy gun. Especially the stock. Also some guns are missing empty mag models and magazine models but I suppose that will be fixed correct?
  5. Cullin

    Faces of War [WW2]

    The gun's stock isn't touching the shooter's shoulder like it is supposed to. This screenshot tells you all.
  6. Cullin

    Faces of War [WW2]

    Sten Mk2 is fucked up. When it's gonna be fixed?
  7. Cullin

    Faces of War [WW2]

    Rank chevrons are missing on the right hand on those M42 uniforms. Also the unit insignia (SSI) should be about ½ inch below the shoulder seam. It is way too low at the moment. Rank chevron should be ½ inches below the unit patch. Any plans to add more rank chevrons below the SSG? Would be cool to have those, also subdued ones. And M43 uniforms!
  8. Is there any way to disable those crackling sounds after a vehicle explodes? It's so annoying because it lasts like forever.
  9. Yeah ATC(H) Tango would be awesome boat to have. Helipad, 20mm cannons and shit.
  10. Daamn. Looks really good. Been waiting on MP jeeps.
  11. Looks fab but could have more overlay like 70% or something.
  12. Works ok but it doesn't find any Unsung mod's backpacks for some reason in eden.
  13. The most important thing is not to waste this work by not publishing or giving it to some other ww2 mod team. Good models indeed.
  14. Also setting your graphics settings lower will help. Usually I put all my textures and such to low when I'm roaming in Eden. Most crashes happen on Doung and Da Krong when having high graphics.
  15. Any idea when this patch will be out in PWS?