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  1. Nope, we don't plan KLMK guys amongst the simple infantry, at least on this stage.
  2. T-55 tanks are in stasis, but eventually they will get back with more improvements. And yes, this is the BMP pack, but I think we'll keep these details for "another entry". :) Tochka-U means B version by default. Georgian approved weapon. :)
  3. Without commenting anything - it won't be as easy as it sounds if you want top of the shelf quality.
  4. The first time I see that somebody spelled the word 'motostrelok' in plural almost as it should be.^^ There's no "s" on the end. :D
  5. Didn't hear anything from us in a while, eh? Well, it's time to get back into the business to shake things up. I will skip the boring "we're all busy people, who have work..." part - just see what you can wait from us in the future. One of these addons is 9K79-1 'Tochka-U' tactical missile complex (SS-21 'Scarab' according to NATO designation). This is a very special thing, much more than "click on the map'n'launch the missile'n'YAY" type of addons. We accurately modelled the missile's behaviour and scripted all 3 warheads (conventional, cluster and nuclear) it can accomodate. While we simplified the launching sequence of the complex, it actually has more to offer with its built-in GUI menu and provides several options we hope you will like. The missile is quite deadly, but it's not the ultimate weapon, so we count on MP use of this thing as well. We assess the pretty quick release of this thing. As you can see we also prepare some more things, but... this is another story for another entry. In other words - let the speculations multiply! :D One piece, better quality, 1600*900 One piece, better quality, 1600*900
  6. Well, at first - I'm back in business after months of silence. Second - not with - I'm coordinator of many RHS projects, so I'm part of it anyway. :) And yeah - you can expect some tastiness soon. Not right today or tomorrow, but... It will be more correct to say that we plan to make AK-74M, RPK-74M (although decomissioned from Armed Forces it's still in use by MVD Interior Troops), Pecheneg, SVD, Yarygin (PYa). SV-98 is also there, but it has to be uplifted a bit as new weapons are made out of high-poly models. We'll see about sights and such - so far let us do the basics.
  7. PP-61AM sight has only 2,6x constant magnification, there's no zoom.
  8. In short - that means that the pressure in tyres is automatically adjusted by the centralized system when they're damaged, so you can still roll even if some dirty rebels punctured your wheels with 5.45 rounds from their rusty AKs. This feature is highly customizable (as every other feature of this addon). For more technical information see our beautifully done readme. :p
  9. So, here we go again. Tonight's yummy is BTR-70. This addon has a long history of developement - it was originally made by Manfred from flashpoint.ru and then the progress got stuck because of the lack of people, who could finish the finalizing stages of this designing. Long story short - one day it finally came into the talented hands of our guys, where it was finally made operational and largely pimped up in both look and diversity (and our thanks goes to topas here), as well as in features and possibilities. [ uPcL37TtFLc The addon itself comes bundled with updated decals pack (which itself was enlarged a lot since the last revision) and the cargo system - a brand new invention of our scripters. While you're familiar with the first thing, the second is something new. This system allows you to ride ontop the armor of diffirent vehicles + it features possibilities to turn on, turn off and manage the options this system gives to you on the run. Notice, that it's only in the beginning of the developement, so the only supported vehicle is BTR-70 so far. The updated build which we uploaded now supports BRDM-2 and BTR-60 from vanilla A2/OA as well - and furthermore, every vehicle has its own customized riding animations. And as a sweet dessert we prepared a special gift - 3 high quality MP missions from Our Army team (english-speaking users may know these guys because of their previously well-recognized Our Weapons department famous for their finest addons for OFP) - one of the most distinguished russian-speaking MP teams, which reinacts the tactics of Soviet Army. Mission list: 1. Black Angel. • Mode: Team vs. Team • Number of players: 30 • Description: Main task of the Red Team is to destroy the Black Angel, who’s stays in the castle. The task of the Green Team is to protect this person without leaving the castle’s territory. The Grey Team sides with Red one. Minimum quantity of players is 3 (one plays as the Angel, while two others try to siege the castle). Bots don’t do any actions on their own. Respawn is disabled (you have only one life), but you can heal using standart ingame system. 2.The Surf • Mode: Cooperative, can be played in a single player. • Number of players: 30 • Description: Main task of the players is to destroy the SAM system near the airfield of Utes island. Bots subordinate to their commander. Platoon leader can control up to 3 squads (using Ctrl + Space key combination) via High Comand module capabilities. The missions tries to represent the tactics and organizational structure of RF Navy and marine units as accurately as possible. In single player version you also act as a platoon commander. Respawn is disabled, but you’re able to heal via standart ingame system. 3.Hostages of Zagrabad. • Mode:Cooperative, can be played as a single-player mission. • Number of players: 6 • Players’ task is to eliminate a group of terrorists, which captured the bus with foreign journalists in the heart of Zagrabad. Then you have to find a BTR, which was guarding the journalists before the attack and find out what happened to the guards. You play as a leader of MVD spetsnaz counter-terrorism unit, who already the type same of attacks in Russia and now tries to seek his personal revenge upon the man he blame - Haidar Fahim, the notorious rebel leader, who, as believed, stands behind these acts of terror. Respawn is disabled, though you can heal using standart ingame system. The mission extensively uses possibilities our Cargo System. -------------------------- And now...people should know their heroes, so here goes a veeeeery long list of credits. Credits for the addon of BTR-70: PROJECT COORDINATOR Soul_Assassin ASSISTANT COORDINATOR NSX MODELERS Manfred Soul_Assassin TEXTURE ARTISTS Manfred Topas ShadowNX Soul_Assassin ist Uralaz SCRIPTING badger DesertEagle ist RESEARCH Gedis Manfred CODERS Soul_Assassin ANIMATORS Soul_Assassin TESTERS AKM DesertEagle ist ShadowNX badger Ballistic09 Sekra RKSL Rock Tankbuster HA [CCCP] Virtual Army SPECIAL THANKS TO Pilgrim RKSL Rock MCPXXL ...and everyone else we forgot to mention. Credits for the decals pack: PROJECT COORDINATOR ist MODELERS ist Soul_Assassin TEXTURE ARTISTS ist Soul_Assassin SCRIPTING ist RESEARCH ist Gedis Credits for the Cargo System: PROJECT COORDINATORS DesertEagle badger SCRIPTING DesertEagle badger ANIMATION Soul_Assassin And, finally, credits for missions: PROJECT COORDINATORS NSX badger MISSION AND SCENARIO DEVELOPERS badger Тонич КраÑноармеец NSX LOCALIZATORS Тонич КраÑноармеец NSX Shadow NX TESTERS Sonic Plav HashM Fry Fire PKozik Fox FReeMan Soul_Assassin Oh, didn't we forget about the sweetest thing - download links? Mirror 1 (armedassault.info): RHS BTR-70 v.1.0 Needed addons: RHS Decals v.1.2 RHS Cargo System v.0.4 Mission pack: Our Army&RHS Mission Pack for BTR-70 Mirror 2 (armaholic.com): RHS BTR-70 v.1.0 Needed addons: RHS Decals v.1.2 RHS Cargo System v.0.4 Mission pack: Our Army&RHS Mission Pack for BTR-70 Enjoy! :) P.S.: More external mirrors are highly appreciated.
  10. Friendly request: could you please go somewhere else with your advertisments of P85?
  11. Zero chances atm. But hey, there're many more of vehicles on the way. We can't embrace non-unembraceable, remember that, please. ;)