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  1. USSRsniper

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Enjoy the mod guys and make sure to seed so others might get a chance to enjoy it too :cool:
  2. USSRsniper

    Ukraine General

    Not to mention very tight control on bloggers, and their recent bloggers law tat was passed. Russian government worrying about bloggers spreading false information. In my eyes it basically means, you either talk good about Putin and Russian government or just shut up and get lost. When government starts selecting what can been show and what must be blocked this is bad.
  3. This is the best terrain, when it makes you think that you might have been there that really tells you something. It also feels like an area where people actually live, you don't really get that feeling often on terrains made for ArmA.
  4. Fixed issue by removing all BIS registry entries related to tools. Did try that before but found out I did not remove all the registry values. Did not figure out what exactly caused it, but it's fixed....
  5. Was working recently on certain model that is almost 30k points, and it does not load in External Viewer no errors just blank External Viewer. I tried loading some of my previous models and even models from BIS, such as A-10 from ArmA 2. What I noticed that none of the models that have more than 10k faces load up in External Viewer. Here is little experiment I did: The model in first two images did not load in External Viewer, but the model in the last image loads up with no problems. :936: UPDATE: removed -noLogs and got actual error message "Too many vertices" and it's on A-10 model from BIS....
  6. USSRsniper

    Ukraine General

    "Ukraine's state security chief has also accused two Russian military intelligence officers of involvement in Thursday's events. Valentyn Nalyvaichenko said he based his allegation on intercepts of phone conversations between Russian officers, saying the conversation implicates the pro-Russian side." Wow where the world is coming to, people jumping to conclusion after listening to some fake YouTube video. After that the world wants incompetent Ukrainian government solve what happened with flight MH17?
  7. USSRsniper

    Ukraine General

    If it's "militias error", in my book that one more reason why Ukrainian Armed Forces should hunt them down and eliminate them.
  8. USSRsniper

    Ukraine General

    I just don't jump to conclusions simply because you got that unclear story with Siberia Airlines flight in 2001, where it is highly likely that Ukrainian Armed forces shot it down. They might have no reason but you still could do it accidentally. Other part that is strange to me why do civilian jest flying above active war-zone. They should do that exactly to avoid these kind of incidents.
  9. USSRsniper

    Ukraine General

    Some modifications of SA-11, can be fired without radar, but by using electro-optical navigation, so basically it becomes point and shoot. I also wouldn't rule out Ukranian military either, they have SA-11 too. And if they messed up they would never admit that easily.
  10. USSRsniper

    World Cup 2014

    Well done Germany. Argentinian fans should go and learn Oh wie ist das schon song......
  11. USSRsniper

    Ukraine General

    And so called rebels hiding behind civilians backs and then acting like nothing happened.
  12. USSRsniper

    World Cup 2014

    This is what Brazilians thought before losing with 7-1.... :D
  13. USSRsniper

    Ukraine General

    Having family members living near Sloviansk, I fully support actions of Ukranian military. If separatists refuse to put down weapons, then put them down like mad dogs and bring some order into area. What other country would treat separatists differently? Hell Russians did same in Crimea having soldiers just in case if Ukranian "insurgency" appears.
  14. USSRsniper

    Ukraine General

    To be safe Google for example could just close Google offices in Russia. This is why economic sanctions which Obama was mentioning is a joke. US has a lot of companies that rely on Russian market and guess what? They would not close offices and factories in Russia so easily, even if Russians took over entire Ukraine.
  15. USSRsniper

    Ukraine General

    Google Maps Displays Crimean Border Differently In Russia, U.S. Not surprised though, money is more important than politics. Just as Google CEO talked trash about Russia and then when in Russia questioned by Russian journalists denied everything he said before, even denied saying "Thank you for taking us all out of Russia.â€