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Found 14 results

  1. A good day to you gents. It has been a long time since I’ve posted the last time on BI Forum, but I’m back with this new topic. Although most of the ArmA community has switched to ArmA 3 there are still some die-hard fans like me and others who are not entirely done with ArmA 2 yet. I started the project years ago on my own first, but then batteriefuhrer; offered his help, and the whole project underwent a complete overhaul nearly from scratch and I must say it was a worthwhile endeavor which is coming slowly to an end. We are at a good point for a first release. There are still some missions to be completed. But these are some minor things that hopefully we will finish in the next upcoming weeks. When the CWR 2 MOD was released we decided to do a 19 mission single player pack for the CWR2 MOD for ArmA 2 Combined Operations. These missions are all OPFOR missions where the player plays different characters in a hypothetical European conflict which escalates into WW3. These missions are featuring cinematics. Voice acting and a lot of other stuff I don’t want to get too much into detail. You’ll find out when playing . . . if you are still playing ArmA 2. Since there is no CWR MOD for ArmA 3 we stuck to AmA 2 as both of us are a big fan of the CWR2 MOD and this is our way to pay homage to the CWR MOD team. There are 19 single missions for every Island version included in this pack and we ended up with 19 mission in the end (it’s nearly a small campaign). Progress over the time has been extremely slow due to RL issues on my side but we kept steadily working as our time did permit. I wanted especially thank my buddy batteriefuhrer without him this project would have ended differently. And not as great as it is in the current state. His contribution was priceless. Moreover, his patience has been something which has permitted us to slowly get the whole pack to the current state. Thanks!!!!!! I will ask in any case (although I have not much hope) we would be in need of somebody interested in a beta test run. Although we have tested over and over again but it would be great if somebody would be willing to give it a shot and test it. Drop me a PM here on the forum and I will get back to you asap. With that being said I hope that some of you will still be interested in playing ArmA 2 and check this SP mission pack out Here are a couple of trailers I hope you guys gonna like it. Fixes and updates: download Last War 1.01 https://drive.google.com/open?id=1E3i_1EaNL6wT8kEgnOUMcdwLWeKegygT Armaholic: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=34174 Cheers
  2. Here's a quick CWR2 winter mission for Christmas! Download from Mediafire: http://www.mediafire.com/file/1x5qp7zauatbvmd/cwr2_sp_northskirmish_1-00.cwr2_poseidon_w.pbo/file Put it in your missions folder inside your ArmA 2 Operation Arrowhead directory. You know the laws and stuff; don't steal my work in your name! Always mention if you want to edit my missions/addons before releasing anything! Merry Christmas!
  3. I´m trying to alive this awsome mode in multigaming sence, so if someone else missing CWR2 multigaming, contact me! I think we will use Facebook comminication as primary channel for setting up game times, so join this group ASAP: https://www.facebook.com/groups/103011097565/.. and don´t patch your game to 1.63, stay on 1.62 :) If you haven´t install this yet, I can help you and publish some files for install.
  4. /* Current version: 5.1, 200 missions */ Here is a start for a new series of coop missions, this time intended for use with the Cold War Rearmed 2 demo. The initial release contains three coops that can also be played in single player with the player taking on the job of squad leader. Agreed Raid Resistance fighters raid Lamentin to destroy the civil registry, eliminate a collaborator and steal a Soviet ammunition truck. Position Effect An infantry squad is tasked to take Le Moule and hold it against Soviet counterattack. Refused Advances An infantry squad must defend the village of Regina against a Soviet combined arms attack. Download here Regards, Sander
  5. That's right, as promised before work on Cold War Rearmed 2 has begun. Our goal is once again to bring back the original islands, content and campaigns to ArmA II. In a first step we convert the CWR 1 content to ArmA II and make minor modifications/fixes where possible/needed. Realism is not the goal here but 99% compatibility to existing OFP missions/campaigns. Once that is done and working without major bugs, we take another step and try to make it more realistic - but without breaking the campaign. That means proper equipment, vehicles, textures, weapon values and so on as well as additional content that wasn't in OFP. However nothing has been decided here yet - it's more like an idea. Both the "Cold War Rearmed 2" and the "Realistic Cold War Rearmed 2" should be as compatible as possible. Cold War Rearmed 2 is a complete community project. There is no "elitism", no limited signup. Everyone with talents in modelling, textures, scripting is welcome to participate. We also keep up the donations from other Mods/Addonmakers as this worked perfectly well in the past - no need to reinvent the wheel while it's already rolling. Right now we need the following people: Config expert for tweaking our weapon configs Website designer (creating the CWR2 website and Wiki pages) Texture artists (retexturing exisiting vehicles, creating new ones) - experienced ones only please Modellers (fixing and enhancing models, units) - experienced ones only please Scripters (converting all .sqs to .sqf) Terrain designers (fixing smaller issues with the old maps) A volunteer for briefings (creating multilanguage briefings/tasks) Expert for animations: Finding suitable replacement animations or convert/create old ones. Expert for cutscenes/intros (Fixing and enhancing the existing ones). Translators for: French, Spanish, Polish, Czech, Russian, Italian. If you're interested in working with us, or if you have created something you think we could use - contact me either by PM or send an email to cwrmod@googlemail.com - serious offers only please, no wannabe's which disappear after a week. And no, we don't need betatesters yet so please don't even ask. :p All our screens in one album Current project status: [u]Air[/u] [color=#008000]A-10 Complete A-10 (LGB) Complete[/color] [color=#008000]AH-1F Complete[/color] [color=DarkOrange]AH-64C Done, minor issues to fix [/color][color=#008000]Cessna 182 Complete[/color] [color=DarkRed][color=DarkOrange]CH-47D[/color] [/color][color=DarkOrange]Done, minor issues to fix[/color] [color=#008000]Mi-24 Complete Mi-8 Complete[/color] [color=#b22222]OH-58D WIP[/color] [color=#008000]Parachute Civ Originals must be replaced Parachute East Originals must be replaced Parachute Guer Originals must be replaced Parachute West Originals must be replaced Su-25 Complete UH-60 (FFAR) Complete UH-60 (MG) Complete V-80 Complete[/color] [u]Armored[/u] [color=#008000]BMP-1 Complete BMP-1 (FIA) Complete BMP-2 Complete BMP-2 (FIA) Complete M113A1 Complete M163 Complete M1A1 Complete M2A2 Complete M60 Complete T-55 (FIA) Complete T-72 Complete T-72 (FIA) Complete T-80 Complete T-80 (FIA) Complete ZSU-23-4 Complete[/color] [u]Cars[/u] [color=DarkRed]Bicycle Needs new textures[/color] [color=#008000]BRDM-2 Recon Complete Bus Complete Car (Blue) Complete (A2 model) Car (Green) Complete (A2 model) Car (Red) Complete (A2 model) Car (Yellow) Complete Jeep (Police) Complete M151 Jeep Minor problems to fix[/color][color=#008000] M151 Jeep (M2) [/color][color=#008000]Minor problems to fix[/color][color=#008000] Jeep (FIA) [/color][color=#008000]Minor problems to fix[/color] [color=#008000]M939 (Closed) Complete M939 (Open) Complete M939 / M2 (Closed) Complete M939 / M2 (Open) Complete M998 HMMWV Complete[/color] [color=DarkRed]Mini Cooper Needs new textures and model improvements (Xbox model) Motorcycle [/color][color=DarkRed]Needs new textures and model improvements[/color][color=DarkRed] (Xbox model)[/color] [color=#008000]Scud-B Complete[/color] [color=DarkRed]Sport Car (White) [/color][color=DarkRed]Needs new textures and model improvements[/color][color=DarkRed] (Xbox model) Sport Car (Yellow) [/color][color=DarkRed]Needs new textures and model improvements[/color][color=DarkRed] (Xbox model)[/color] [color=#008000]Trabant Complete Tractor Complete (A2 model) UAZ-469 Complete UAZ-469 (FIA) Complete Ural 375D (Closed) Complete Ural 375D (Open) Complete V3S (Civilian) Complete V3S (FIA) Complete Ural 4320 (Closed) Complete[/color] [u]Men[/u] [color=#008000]US, RU, FIA Complete[/color][color=DarkRed] [color=DarkOrange]Civilians in progress[/color] [/color] [u]Ships[/u] [color=DarkOrange]Boat West Done, minor issues to fix[/color] [color=DarkRed]Boat East [/color][color=DarkRed]Needs new textures and model improvements[/color][color=DarkRed] (Xbox model) LHD [/color][color=DarkRed]Needs new textures and model improvements[/color][color=DarkRed] (Xbox model)[/color] [u]Support[/u] [color=#008000]Ural 375D (Fuel) Complete Ural 375D (Repair) Complete Ural 4320 (Ammo) Complete M939 (Fuel) Complete (needs fuel tank) M939 (Repair) Complete M939 (Ammo) Complete V3S (Fuel) Complete V3S (Repair) Complete V3S (Ammo) Complete M113 Ambulance Complete BMP Ambulance Complete UAZ Ambulance Complete[/color] [u]Weapons[/u] [color=#008000]All done, except and CZ75 which is replaced with APS[/color] [u]Islands[/u] [color=#008000]Desert Island Complete Everon Complete Kolgujev Complete[/color] [color=DarkOrange][/color][color=#008000]Malden Complete[/color][color=DarkOrange] [/color][color=#008000]Nogova Complete[/color] [u]Campaigns / Missions[/u] [color=DarkRed]All WIP[/color] Visit us at: http://cwr.armedzone.com
  6. http://cwr2.arma2.fr/media/images/cwr2_thread_picture.jpg (104 kB) Aloha from the CWR² Team! If you asked where the August DLC was, now here's your answer. We worked hard in the past weeks and we're happy to present you the fourth (and definitely last) Cold War Rearmed² Demo. (Yeah I know, we said that last time too) Besides the many units, weapons, and vehicles from the past Demo and a lot of big and small fixes this one also contains: * All 5 original Terrains from OFP, all with updated terrain textures and little enhancements * Assistant MG, AT and LAW/RPG units added * Squad leaders added to West and East factions * M151 and Willy's Jeeps added (thanks vilas) * Ladas added * Gaz-24 added * Round parachutes added (thanks ACE2 Mod) * Upgraded 6G30 and MM1 launchers (thanks hcpookie) * Some more editor objects from the OFP days are back, e.g. tables with maps * Old ugly field hospital replaced with one from ArmA2 * All previous 'DLC' added (Scud, Cessna and Kamov) And a lot more I can't remember now. As a 'little bonus' we also included: * Saint Adam Terrain by Jakerod * Dutch Marines units and weapons by Sander * British Armed Forces units, weapons and vehicles by Col Stagler This release is dedicated to James 'Planck' McNicoll. You will be missed and we're sure you would be happy with what we achieved in the past years. See the included readme files in the CWR² Documentation folder for install instructions. These files also contains important informations for mission designers, e.g. class names. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Important if you have the previously released Demo and/or standalone Islands: As before, this is a complete new package! Please make sure you have removed all previously installed CWR² Mod folders! All of the previously released files are no more required or horribly outdated. Everything you need to play is in below Downloads. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Please note: Both ArmA2 and Operation Arrowhead (Combined Operations) is required! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Install Instructions: 1) Remove all previous Demo 4 content (if present) 2) Download and install CWR² Public Beta R1 3) Download and install the optional content if wanted Confirm when asked if you want to replace/overwrite files ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Read this: You are NOT allowed to port this Mod (or parts of it) to Arma 3! We do not make exceptions, so don't even bother to ask! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Download Cold War Rearmed² - Public Beta: Link temporarily removed due to technical problems. Optional Content: Outdated links removed Mission creators: Give Mikeros cwr2ofp a try when editing/converting old OFP missions. It could save you a lot of headache trying to find the correct replacement classname! How to use our islands without the Mod: See also: CWR² Coop pack by Sander VanhA's CWR² COOP Pack Domination Everon - 1985 Edition by Demon Cleaner CWR² Icon courtesy of Clawhammer If you encounter bugs or issues, please report them at our Community Bugtracker, here in the thread or by PM or email at : Finally, a huge thanks to the team, our donators and supporters. Your hard work and kind donations are really appreciated. Without you we wouldn't be able to master this giant task.
  7. So, I land my medium chopper on the helipad, set the throttles to idle, get out of the helicopter to have a look around, when I get back in, the engines are running at full throttle. I tested this several times. I also noticed that If I run the starters on the medium chopper, then release them without engaging the throttle, the engines don't slow down until I press the throttle closed button. Don't know if that is a bug or intended, though.
  8. Hey guys, since a unit engage the enemy when this one has been spotted, I've used [unit] disableAI "MOVE" in order to block the unit on its position where I placed it. After that I would like to know a command to put in a trigger or a waypoint so that the unit can move to the next waypoint after a trigger is activated. What's the command (if any)? thanks (ps I've found another old thread about my problem but I didn't understand lol)
  9. After 6 months of hard work we're happy to present you the long expected Patch 2 for Cold War Rearmed² Demo. Besides the over 150 units, weapons, and vehicles from the Demo this patch also contains a lot of bugfixes as well as some major additions/changes: The AH-1 Cobra from Max Power has been added for you to play with Bushlurker made a complete set of Vegetation models currently in use on Everon All Weapon/Vehicle sounds have been replaced with the excellent JSRS sounds Winter Kolgujev and Units can now be used together with the Demo This release is dedicated to James 'Planck' McNicoll. You will be missed and we're sure you would be happy with what we achieved. Important: Please see our updated readme, especially the Legal disclaimer part! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Important if you have the previously released Demo and/or standalone Islands: Please make sure you have removed all previously installed CWR² Mod folders! All of the previously released files are no more required or outdated. Everything you need to play is in this patch, including the Winter Island and units. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Please note: Both ArmA2 and Operation Arrowhead (Combined Operations) is required! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Please see the included readme in the CWR² Documentation folder for install instructions. The readme also contains important informations for mission designers. Download CWR² Demo Patch² CWR² Demo v1.0.6404 @ armedzone.com CWR² Demo v1.0.6404 @ armedassault.info CWR² Demo v1.0.6404 @ thegamewardens.net CWR² Demo v1.0.6404 @ armaholic.com CWR² Demo v1.0.6404 @ SixUpdater CWR² Demo v1.0.6404 Torrent Download CWR² Demo Patch² Missions CWR² Demo Missions - Dec 4, 2011 Please do not mirror the missions as they may change quite often, thanks. Mission creators: Give Mikeros cwr2ofp a try when editing old OFP missions. It could save you a lot of headache trying to find the correct replacement classname! See also: CWR² Coop pack by Sander Domination Everon - 1985 Edition by Demon Cleaner If you encounter bugs or issues, please report them at our Community Bugtracker. Thanks for all the mirrors provided!
  10. Anyone know if it exist a cab driver script where the player make money by moving AI unit from town to town or something similar ? I did a research on the forum but only a bunch of heli taxi script came up. I'm looking for something like in the GTA serie where the player pick civilian in a town and drive to another one, drop them and pick a new one.
  11. Merry christmas from the Cold War Rearmed² Team! As a small christmas present we release the famous Winter Kolgujev Island, together with some Units, the required Weapons and some interesting Missions. This Release contains the following features: * Winter Kolgujev Island * A basic set of units in Winter camouflage * A basic set of weapons required for the Units and Missions * Some SP and MP Missions Please see the included readme for details, instructions and class names. Note that ArmA2 and Operation Arrowhead (CO) is required! CWR² Winter v1.03 @ Armaholic.com CWR² Winter v1.03 @ Armedassault.info CWR² Winter v1.03 @ Six-Updater Dedicated to Planck, we will never forget you.
  12. I want to attach (http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/attachTo) a small ammobox under a helicopter (Little Bird). This works fine so far, it is exactly positioned and aligned as I want it. It is attached directly under the hull, it barely touches the hull and it does NOT touch the ground when the helicopter has landed. But seemingly this causes the helicopter to explode (even with "this allowdamage false") after few seconds flying :( (No, there are no hostile units around, it is a so far clear testing map). It makes the A.I. pilot lift up constantly a few centimeters per second and especially at maneuvers with the nose pointing downwards the helicopter explodes. Does attachTo influence the physics of an object? Has anyone experience with that or has a workaround at hand? Edit: Hm, there seems to be a clumsy workaround: triggers with (if height heli: > 0 then attachto + box hideobject false) and (if height heli == 0 then: detach box + box hideobject true). But such popping up and away of visible "physically existing" objects isn't very smooth...)
  13. I just bought ARMA2 on steam, have everything set to Very High. Started up training, and the game is unplayable. It runs way too fast. I move around like the flash, with foot step noises going at a drum roll pace. I free look too fast as well, turning down mouse sensitivity all the way just makes it somewhat controllable. My system is as follows AMD p2 x4 3.6ghz radeon 6850 win7 home x64
  14. how do im making a script and want to play a sound clip when a certain number of kills are reached on spawn and that those sounds are reset when u die. Any clue about how to make this ? ---------- Post added at 06:34 PM ---------- Previous post was at 06:17 PM ---------- anyone know how i should script this