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  1. I am reactivating my Facebook Arma2 group to have a small group of people still playing legacy Arma2 vanilla. You are very welcome, please join us! (3) ARMA 2/Iron Front/CWR2/FDFmod - MultiPlayer games | Facebook
  2. Installed the game on Windows 10, ATI based computer. Other games work fine, but Ironfront don't. I patched to 1.05 and installed DirectX 9, but it still does not launch. Full error message is "Error creating Direct3D 9 Graphical engine".
  3. yannara

    [Coop] Black Hawk Down

    Can´t download from Armaholic, only 300kb/1000 is downloaded.
  4. yannara

    CWR2 coop pack

    Is there a topic/forum about CWR2 itself, or is this it? At the end of 2015, there was new version 1.02a and patch released for this mod. I did new total installation, and during the start, CWR2 theme picture does not load and menu theme stays Arma2 original. All missions works okay. I would also be intrested in playing some coop, so drop me a private message if you´re looking for multiplayer palls :)
  5. Hi! I´m with you guys, hope after 2 years you´re still intrested in CWR2. I hope you use Facebook, so join my crew! https://www.facebook.com/groups/103011097565/
  6. I´m trying to alive this awsome mode in multigaming sence, so if someone else missing CWR2 multigaming, contact me! I think we will use Facebook comminication as primary channel for setting up game times, so join this group ASAP: https://www.facebook.com/groups/103011097565/.. and don´t patch your game to 1.63, stay on 1.62 :) If you haven´t install this yet, I can help you and publish some files for install.
  7. Hello. I´m from Finland and I´m looking for a friendly squad where still games are played. I don´t like ACE or DayZ. I would like to play original Arma, FDFmod or CWR2. I´be being around since OFP´2001 but last years have been silent for me. Now I´m back. I´m a good RPG shoter and AI leader! Contact me via Private messages. I also can host 4-6 player games on my own machine. Communication via Skype and TS3 will do! See yoa on a battle field.
  8. Any problems with CWR 1.0 final release?
  9. Is there a easy way to turn single mission into multiplay mission? I only have .pbo file.
  10. yannara

    Looking for CWR2 sessions

    I´m playing CWR2 coop missions with 2-3 of my friends once a week. I just created "Arma2 CWR2" group in Skype, but I´m not sure, is it public. You can try to locate me in Skype too.
  11. yannara

    CWR2 coop pack

    Thanks for the great work sander, are all coop missions compatible with latest CWR2 R6 release? If I may wish, could you convert single mission exodus to MP? It will be lot of fun to play with friends, flying and driving around the ireland to pick up people :D
  12. yannara

    CWR2 resistance campaign

    CWR2 threads are locked, the developers of CWR2 decided to move to armaholic. I´m wondering, why all OFP nostalgia campaings offers to host in multiplay, but still they don´t work as multiplay compaign. I tried to host it, and I cannot start any of 3 compaign in host mode.
  13. Nice to know, because at some mission, endmission just doesn´t work, it´s always reverts you to the mission you want to skip.