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  1. Probably solved it. Steamcmd downloaded the content to different location that I am using.
  2. I have full Windows Server running with Arma Dedi Server setup. I can easily manage mods but I can't get DLC to work. I have done 2 things: 1. With steamcmd.exe I have execute this command successfully: app_update 233780 creatordlc validate 2. In launch script, I added this parameter: -mod=vn When server is started and published, when players joins the server, DLC is not required to add and new MAP of sog is not visible in listing.
  3. Direct Action is not saving games with this database. I first grab files from github and the .pbo db files are not there. I grab files from Workshop, they are different and pbo file is present. Lets see if I can get it to work.
  4. I try to setup multiplayer gaming (host and/or dedi) on Chernarus Winter. The problem is, that in every mission style (escape, dynamic recon) all units still have summer clothes. In Antistasi, I managed to pick up artic units which have winter clothes, but all civilians are still running in summer shorts. Someone gave me a hint, that I could edit mission file and add units there but I have 0 skills in editing. Is there an easy way to do this trick? I had basic experience 20 years ago to create simple missions in Operation Flashpoint without scripting, but now new tools look very unfamiliar to me. I tried to google this but couldn't find anything.
  5. I have played Arma 3 online one year, approx 1000 hours, running my own dedicated server and tried some different mission styles. I also tried to search in youtube some comparison video between different gaming styles in Arma 3 but no one seems to do that. The problem I have is, that we are small squad with few active players and still not able to find proper mission style for us. Here it comes, my comparison of different mission styles what I have already experienced. I am hoping someone could give a hint or point to right direction. I like the approach that the mission session can run there for weeks, and we jump into the game together or even one by one at different times and might execute small pieces here and there. We also like to lead our AI teams because there is no many of us human players. Escape I started multiplay Arma with this. Passed many times. + Easy setup + Simple and fast to start - No friendly AI to control - Becomes boring in long run, target is still always the same Domination Good technical capabilities, passed few times. + Lot of options + Setting the base with MHQ is fun. + Excelent AI management to built up teams. + Control the number of missions to complete - Seize area square by square - Need to blow up the tower every time Direct Access This probably would be the best choice for us, but + Compaing approach is great + Simple to setup - Bodies disappears too quickly - AI team arrangement has its limitations. - Missions are too static, same map has always same pattern / plot. No dynamic approach. Liberation No idea what to do, I gave up on this quickly. - Too hard to start, - Too much to learn at the start, Antistasi + Lot of fun to setup the base + Campaign approach - Strategy approach is too hard for me - Requires lot of time to complete - Requires lot of learning
  6. For some reason I don't see the cycling apply. After Escape has failed, the server returns to mission selection lobby. I also see custom difficulty is not applied. Any idea what I do wrong? // MISSIONS CYCLE class Missions { class Mission1 { template = "co10_escape_finland"; // Filename of pbo in MPMissions folder difficulty = "Custom"; // "Recruit", "Regular", "Veteran", "Custom" }; };
  7. I have Arma3 dedicated server on Windows, and typically when Escape mission fails, it goes to the mission lobby and then basically pleyers will loose custom parameters when starting another mission. I would like to have 2 escape missions going on cycle but here is the challenge: first mission is regular .pbo mission saved in MPmissions but another one is saved as add-on. Can I somehow combine those two? I found this, but I can't manage this challenge yet: Arma 3: Server Config File - Bohemia Interactive Community (bistudio.com)
  8. yannara

    Cold War Rearmed III

    Ahh, thanks for help, OFP missions and nostalgia back are saved as mod and as single file. I was haunting single mission files. Thanks for help!
  9. yannara

    Cold War Rearmed III

    Thanks friends! Problem is, that my gaming machine stores pbo very randomly all over the place, so I can't locate them. Checked under username\appdata\arma and under steamapps\arma\mpmissions already. I try that tool. EDIT: Nope, that tool does not work anymore, it just crashes when entering ID or url.
  10. yannara

    Cold War Rearmed III

    I am about to create CWR dedicated server on Arma3 and I would like to get hands on .pbo files directly (not via Steam). So is this content somewhere directly available for download?
  11. Is this worth trying? I have some small challenges to get and copy mp missions on dedi server.
  12. Solved, 1. With parameter switch, you specify folder, not file. 2. Server.cfg should point to custom difficulty settings, otherwise they will not apply.
  13. I setup my first dedicated server today, everything is working fine but first thing I want to get rid of weapon crosshair and get control of other difficulty settings as well. Problem is, that when I add -profiles=C:\Games\Arma3\A3Master\server.Arma3profile to launch parameters, then starting the server gets stuck. It hangs forever at "Loading core configs". If I remove the server.Arma3profile it will launch fine (but then I get the crosshair). I have looked at sites; https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/server.armaprofile and My current file content is; class DifficultyPresets { class CustomDifficulty { class Options { /* Simulation */ reducedDamage = 0; // Reduced damage /* Situational awareness */ groupIndicators = 0; // Group indicators (0 = never, 1 = limited distance, 2 = always) friendlyTags = 0; // Friendly name tags (0 = never, 1 = limited distance, 2 = always) enemyTags = 0; // Enemy name tags (0 = never, 1 = limited distance, 2 = always) detectedMines = 0; // Detected mines (0 = never, 1 = limited distance, 2 = always) commands = 1; // Commands (0 = never, 1 = fade out, 2 = always) waypoints = 1; // Waypoints (0 = never, 1 = fade out, 2 = always) tacticalPing = 0; // Tactical ping (0 = disable, 1 = enable) /* Personal awareness */ weaponInfo = 2; // Weapon info (0 = never, 1 = fade out, 2 = always) stanceIndicator = 2; // Stance indicator (0 = never, 1 = fade out, 2 = always) staminaBar = 0; // Stamina bar weaponCrosshair = 0; // Weapon crosshair visionAid = 0; // Vision aid /* View */ thirdPersonView = 0; // 3rd person view (0 = disabled, 1 = enabled, 2 = enabled for vehicles only (Since Arma 3 v1.99)) cameraShake = 1; // Camera shake /* Multiplayer */ scoreTable = 1; // Score table deathMessages = 1; // Killed by vonID = 1; // VoN ID /* Misc */ mapContent = 0; // Extended map content autoReport = 0; // (former autoSpot) Automatic reporting of spotted enemied by players only. This doesn't have any effect on AIs. multipleSaves = 0; // Multiple saves }; // aiLevelPreset defines AI skill level and is counted from 0 and can have following values: 0 (Low), 1 (Normal), 2 (High), 3 (Custom). // when 3 (Custom) is chosen, values of skill and precision are taken from the class CustomAILevel. aiLevelPreset = 3; }; class CustomAILevel { skillAI = 0.5; precisionAI = 0.5; }; };
  14. I try to use server.armaprofile taken from here, but then my dedicated server gets stuck at "loading core configs". I took the last txt file table from this thread and I only need to disable crosshair.
  15. I am hosting mostly Escape games based on RHS and CUP modes. My setup have both CUP and RHS combined at the same session. Does it make any since to divide them, that CUP and RHS would be separate mod listing? I noticed that if I leave all CUP out, my pure RHS will miss other maps which are included in CUP. I currently have 17 mods compinged, RHS, CUP and enchaced movement. Unfortunatelly it is too tricky to add picture here and I don't know how to list all mods I have in launcher for host server. @RedHammerStudios any thoughts?