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  1. yannara

    Cold War Rearmed III - Resistance

    yeah it works now! Thanks 🙂 And no problem, I am not paying you do this 😄
  2. yannara

    Cold War Rearmed III - Resistance

    Is it by design that now RHSAFRF is also included in mod listing when hotfix is selected?
  3. yannara

    Cold War Rearmed III - Resistance

    No still doesn't work. I added the resistance compaing compatibility fix but the hostage mission still wont load and the game gets stucked.
  4. yannara

    Cold War Rearmed III - Resistance

    Nice! I will test this later during weekend
  5. yannara

    Cold War Rearmed III - Resistance

    THe mission is "Hostages", it comes after the mission where you defend the town from tanks with thanks. I seems that no way I can revert or resume the mission, I just can't access it and my PC hangs. I did play it before, but I didn't pass it. So it worked before but not anymore.
  6. yannara

    Cold War Rearmed III - Resistance

    I learned to track down, when what has updated, and it was only this Resistance which was updated 19.3.2023. Revering or resuming will crash entire Arma3 right now. I did delete and unscriibed from Resistance compaing, and then re-downloaded it. I then created new MOD list (I have 11 mods, 9 required + additional mission packs). I then reset the compaing and started from beginning, using the SKIP code/cheat. I managed to skip several missions (I played before last week already), but this mission I am stuck to, again failed Arma. The mission is when you free hostages and then go up to the hills to attack the base. I can provide better details later. I now try to reboot again and revert the mission again.
  7. yannara

    Cold War Rearmed III - Resistance

    I don't know what happnd, but my compaing progress just died on me. I can't revert or resume last mission I played. I saw OFP main mod was about to be upgraded, not sure was this releated to this.
  8. I have 4 x RHS mods and Escape RHS mod. When hosting the game, if a user connects with wrong mod setup, it will fail our mission immediately. I have to advice every second player to unload all mods from their launcher, select my server and let launcher load mods based on my server mod collection. Then it works. But the problem is, that players tend to kill our game if they have something wrong loaded. I have noticed this behavior only with RHS so far. Is there something I can do?
  9. yannara

    Cold War Rearmed III - Resistance

    Yes, this campaign is much better, I can complete missions and destroy tanks 🙂 Thank you!
  10. yannara

    Cold War Rearmed III - Resistance

    I tried first the another Reistance compaing which has part 1 original and additional part 2, but it was impossible to play because tanks didn't get distoyed because AT had no effect. Lets see how this goes 🙂
  11. Squad name:Yannara's Coop games Timezone/location :(EET), UTC +2 Gamemode preference: coop Contact email: yannara(a)live.fi Website address: https://www.facebook.com/groups/103011097565 Mods: Arma 3 vanilla (no mods) OR Cold War Crisis 3 OR Finnish Defences Forces. Short description: Small max. 10 players coop missions. I host myself. No need to training, no extra mods required. I value simplicity here. Now I play every evening something, so there is a lot of activity going on. Language: English, Finnish. Discord: add me as friend - yannara#7988
  12. I host small coops with Arma 3 vanilla or CWR3. I get kicked from Discord if I try to advertise my squad. What would be the proper approach to get more players? I had this FB group for ages but no activity so far: ARMA 3 III CWR Cold War Crisis (Operation Flashpoint) multigaming | Facebook
  13. yannara

    Cold War Rearmed III

    How hard is to get this mod to work with OFP campaign and is it still valid, keeping up to date?
  14. I am reactivating my Facebook Arma2 group to have a small group of people still playing legacy Arma2 vanilla. You are very welcome, please join us! (3) ARMA 2/Iron Front/CWR2/FDFmod - MultiPlayer games | Facebook
  15. Installed the game on Windows 10, ATI based computer. Other games work fine, but Ironfront don't. I patched to 1.05 and installed DirectX 9, but it still does not launch. Full error message is "Error creating Direct3D 9 Graphical engine".