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  1. We had our first session on the new server yesterday, via the new WiFi adapter, and the pings were between 30 and 50. Except for the guy in Australia, but I’m not sure my connection will help much with this. I think that’s reasonably okay, but I’ll definitely keep in mind your tips, Valken.
  2. I ordered a USB 3.0 modem that should give me faster, more stable access to the 5GHz WiFi channel, which the onboard solution couldn’t find. Here’s hoping it’ll improve things.
  3. Because my old server PC recently died on me, I got a new one. It's a better machine, but the way it connects to my router is still the same, i.e. via wifi. However, for some reason the ping I'm getting on the new PC is dreadful, somewhere around 250-300ms. (If I connect directly, via wifi-internal IP, I get pings of 5-10ms.) Here are the things I can think of that have changed: New PC Different wifi modem (before it was a USB modem, now I have a mainboard that is wifi-capable) I used TADST before, now I'm using FASTER, and accordingly I'd expect that the performance settings differ, as I'm not changing them manually What hasn't changed (as far as I know): The router settings The ports I've forwarded (I've just switched them to the new PC) The overall setup: mods, missions etc. When I do a speed test on my internet connection, I get much lower pings, but when I launch an Arma 3 server, I get the aforementioned 250+ ms pings. Any idea what could cause this? And any suggestions what I could do to improve the ping? It's okay for me, since I can connect within the WLAN, but I'd want the people I play with to have a reasonably good experience too.
  4. thirith

    Where is the !Workshop folder?

    Okay, quick update: I bought an SSD that I put in the new server PC, and I then proceeded to move my main Steam partition from an external SSD drive (hooked up via USB port) to that internal SSD. In doing so, I noticed that the external SSD was formatted in exFAT format. No idea whether it's because of this, but once I'd moved the Steam partition (including Arma 3 + Arma 3 Server) and ran the launcher, voilà!, the !workshop folder appeared. I'm now thinking that it was somehow a problem with the external SSD and possibly it being formatted in the wrong format. Who knows - at least it works how! 🙂
  5. thirith

    Where is the !Workshop folder?

    @stanhope: Thanks, that's definitely true - but especially when it comes to setting up a dedicated server, I like having one place where it's clear what mods there are. The !workshop folder is great in that respect, because it gives a symbolic link with the name of the mod. With the server tools I've used, that's been much easier to work with - though perhaps I'm using the wrong tools, or I'm using them the wrong way.
  6. thirith

    Where is the !Workshop folder?

    It is. That’s also what I suspected, but nope, it should show hidden folders.
  7. Due to my old Arma server going belly-up, I’ve had to get a new server PC. I’m in the process of setting that one up, but I am running into the following problem: I was convinced that Arma would create a folder called !workshop in which there’d be symbolic links to the various mods. However, after installing the game plus workshop mods and running it, the hidden workshop mod folder with the symbolic links doesn’t seem to be there. is this something that only earlier versions did? Did I manually create that folder as well as the symbolic links and I just forgot about it? Am I getting senile? Any help would be much appreciated!
  8. Thanks, I’ll check that one out.
  9. As far as I know, TADST hasn’t much been updated in a long time, and it was basically created for Arma 2. (Please correct me if I’m wrong.) I would be surprised if the standard settings are still accurate. In addition, adding multiple mods can be quite a hassle, and mission selection could also be smoother.
  10. The PC I was using as a server died on me, and it looks like it’s a complete loss. I’m thinking I’ll get a new one, so I want to ask: in mid-2021, what is the easiest way and the best software to set up a dedicated server with a bunch of mods and missions? I’ve always used TADST, but I’m thinking/hoping that by now there are programs that do the same job but are better at it. Since I will have to set the server up from scratch, what would people here recommend?
  11. Today, my Arma server (my former gaming PC) decided not to boot anymore. I'm hoping to fix it, but I'm also thinking that it might not work for one reason for another, so I wanted to ask, in case I had to get a new PC for this: what are good specs for an Arma 3 server for small groups (we're currently below eight people, I don't think it'd ever become more than twice that) using quite a few mods (ACRE2, ACE3, CUP, RHS, various maps)?
  12. thirith

    [MP] =BTC= Hearts and Minds

    Thanks, that’s all very useful. I’ll look into creating an up-to-date Fallujah version of H&M - unless there’s someone reading this thread who already has one they’re using, by any chance?
  13. thirith

    [MP] =BTC= Hearts and Minds

    Cheers. The version of H&M I found on the Steam workshop already seems to have made the necessary changes that you’ve specified on GitHub. Do I understand correctly that it’s highly recommended to have an interpreter on the team (to talk to the local population) and an engineer (to detect and defuse IEDs)?
  14. thirith

    [MP] =BTC= Hearts and Minds

    At our next coop session I’m hoping to introduce my small group (4-6 people, relatively casual) to H&M, probably in one of the Fallujah versions. Are there any tips you can give a bunch of absolute H&M beginners?
  15. Ah, thanks. That explains the hundreds of spawned crates - though not why the command executed once on the server doesn't always produce a result. Weird...