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  1. thirith

    co10 Escape

    Huh... Looks like there actually is a Chernarus 2020 version in the official pack and I just didn't see it. This year is definitely messing with my brain...
  2. thirith

    co10 Escape

    I'm not sure I understand your reply correctly, Gunter. The regular co10 Escape pack includes versions for the original CUP version of Chernarus already, and that Steam workshop link seems to be a different, older version of Escape that works with the Chernarus map. What I'm asking about is a version that works with the new CUP Maps 2.0 version of Chernarus that came out earlier this year, since that map is a distinct improvement in several ways (though the performance is also worse).
  3. thirith

    co10 Escape

    Any chance of a version for Chernarus 2020 (CUP Maps 2.0)?
  4. thirith

    User Mission Request Thread

    I’m pretty sure there are versions of TRGM2 and Dynamic Recon Ops for Weferlingen. That’s the Global Mobilisation map, right?
  5. thirith

    Arma3 Videos

    I've started making videos of the small session I've been running with a handful of friends. It's mostly goofy stuff, since we're not really very good or systematic much of the time, but it's still pretty enjoyable and I've already found a couple of tricks that make it easier to edit, such as cutting on map view or on switching to or away from the scope. However, I'm pretty much flying by the seat of my pants here, so I was wondering: what kind of tips do people have when it comes to editing Arma footage? P.S.: If this thread isn't the right place to discuss Arma videos (as opposed to posting them), my apologies. Just to make sure, here's a video of one of our sessions:
  6. Oh, brilliant! That's definitely very useful. Now, if there was something similar for the CUP and RHS factions, that would be absolutely perfect! Edit: Looking at it more closely, it seems like some of those vehicles aren't actually Arma 3 vanilla, so perhaps the list already does cover some of the CUP and RHS vehicles - and at the very least I'd be able to make a copy and add to it by hand.
  7. Cheers, though it’s not exactly what I want. I get that kind of list in Dynamic Recon Ops, but most of the vehicle names mean nothing to me, which is why I always tend to pick the ones I know. Perhaps list is the wrong word; what I’m looking for more is almost a kind of catalogue I can browse, showing me what each of the vehicles is.
  8. Is a comprehensive list of faction vehicles, ideally including RHS and CUP vehicles, available anywhere? Whenever I play missions like Dynamic Recon Ops, I find myself facing lists of vehicles made up of letters and numbers and teensy icons, and I simply don't know what most of them are, so I always default to the ones I know. Obviously I can check in the editor, but it'd be immensely useful to have an online list somewhere. Even if it just includes the main (or the most useful) vehicles, it'd already be very useful.
  9. Quick update: I've since checked TADST, and while it uses the server .exe in the Arma 3 Server folder, it looks in the Arma 3\mpmissions folder for mission .pbos. I have indeed set things up so that there's a symbolic link from that folder to my OneDrive mission folder. It'd be easy enough to do the same for Arma 3 Server/mpmissions, though it is a bit odd that TADST behaves like this.
  10. Cool, thanks. Re: the mission location, I have to check how exactly I've got it set up. TADST does access my missions on the OneDrive, but it's possible I'm using symbolic links in some way that TADST picks up on but Serverify doesn't. (I set this all up years ago and can't remember the exact details.)
  11. I installed ServerifyA3 yesterday and very much like the look and feel of it. I haven't had much time to play around with it, but I had the following feedback/questions: It's great to be able to specify a path for mods, but if you've got a bunch of mods in the same path it is a bit of a hassle to pick each individually. Would there be a way to add a general mod path (say, the Steam Workshop folder) to check automatically for available mods? It would be very handy to have something similar for missions. I keep all of my multiplayer missions in a folder on OneDrive, so I can edit it from any PC. If I could tell Serverify always to look in that folder, that'd be very useful. Also re: missions: is there a way to set all missions to "Play"? While I usually have a couple of missions in mind for any given session, I often have to replan on the fly, so it'd be useful to be able to have all missions available in-game without having to tick them all individually. Still re: missions: I have to admit that I've got a library of way too many missions downloaded (a few hundred). When Serverify checked the folder (I ended up copying everything from that aforementioned OneDrive folder to \mpmissions to see how it worked), it crashed a couple of times and finally only worked after almost ten minutes. Is this something that could be improved on, or will it simply always take that long with a certain number of missions? It's well possible that some of the things I'm asking already work, but I didn't see how to make them work in the half hour or so I took yesterday to check out Serverify. Perhaps I shouldn't do such things just before going to bed. 🤪
  12. Thanks, that's a useful overview. I'll definitely try out ServerifyA3 - it should be easy enough to do so in parallel to the TADST setup I've got going, and if I realise that there are some things I prefer about TADST I can always return to it and post my feedback here. 🙂
  13. From your perspective, would you say there's any reason at this point to stick with TADST over Serverify? Is there anything that the former does better or that the latter doesn't do yet?
  14. thirith

    Combat Den

    Thanks, that's definitely a useful workaround. Though it did make for a fun moment during the mission, seeing the guy's assault rifle poking through the rock and his voice coming from inside it. 🤪
  15. thirith

    Combat Den

    If that's feasible, it'd definitely be great. We ended up with a situation where one of the players was stuck in that rock for much of the mission, because he also kept respawning there.