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  1. Are there any conversions of the MP (in particular coop) missions from Arma, Arma 2 and the DLCs? I know that we'd need CUP, but I remember some of the official coop missions being pretty good for smallish groups. If converting the old missions is explicitly prohibited, my apologies for asking the question. I'm assuming that since Bohemia is okay with other content from the older games being converted, the same would be true for the missions, but I may well be wrong on this.
  2. How could I forget them, Varanon? 🙂 I have to go through them again, though; if I remember correctly, there are also a few that require mods beyond just CUP, and some seemed to be designed to be run with someone on Zeus duty.
  3. Exciting stuff! Is there a list of missions somewhere that requires CUP but nothing else, ideally for groups of 4-10 people?
  4. thirith


    We've now played our first game of Warlords. It was fun, but it felt different from our usual coop, especially since everyone could spawn in their own troops. Which brings me to my questions: Is it possible to form a squad, ideally with all Command Points for every member going to the leader? Is there any way to leave behind spawned-in troops so they can garrison captured sectors? Or is the only option to have one player stay behind and spawn in a squad with which to guard the sector?
  5. thirith


    Question from a complete Warlords newb: how easy is it to pick up and play with a group of 4-8 players looking for a 2-3 hour coop session? Anything I’d need to know to run such a session?
  6. thirith

    AI Spawn Script Pack

    Has anyone adapted the script to work with the CUP units? I think I'll find enough information in the thread to do so myself (when I get around to it), but if there's already a version of the script that would allow me to populate an area with Takistani insurgents at random, that'd be great. Another question I had is this: in practical terms, if I just want to do something along the lines of populating an area with units of one faction, would I use the militarize script or the ambient combat one?
  7. By the way, I've uploaded the current version of the mission my questions were about to the Steam Workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1341443196 It's a simple transport helicopter training mission that allows for one or two players (pilot and co-pilot); I thought the latter might be useful if a more experienced pilot flies along with a relative newbie, to give feedback on their flying etc.
  8. Thanks. Somewhat tangential question: Is there an easy way to test how a mission would behave on a dedicated server setup? I do use a second PC as a dedicated server, but if there are easier ways of testing a mission I'm working on than copying it over to the second PC, launching the server, connecting and playing, that'd be much appreciated.
  9. Ah, I didn't know about that. I assume that units or objects created in the editor are named on all clients as well as the server - is that correct?
  10. I expect this is a very newbie question, but does the server always know where all units are? I'm asking because I've read that units can be 'owned' by clients (e.g. a Headless Client) as well, and I don't know if this means that the server might not always know every single position. More concretely: if I create a trigger that spawns, say, a smoke grenade when heli1 is in the trigger area and begin the trigger with an if (isServer) condition, will this work and is it the right way to ensure that I don't spawn a smoke grenade for every single client plus the server?
  11. It was this thread here: From the discussion it wasn't clear to me whether there was still a problem (or if there was some confusion in the first place). If it's not an issue, all the better. Thanks!
  12. Thing with just trying is that I don’t have the experience to know if the results would be consistent or if they’d be different if I used a dedicated server etc. I’m a scripting newbie, but I know that there are factors that may influence the results that I’m simply not aware of.
  13. I've read around a bit and it seems that BIS_fnc_arrayShuffle either was or still is broken. Is that the case? I've not found any clear up-to-date info on the matter. If it's broken, what's the recommended workaround?