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  1. Thanks, I’ll check that one out.
  2. The PC I was using as a server died on me, and it looks like it’s a complete loss. I’m thinking I’ll get a new one, so I want to ask: in mid-2021, what is the easiest way and the best software to set up a dedicated server with a bunch of mods and missions? I’ve always used TADST, but I’m thinking/hoping that by now there are programs that do the same job but are better at it. Since I will have to set the server up from scratch, what would people here recommend?
  3. As far as I know, TADST hasn’t much been updated in a long time, and it was basically created for Arma 2. (Please correct me if I’m wrong.) I would be surprised if the standard settings are still accurate. In addition, adding multiple mods can be quite a hassle, and mission selection could also be smoother.
  4. Today, my Arma server (my former gaming PC) decided not to boot anymore. I'm hoping to fix it, but I'm also thinking that it might not work for one reason for another, so I wanted to ask, in case I had to get a new PC for this: what are good specs for an Arma 3 server for small groups (we're currently below eight people, I don't think it'd ever become more than twice that) using quite a few mods (ACRE2, ACE3, CUP, RHS, various maps)?
  5. thirith

    [MP] =BTC= Hearts and Minds

    Thanks, that’s all very useful. I’ll look into creating an up-to-date Fallujah version of H&M - unless there’s someone reading this thread who already has one they’re using, by any chance?
  6. thirith

    [MP] =BTC= Hearts and Minds

    Cheers. The version of H&M I found on the Steam workshop already seems to have made the necessary changes that you’ve specified on GitHub. Do I understand correctly that it’s highly recommended to have an interpreter on the team (to talk to the local population) and an engineer (to detect and defuse IEDs)?
  7. thirith

    [MP] =BTC= Hearts and Minds

    At our next coop session I’m hoping to introduce my small group (4-6 people, relatively casual) to H&M, probably in one of the Fallujah versions. Are there any tips you can give a bunch of absolute H&M beginners?
  8. I've looked for info on this but haven't been able to find anything: in the debug console, what does the little dial symbol to the left of "Server Exec" do? I'm asking concretely because I've been trying to use the debug console to spawn ACE3 medical crates in missions that don't have any, and even with "Server Exec" it doesn't always work on a dedicated server - but then I tried clicking on that icon, et voilà!, I suddenly had something like a hundred crates all over the place. Obviously not an ideal solution, but mostly I'm just curious as to what the button does.
  9. Ah, thanks. That explains the hundreds of spawned crates - though not why the command executed once on the server doesn't always produce a result. Weird...
  10. Thanks, I’ll probably try the first of these. All I need is to spawn the occasional ACE medical crate when a mission isn’t explicitly designed for ACE. Other options might be too tempting at times. 😙
  11. We've just started playing with ACE3, but we don't do our own missions but use downloaded ones instead. As non-ACE3 missions without a Virtual Arsenal don't really leave us with enough bandages, blood etc., I was wondering how one would go about creating a client-side mod that the admin of the game sessions could load and that would basically allow the admin to spawn an ACE Medical Crate at their position, ideally at the press of a button (though addAction would also be okay). How simple would it be to create something like this that works on a dedicated server?
  12. Cheers, that helps a lot. I wasn’t aware that logged-in admins have access to the console by default, since I’ve never had to use it before. That way I can just play Oprah: ACE Medical Crates for everyone!
  13. I've seen that ACE3 was discussed a couple of years ago, but I didn't see any concrete discussion of The Forgotten Few 2 and the ACE medical system. I quickly launched the mission in SP and MP, and from what I can tell a problem with running this with ACE3 would be that we simply wouldn't have the necessary medical equipment, i.e. bandages, blood and the like. Do I understand this correctly, and if so, are there any solutions? Or is there a way of getting this kind of equipment in the mission?
  14. I'm using the code below in a waypoint completion script. It plays when a unit has boarded a transport helicopter, playing a "Go, go go!" sound originating from the unit. This works fine when I play the mission from the editor or on a non-dedicated server, but last weekend we tried it out on a dedicated server and the "Go, go, go!" didn't play. if (isServer) then { call { [] spawn { playSound3D ["A3\dubbing_f_beta\firing_drills\Timing\firing_drills_timing_ROF_4.ogg", passengerGreen1]; sleep .32; playSound3D ["A3\dubbing_f_beta\firing_drills\Timing\firing_drills_timing_ROF_4.ogg", passengerRed2]; sleep .32; playSound3D ["A3\dubbing_f_beta\firing_drills\Timing\firing_drills_timing_ROF_4.ogg", passengerRed2] }; }; }; Any idea what the problem might be? (To be honest, I don't work with call or spawn very often, and this is code that I originally wrote years ago but never tried on a dedicated server, so I wouldn't remember why I went for the call/spawn combo, in case this is what causes the problem.)
  15. I agree with you about the call; I put it in there for a reason, probably because someone told me to, or because I read it somewhere, but I can't remember what that reason was - as I said, this was years ago, and unfortunately I don't script on a regular basis. The variables and names are definitely defined in server, because they're also used for different scripts. The only bits of script that I actively noticed not working were the playSound3D ones.
  16. Thanks for having a look at it! Over the last two days, the problem with the slots hasn't reoccurred, so I'm really thinking it may have been due to any other number of factors and not the obvious, clear ones. I'll tweak the mission a bit more and then I'll upload it on Steam. I might also start a thread here, just to see if people are interested in that kind of thing and if they have any suggestions how I can improve it.
  17. I've been running into the common problem that when I create a non-dedicated server and open a mission, no slots whatsoever are shown on the lobby screen. Usually people say that the problem is one of mods, e.g. the mission needs mods that you haven't currently loaded. The thing is this: I'm talking about a mission I created from scratch that doesn't include any mods, and I'm launching Arma without mods as well. More than that, this is a mission that worked okay yesterday, but today I added a couple of invisible helipads - and, suddenly, no more slots! Can anyone help me with this problem? I can test the mission in SP, but obviously this won't let me check if all the slots are set up properly. P.S.: In case this helps, here's a link to the RPT file: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AiIhjeAs3M6RkcVwJeEaMlgSRuiTHA?e=P9tgM0
  18. No worries, Gunter! I don't expect the pros on the forums to be at my beck and call 24/7. 😉 I've since continued working on the mission, and sometimes the slots pop up, sometimes they don't. Sometimes without me having made any changes to the mission. If you want to have a look to see if there's an immediate problem with the code, you can download the mission here: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AiIhjeAs3M6RkcV1JynIwO9_coGm3Q?e=kZ9uRj I've not done any optimisation, so there's definitely code in there that will make most people roll their eyes or go pale, but if there are any obvious errors in how I've gone about things that could explain the issue with the slots, I'd definitely be happy to hear about them. However, I will not take any blame for the AI pilots' tendency to crash into each other and burn - and that's half the fun of a helicopter race, innit? 😁
  19. From reading a fair number of threads, both here and on Reddit, on the topic, I get the impression that the following is still not something that's self-evident: what's the best way to have an AI helicopter on the ground at point A take off, fly to B and land? The first part seems easy enough: I just put down the helicopter at A and a helipad at B, name them something along the lines heli1 and waypoint1, and then put heli1 move (getPos waypoint1) in the helicopter's init field. However, when it comes to landing, it seems to get a bit complicated. I was thinking of something like this: waitUntil (unitReady heli1); heli1 land "LAND"; But would I also put this in the helicopter's init field? And if I did this with, say, a dozen units, would those individual scripts have a noticeable effect on how the mission runs? Might it make more sense to have triggers close to point B and only run the waitUntil part of the script once the helicopter has entered the trigger area? Or am I going about this entirely the wrong way?
  20. Thanks - I'll check out that video. For the mission I'm working on the combat environment shouldn't be an issue; it's a helicopter race, the kind of thing we might play at the end of a session to unwind. A couple of helicopter teams need to go and pick up units and drop them off at the base. I'm hoping to add scripting so that any helicopters not manned by players still take part, so that solo players don't feel all alone (and there's always something cool about flying together with other helicopters!).
  21. Yup, just tried with the correction you suggested, and I'm afraid there are still no slots to choose from. Here's the RPT file: https://justpaste.it/1uodj
  22. Cool, that's a good tip re: justpaste.it! I'll check the description, though it'd be weird, because the state the mission was in yesterday, when the slots showed, was the same as today, other than the additional invisible helipads. Then again, Arma wouldn't be Arma if it wasn't weird every now and then...
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    Combat Den

    Okay, thanks. I was looking for the intel when a message popped up that it had been destroyed, so I couldn’t confirm either way.
  24. thirith

    Combat Den

    Is it possible that there's some issue with respect to ACE3 and missions where you have to find intel? I just played a mission on the Lythium map, where my task was to clear out a camp and search for intel. There were two tables that looked like they should be searchable - there were maps and stuff on them - but I didn't seem to get the option to search them, either in the default scroll menu nor in the ACE interaction menu. Though I'm pretty new to ACE, so it's possible I simply didn't do it right.
  25. Thanks, that's what I thought I'd previously read somewhere. I'll stick to that rule of thumb. Any idea what the situation's like with respect to Project OPFOR?