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  1. That's a brilliant idea. Most of the time, the house are empty and we've nothing to interact with inside the building so that's a nice addition. That's another brilliant idea, I'll have to increase my throwing skill though. BTW, your house look amazing ingame and I can only imagine how great a island filled with your objects will look like. Your future island is starting to look even more promising now that I've seen one of your house ingame. We can count on you to give it a great post-apocalyptic atmosphere, that's for sure.
  2. RL always come first so just take your time, it's ready when it's ready. I'm glad to know that you got one of your building ingame, the process should become alot easier as you add more building into the game. Looking forward to see some screenshot of your progress.
  3. --Scorpion--

    BIS Arma 2 Gunshop script

    Have you tried the the mission tutorial ? All the information that you need are inside the mission folder. It's hard for me to help you if you're not more specific why it's not working. You should tell me what you've done so far to give me a better idea what's your problem and I'm sure I'll be able to help you.
  4. --Scorpion--

    Special Units

    Really nice campaign concept you got there If I'm not mistaken the french police use the Peugeot 206, anyone can correct me if I'm wrong, so that could be a nice addition to the french police force. I'm pretty sure I saw one in Arma/Arma 2 or maybe it was in the old days in OFP. Icebrekr have a nice swat unit in his Lingor units pack that you could use to make the GIGN/SWAT if you can get the permission to use. Good luck with your new project Sled P.S.Great trailer btw
  5. Yep, What happens in the Zone, stays in the Zone... lol That's a good idea to familirize yourself with the process of bringing your model ingame, that way you'll see if any issue come out once ingame. Sometime weird thing happen. Last thing you want is having to redone all your models because you did a simple mistake affecting all your models once ingame. Can't wait to see your stuff ingame, I'm sure they'll look gorgeous :ok:
  6. That's another great model you got there with impressive texture like always. We all know real life come first so just take your time to come up with the best model as you can, no need to hurry. I'll play with your map even if Arma 4 have been released. Nice addition right there, I already have a mission idea for this building. P.S. Bolded part...
  7. --Scorpion--

    BIS Arma 2 Gunshop script

    If you want to use a buying/selling weapons script in MP, your best bet will be to ask the Wasteland-mod maker the permission to use his script in your mission since it's already working in MP.
  8. --Scorpion--

    BIS Arma 2 Gunshop script

    Are you using the script in MP ? If yes, that's probably why it's not working since I just tested it in SP and I could get the weapon from the ammobox.
  9. OMG, you did this in 4 days and it's still top quality stuff :butbut: You never cease to amaze me Marc BTW, if you're confident that you can make a non-enterable building out of your already existing building just make all of them enterable and if the need arise, you'll have your model as a base. I'm sure it'll be nothing for you to do that. I got a question for you about the units, what you've in mind for the units ? Are you going to create units too for your island or are you planning to use the already made units ? I ask because I'm really curious about that and I'm sure that if you decide to make your own units, they'll be simply amazing just like your buildings. Awaiting your next creation
  10. Excellent job on the laboratory building Mean, that's another top quality object you created right there. I can't wait to see your checkpoint guardpost, I'm sure it'll be another awesome object like all the others. A island maker could probably anwser that question better but I remember that it was a issue in OFP. Maybe they did some change in Arma 2 to allow more enterable building this time without hitting the performance too much. Personally, I would love if 100% of the buildings were enterable but I think will be more safe with something like 75/25 or 60/40 just to be sure. I'm playing alot on Lingor lately and most of the building are enterable(75/25 probably) without too much performance problems. In fact, the FPS drop more while I'm running in the jungle than when I'm fighting in the city. Anyway, did you know if you could use the already existing building to make one non-enterable ? That way you'll not have to recreate lots of buildings from scratch and it'll save you time and work. Another thing to consider is how many objects using the same 3d model vs lots of different 3d model. Let me explain what i mean by that, let's say you've 100 objects using all the same 3d model with different texture will hit less the performance than using 100 different 3d model. Like I said, island maker and object maker could probably anwser your question way better than me so maybe it'll be good to go and ask them. P.S. I'm glad to heard that you're feeling better and happy new year everyone
  11. I know that but I just find that it's weird how people think sqs are obsolete while game developer still used them making this game. I'm not trying to start a sqs vs sqf debate here, it's just that I find it weird how people are telling others how sqs are obsolete while game developer are still used them making this game we all love. That's all. That's probably down to the fact that most people playing ARMA 2 have never played OFP, I don't know.
  12. I've found a solution after looking at the scripts inside the Modules.pbo. Create a scripts folder inside your mission folder and put these two scripts inside the scripts folder. BIS_CloudSystem.sqs _PositionArray = []; _PostArray = []; _LifeTime = 285; _Ocpos = [-1000,-1000]; #update ~1 _PosX = (getpos player) select 0; _PosY = (getpos player) select 1; _PosXc = (_PosX / 1000) - ((_PosX / 1000) % 1); _PosYc = (_PosY / 1000) - ((_PosY / 1000) % 1); _cpos = [_PosXc,_PosYc]; ?( ((_cpos select 0) == (_Ocpos select 0)) && ((_cpos select 1) == (_Ocpos select 1))) : goto "wait" _Ocpos = _cpos; _i = -2; _io = -2; _j = -2; _ijmax = 3; #posloop _level = 0 _pos = format ["%1%2",(_PosXc + _i),(_PosYc + _j)] ? (!(_pos in _PositionArray)): while { _level < 1 } do { [((1000 * (_PosXc + _i)) + 500),((1000 * (_PosYc + _j)) + 500),(0 + _level*5000),0] exec "scripts\BIS_Cloud.sqs"; _level = _level + 1 }; _PositionArray = _PositionArray + [_pos]; _PostArray = _PostArray + [_time] _i = _i + 1 ~0.1 ?(_i < _ijmax):goto "posloop" _i = _io _j = _j + 1 ?(_j < _ijmax):goto "posloop" _max = count _PositionArray _a = 0 ?(_max == 0):goto "wait" #check _ctime = (_PostArray select _a) ?((_ctime + _LifeTime) < _time):_PositionArray = _PositionArray - [(_PositionArray select _a)]; _max = count _PositionArray; _PostArray = _PostArray - [(_PostArray select _a)] _a = _a + 1 ?(_a < _max):goto "check" BIS_Cloud.sqs _x = _this select 0 _y = _this select 1 _z = _this select 2 _type = _this select 3 ~1 _color = ([[0.95,0.95,0.95],[0.95,0.95,0.95],[0.75,0.75,0.75],[0.715,0.719,0.793],[0.5,0.5,0.5]] select _type) _opa0 = _color + [0] _opa1 = _color + [0.4] _colord = ([[0.75,0.75,0.75],[0.75,0.75,0.75],[0.5,0.5,0.5],[0.434,0.438,0.504],[0.25,0.25,0.25]] select _type) _opad0 = _colord + [0] _opad1 = _colord + [0.5] _color = [_opa0,_opa1,_opa1,_opa1,_opa1,_opa1,_opa1,_opa1,_opa1,_opa1,_opa0] _colord = [_opad0,_opad1,_opad1,_opad1,_opad1,_opad1,_opad1,_opad1,_opad1,_opad1,_opad0] _densi = ([[2,1], [1,0.7], [10,0.8], [3,1], [1,0.45]] select _type) _d_overall = _densi select 0 _d_cloud = _densi select 1 _shape = ([[[250,30],[1,5],30,250], [[400,300],[1,3],100,300], [[200,20],[1,1],55,400], [[400,35],[2,5],35,250], [[500,25],[1,2],10,250]] select _type) _a = ((_shape select 0) select 0) _h = ((_shape select 0) select 1) _peakheight = _shape select 2 _flyheight = _shape select 3 ; ---------------------------------------- _cloud = 0 #cloud _peaks = random (((_shape select 1) select 1) - ((_shape select 1) select 0)) + ((_shape select 1) select 0) _cx = _x + (500 - (random 1000)) _cy = _y + (500 - (random 1000)) _cz = (_flyheight + (25 - (random 50))) + _z _amou = ((_a^2 * _h) * (_d_cloud/200000)) _drop = 0 #cloudparticles ~0.01 _crx = _cx + ((_a/2) - (random _a)) _cry = _cy + ((_a/2) - (random _a)) _crz = _cz + (random _h) drop ["\ca\data\cl_basic", "", "Billboard", 10, 330, [_crx,_cry,_crz], [0,0,0], 0.1, 1.275, 1, 1, [150 + (random 75)], _color, [0,0], 0, 0, "", "",""] _drop = _drop + 1 if (_drop < _amou) then { goto "cloudparticles" } _tcolor = _color _th = _h _tcz = _cz _color = _colord _h = 10 _cz = _cz - 25 _amou = ((_a^2 * _h) * (_d_cloud/200000)) _drop = 0 _script = "" #cloudparticlesdark ~0.01 _crx = _cx + ((_a/2) - (random _a)) Now the thing you need to edit is this line _cz = (_flyheight + (25 - (random 50))) + _z in the BIS_Cloud.sqs change the number 25 to any number you want but keep in mind that the clouds are spawned at a default height of 250 ex: _cz = (_flyheight + (250 - (random 50))) + _z will spawn the clouds at a height of 500 ex: _cz = (_flyheight + (500 - (random 50))) + _z will spawn the clouds at a height of 750 Finally, put this line this exec "scripts\BIS_CloudSystem.sqs" in the init of any units or your init file. P.S. You don't need the weather module or the function module on the map anymore.
  13. That's something I don't understand, SQS are supposed to be obsolete but they still could be found in the game. I've found a bunch of them who were created by the game developer while I unpbo the game addons.:confused:
  14. Anyone has a idea if it's even possible ?