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  1. For the sake of Arma, let's hope they don't sign, officially support and publish more things that look and feel like a Workshop mod done by amateurs at home.
  2. I am sorry to say this. Most likely the creators are more intelligent, gifted, diligent and even sexier than I am. But this DLC does in no way look like Bohemia's own/vanilla stuff. It looks, sounds and feels like home-made by amateurs (though on a level that I will never reach). For a home-made addon it's enormous. But for quite a pricy addon it's a joke. It's beyond my understanding how Bohemia could take this in its current state as an Arma-inherent, official, pricy addon. The only thing that's on Bohemias quality level is the exterior of the tanks. There are no interiors. The cars and bikes are... SORRY... ugly - inside and outside; and they drive s**t. The voice acting totally sounds like home-made. Tank crews clip through the tank. The uniforms are ugly or at best medium quality. You can not walk through many bushes. The towns look home-made. Even without any other 3rd-party mod or addon there is a big error message when opening the map in the editor. Lol. How can such a clearly visible error get into a release version? I don't know what it is... but no addon/mod ever from Arma 1 to 3 matched the quality, feeling and optical smoothness and "rightness" of Bohemia's vanilla stuff, including this 3rd-party DLC. I don't understand how this could become inherently supported official Arma stuff. One reason may be that owners of the "all-future-DLCs-inclusive-version" have to pay for it, since it is clearly stated as a 3rd-party addon. I don't think that the "Bohemians" being responsible to declare this DLC to be official Arma content really and inherently believe by heart that this DLC is as qualitative as other official Arma content. Something like "The Emperor's New Clothes" must have gone on there.
  3. roguetrooper

    More options for "showHud"

    Though the command "showHud" (array) was boosted some time ago, it would be great to have more detailed options, such as being able to disable everything except the action menu (including action menu and cursor for opening doors, entering vehicles and the radio menu. Both concerning functionality AND visibility.
  4. nevermind (btw, there should be a user-option to delete own uncommented threads)
  5. Is there any way to prevent a player's death at 0% oxygen? (Except a looping check for the oxygen level and let that level never sink below e.g. 10%)
  6. roguetrooper

    [PvP 2-16] Hitmen

    Anyone interested in playing it with me, please contact me :-)
  7. roguetrooper

    How to "random setObjectTexture" ?

    Thank you both for your help. I just didn't think of the argument to be a string ^^ @Tajin: wouldn't "setobjecttextureGlobal" do the same concerning multiplayer accordance? At least a community statement says "The effect is persistent and will be synchronized for players who join in progress".
  8. Is it possible to implement randomization in "setObjectTexture"? Something like: _color = [random 1,random 1, random 1, 1]; _object setObjectTexture [0,'#(argb,8,8,3)color( _color )']; Please note that I am NOT looking for someting like: _ran = round (random 3) if (ran == 0) then { _object setObjectTexture [0,'#(argb,8,8,3)color(1,0,0,1)']; if (ran == 1) then { _object setObjectTexture [0,'#(argb,8,8,3)color(1,1,0,1)']; etc.
  9. roguetrooper

    How to use "Eventhandler HandleScore"?

    Lol, I think I had tested the code you have provided on my own before I've posted here. I must have made a minor mistake. It works. Thank you anyway.
  10. How do you use "Eventhandler HandleScore" to prevent a unit (players and playable AI) from getting any kind of score shown in the MP score table? https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3:_Event_Handlers#HandleScore I know that the main syntax is _unit addeventhandler ["HandleScore", { } ]; and and that the score that is applied is "_this select 2" But I don't know how to utilize it to disable scoring for the unit.
  11. roguetrooper

    Shotguns Wont Break Skeet

    Shotguns also don't push over pop-up targets. This seems to count for all shotguns from all mods, including the very excellent and fun shotgun from Bnae's Project Infinite.
  12. roguetrooper

    [PvP 2-16] Hitmen

    Please get it from Steam Workshop looking for "Hitmen" by author "02357". Any constructive feedback is highly appreciated and I would also like to play it with other people :-) Hitmen 1.0 by rogue.trooper@web.de NO MODS REQUIRED. For a quick impression just start the map with the default parameters. There is a detailed ingame-briefing and description. This is a psychological deathmatch for 2-16 players in a configurable but randomly created environment with these special rules: Quick description: don't kill dummies, kill all players, behave like AI to remain undetected by other players. * There are two kinds of units: DUMMIES and ENEMIES. * Enemies are players and playable units controlled by AI (if enabled in the lobby). * DUMMIES ARE INVULNERABLE. EVERYBODY WHO SHOOTS A DUMMY IS KILLED INSTANTLY. * Every player/playable can be killed. * Everybody who dies (no matter which way) receives a penalty point. * AI controlled playable enemy-units don't have a gun. * You can holster and draw your pistol by mousewheel-menu and radio 0-0-0. * All dummies and enemies have the same face/skin and uniform. * The only optical difference between dummies and enemies/players are the sunglasses. * Dummies ALWAYS have black sunglasses. The players' sunglasses can be configured in the lobby (none, green, red, blue, black). * If you want to remain undetected, behave like an AI dummy (holster your gun and don't run, crouch, bleed, search any inventory/box or walk zigzag). * Behave unsuspicious and watch the behaviour and the sunglasses of others. * All players/enemies heal themselves automatically for 1% per second. One proper shot however is likely to be lethal. * Every player who leaves the allowed area is teleported back to a random position and is set to 1% health (is bleeding and can't walk properly). * If enabled in the lobby, every player has a 'radar' (player detection radius) that warns you by text and a beep-sound when an enemy is within that radius around you. There are 18 lobby parameters, including: * detailed daytime, fog and clouds (for lightning in the dark) * amount of dummies (2-32) * playable area radius: 50, 75, 100, 125 or 150 meters * type and amount of environment objects (arrangement is random each time)
  13. Thanks to everybody. Tajin's code does exactly what I was aiming at.
  14. How could it be achieved to spawn a pistol (AS THE ONLY WEAPON) into a player's inventory so that the pistol remains within the inventory and is not taken into hands automatically? When you give a player a weapon (player addweapon "weaponname") and immediately execute player action ["SWITCHWEAPON",player,player,-1] the gun still in his hands for a second.