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  1. Hey there. I didn't find anything about it ont he forum. However, I've just tried to put the same command as in Arma 2, but I'm not able to create a damned diary record in IF lol.
  2. Bioz


    Where do I have to put that file?
  3. Hey there guys. I read many topics about issues like this one but cannot figure out how to resolve the problem. I hosted a server on ArmA2 [Combined Operation] but most of the players cannot join the game. It says something like "Connection failed".
  4. Guys i have a problem in my mission. I put some triggers but in my case 3 of them activate without satisfying the conditons which are simple: BLUFOR PRESENT.... Did someone have the same problem? If it gots bugged i'll kill someone lol because i spent several hours on it..
  5. Hey guys i need help with that issue. WHen i use the command [player sidechat "message"] I speak as 1-1-A and stuff like that. Is there the possibility to change it with a code name? ---------- Post added at 00:35 ---------- Previous post was at 00:19 ---------- I'd like to change the [WEST,"HQ"] name
  6. Hey guys is it possible to put an object in the editor and make it pickable?
  7. Hey guys is it possible to block a unit so that a player or any other unit cannot take its gun?
  8. Bioz

    Army of the Czech Republic DLC

    Where's the dlc on steam!?!?!
  9. Hey guys i know how to call an air taxi with the radio but how can i let the player see the radio call in his menu only after a certain trigger is activated? I didn't find anything useful
  10. what if i have a single unit? I simply put its name insted of "blue"?
  11. I've found something useful on an iron front tutorial video on youtube. try to check it out, maybe it can work for arma 2 as well.
  12. Hey guys I looked around for them but i wasn't able to find anything useful. Does anyone know any links for downloading snow maps and units? ---------- Post added at 03:10 ---------- Previous post was at 03:04 ---------- PS: i think I posted in the wrong section, not sure about that
  13. Guys How can i let a unit spawining already on the ground moaning cause of the injuries? (i didn't find anything useful about that)
  14. Guys I couldn't understand how to do that. How to let an AI soldier destroying an empty vehicle?