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  1. I am downloading Arma 2 again. DO I need OA or CO to play to play on most servers. Is this one of those situations where you must buy this to play now.:(
  2. hey sickboy check skype would you:) and lovin the ACE1.1 guys gj
  3. Hboybowen

    Project Reality Development

    even though the BI forums doesnt support PR:Arma 2 the PR forums are raving over it with no drama. Shows how the "Arcade" ppl are more mature about stuff than any of yall. But can we stop posting on this thread now cuz they dont. I am taking my positive feedback and discussions to their site. Goodluck getting to 1000+ post of immature Arma 2 players,clans,and ACE 2 players bickering. Hboy OUT
  4. Hboybowen

    Project Reality Development

    LoL well since the arrival of PR ppl are getting outrageous which means this is groundbreaking...So I salute the groundbreakers who stir up the ash beneath the water.(ash being immature ppl who rage like this and water being the loving supporters
  5. Hboybowen

    Project Reality Development

    Never said I was a current rep lol dont wanna be in the slightest after how I my experience with them and I dont speak if I have authority lol..authority of what... ACE isnt anything special now just another mod among the huge pile in the world of modding on the PC. So please dont put yourself in a authority position cuz I have my own thoughts of ACE and its team that contradicts yours dont be rude or think your higher than the community such as calling others arrogant and calling out ppl cuz you want to make some point,please dont be too rude. But to stay on topic PR gj:yay: and good luck
  6. Hboybowen

    Project Reality Development

    O who am I..dunno what you mean by that but if you mean my relation with ACE...ask them they know or whatever story they may cook up
  7. Hboybowen

    Project Reality Development

    yea if you look to add both PR and ACE 2 to any server it will fail ACE 2 is oil while PR is water. They dont mix at all
  8. Hboybowen

    Project Reality Development

    can we plz stop comparing ACE to PR.PR is a whole nother league
  9. Hboybowen

    Project Reality Development

    ACE no...PR for sure
  10. Hboybowen

    Game physics

    just jokin around how yall said I needed source code to use the Nvidia physx/havok in Arma 2:D
  11. Hboybowen

    Game physics

    would be nice if BI released the source everytime they make a new Arma that will let the community truely keep it alive.
  12. ok Ill check into this thnx
  13. well nvm this thread Ill just see what results I come up with because this thread is what I was trying to prevent because Im getting almost no constructive insite here..thanx for responding though..admin please close thread:bounce3:
  14. yea most likely so would anyone know since I hear that Arma 2 allows the use of DLL in mods(dont know the truth behind it just yet so dont poke at me..lol) so cant I call functions implemented in a Windows DLL to develop a extensions to 3rd party things...if this is possible that is?
  15. I know this topic was brought up in similar in a suggestion thread as a well"suggestion". But I want to discuss what it would take to create random physics based destruction in Arma 2. Now before others say it would be chaos I mean to implement it onto buildings and chosen objects in a more random and dynamic fashion where it is different each time you would redo it. I've seen how destruction plays out currently and as I see it seems to call on a damaged version of the model hit instead of physics based so I was wondering if since Ive seen the implementation of Teamspeak 3 SDK in ArmaTS. So I was wondering if a possible implementation of Havok Destruction in certain areas or NVIDIA PhysX SDK and how would one consider on implementing a sdk into Arma 2 is it similar to how they did with ArmaTS using the TS3 SDK?