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  1. These missions were made for the original Iron Front Liberation 1944 game and its DLC. Although I suspect converting it to the A2OA format by renaming it from the .IFA extension to the .PBO extension ought to work flawlessly in the IFA2 port, I have no clue whether it will work with IFA3, as I do not have (nor am interested in getting) Arma III. Given the previous track record of succeeding product releases by BIS no guarantees are given whether things work out of the box. The missions may well need additional work to convert them to the new game environment. Regards, Sander
  2. sander

    Retake Baranow!

    Hi, Nice to see other people creating missions for IFL1944. After a couple of playthroughs I have this observation and suggestion. You might wish to place a few stationary enemies near the church area. Because the Soviet unit that defends the village of Baranow is on a guard waypoint they all march to the sound of the guns and are fighting and dying at the edge of the town. Therefore the mission ends without the player actually needing to advance into the built up area towards the church. By placing some additional defenders near that church the players are forced to advance into town. One way to accomplish that is to place a Maxim machinegun there: this unit will not move on his own accord, so players must move into town to take him out. You might wish to give him a few comrades in support though that also keep their initial placement. Single Soviet soldiers (that is, ones not grouped together with others) can be given this line in their initialization field: this forceSpeed 0; this setunitpos "Middle"; this setbehaviour "Combat"; The first statement will make the unit stationary (provided he is not grouped together with others) while remaining able to change the direction he is facing, the second one will make him crouch, so you can place him behind cover or concealment to make it harder for players to detect or hit him, and the final statement puts the unit in fighting mode with his weapon shouldered and ready to engage. Regards and keep on making missions, Sander
  3. Version 4.1 adds five new coops to bring the total number of missions in the pack to 115. Aside from these additions this version also contains minor updates to several existing files. New content: co05_fours_mulitplier.Colleville.ifa co08_heavy_duty.Staszow.ifa co08_kesseltreiben.Staszow.ifa co10_kampfabschnittsweise.Staszow.ifa co10_kraut_out.Colleville.ifa Fours Multiplier has Allied tankers defeat a German attack before capturing a strongpoint Heavy Duty features an attack by Soviet armour to defeat German heavy tanks and seize and hold a nearby village. Kesseltreiben has German assault guns obliterate a covering force and destroy withdrawing Soviets. Kampfabschnittsweise features an advance by Panzergrenadiers involving the removal of obstacles and AT-guns before clearing a village. Kraut out has Allied armoured infantry knock out a field gun and armour before securing Colleville. Download current version Regards, Sander * EDIT * V4.12 contains two minor alterations to the new missions to fix a typo and add redundancy to a trigger set up for an objective
  4. Version 4.0 adds a pair of new missions and contains some updates, bringing the total number of coops included in the pack to 110. New files: co06_cache_advance.Colleville.ifa co10_face_pak.Colleville.ifa Cache Advance features a raid by an infantry patrol that aims to seize intelligence before destroying stockpiled mortar bombs Face PAK has armoured infantry clear a road and blow up munitions before assaulting an AT gun position Download current version Regards, Sander
  5. Version 3.9 contains some updated files as well as four new missions for a total of 108 coops included in the current instalment of the pack. New files: co06_tiger_woods.Colleville.ifa co08_obstacle_sense.Colleville.ifa co10_hillside_track.Colleville.ifa co10_patrol_play.Colleville.ifa Tiger Woods features a raid by Rangers to destroy a Tiger and Flak before reporting back in Obstacle Sense has riflemen blow up an obstruction and clear out a machinegun position Hillside Track features an attack by armoured infantry to secure a crossroad, knock out a tank and seize a hill Patrol Play has an infantry squad take out a pair of MG nests and destroy a pair of mortars Download current version * Uploaded wrong file by mistake, fixed version now available * Regards, Sander
  6. Version 3.8 adds four new coops to bring the total number of missions in the pack to 104. New files: co05_tank_top_billing.Colleville.ifa co06_garand_finale.Colleville.ifa co08_wood_rangers.Colleville.ifa co10_kraut_round.Colleville.ifa Tank Top Billing has an Allied tank crew defeat a German counter-attack before clearing a crossroad and taking on a pair of Tiger tanks Garand Finale has riflemen ambush reinforcements before knocking out a crew served weapon and securing a radio set Wood Rangers features a clearing action and elimination of air defences by a squad of Rangers Kraut Round has an Allied infantry unit repel a Wehrmacht push before knocking out MG positions and capturing a supply vehicle Download current version Regards, Sander
  7. With four new coops the total number of missions included in the V3.7 of the pack reaches a solid 100. In addition to the new missions some existing files received updates. New files: co06_nachrichtensperre.Baranow.ifa co06_unsympathetic_strike.Staszow.ifa co08_average_joes.Baranow.ifa co10_diddly_squad.Colleville.ifa Nachrichtensperre has German troops raid an enemy command post before destroying radio posts. Unsympathetic Strike features a raid by Soviet saboteurs on a Wehrmacht command post before targeting enemy supplies. Average Joes has Soviet tankers seize and hold a river crossing while defeating enemy armour on both banks. Diddly Squad features an attack by Allied riflemen aimed at eliminating MG post, AA and armour. Download current version Regards, Sander
  8. Hi, Thank you for your kind comments. There is a considerable difference in timezone, so the usual time for sessions on the Major Mayhem server are unfortunately not convenient for me to join, but thanks for the offer. Regards, Sander
  9. Version 3.6 has some updated files as well as four new coops to bring the total number of missions in the pack to 96. New files: co05_rot_getigert.Baranow.ifa co06_lend-leaseholder.Baranow.ifa co08_gun_effect.Baranow.ifa co10_stosskrafteinheit.Baranow.ifa Rot Getigert has a Tiger crew destroy Red Army armour and artillery before knocking out a command post. Lend-leaseholder gas Soviet troops recover several vehicles captured by the enemy. Gun Effect features an attack by a Soviet assault gun detachment. Stosskrafteinheit has a Wehrmacht assault gun with accompanying grenadiers tale back a seized radio vehicle. Download current version * EDIT * version 3.62 has some updates to fix botched triggers in a couple of missions Regards, Sander
  10. Version 3.5 has some updates as well as four new coops to bring the total number of missions in the pack to 92. New files: co08_stossarbeit.Staszow.ifa co10_rifle_through.Staszow.ifa co10_schwerpuenktlich.Staszow.ifa co10_well_red.Staszow.ifa Stossarbeit has Panzergrenadiers seize and hold an enemy position Rifle Through has Red Army riflemen capture AT weapons and defeat a counter-attack Schwerpuenktlich has Wehrmacht tank crews defeat armour and their supporting troops Well Red features an attack by Soviet tankers to knock out motor transport Download current version Regards, Sander
  11. Version 3.4 contains a couple of updated files as well as four new coops to bring the total number of missions in the pack to 88. New files: co05_konterschlaganfall.Staszow.ifa co05_tank_drama.Staszow.ifa co08_gefechtsstandesbewusst.Baranow.ifa co10_german_reformed.Baranow.ifa Konterschlaganfall has a German Panzer crew regain possession of captured support vehicles before defeating Soviet tanks and destroying a command post. Tank Drama features clearing actions by Soviet tankers before repelling a counter-attack and striking against a Luftwaffe airfield. Gefechtsstandesbewusst has Wehrmacht grenadiers seize intelligence and blow up heavy tanks before withdrawal to friendly lines. German Reformed features an attack by Red Army riflemen to clear three blocking positions on the road towards the pontoon bridge. Download current version Regards, Sander
  12. Version 3.3 adds four new coops to bring the total number of missions in the pack to 84. New file: co05_rote_viertel.Staszow.ifa co06_desantnik_fury.Staszow.ifa co08_heavy_solution.Staszow.ifa co10_diensterfahrungssache.Staszow.ifa Rote Viertel has a Panzer crew defeat Soviet armour before annihilating their logistic support. Desentnik Fury features a raid by Red Army saboteurs to eliminate German tanks. Heavy Solution has Soviet heavy armour draw out and destroy the tanks of the Wehrmacht. Diensterfahrungssache features an attack by Panzergrenadiers to seize and hold a village. Download current version Regards, Sander
  13. Version 3.2 has a couple of updated files as well as four new missions for a total of 80 coops in the pack, including 56 for the original game and another 24 for the DLC. New files: co05_ostfrontgewitter.Baranow.ifa co06_distraction_packed.Staszow.ifa co08_engineers_level.Baranow.ifa co10_schlossherrschaft.Baranow.ifa Ostfrontgewitter has a German tank crew defeat Soviet armour before seizing a village and securing a pontoon bridge Distraction Packed features an ambush and raid by a Red Army infantry patrol Engineers Level has Soviet combat engineers blow up obstacles and knock out a Tiger before seizing the Baranow castle Schlossherrschaft features an attack by Wehrmacht Panzergrenadiers to destroy AT guns and armour prior to storming the castle at Baranow Download current version Regards, Sander
  14. Version 3.1 now contains 76 coops as the release adds six new missions and has a few updated files as well. New files: co05_bridgehead_start.Baranow.ifa co06_feindeslandkundig.Staszow.ifa co08_agitprop_forward.Staszow.ifa co08_gruppenarbeit.Staszow.ifa co08_materiel_cause.Staszow.ifa co10_manoeverschadenfreude.Staszow.ifa Bridgehead Start has Soviet tankers defeat a German combined arms attack before seizing a command post Feindeslandkundig features a raid by German Panzergrenadiers to destroy various rear area targets Agitprop Forward has Soviet infantry clear Wehrmacht stragglers from two villages Gruppenarbeit features clearing operations by a Wehrmacht rifle squad Materiel Cause has a Soviet tank crew with attached engineers clear the route to an enemy held village Manoeverschadenfreude features the defence against a Soviet attack by German medium armour Download current version Regards, Sander
  15. Version 3.0 has a total of 70 missions included now that three new coops were added. Several other files received minor updates and corrections. New files: co05_feuereifer.Staszow.ifa co08_jaegerlatein.Staszow.ifa co08_joe_blow.Staszow.ifa Feuereifer has a German King Tiger engage and destroy Soviet armour before seizing an enemy command post Jaegerlatein features an attack by German light infantry to destroy fuel trucks and draw in enemy reserves Joe Blow has Soviet heavy tanks defeat a German counter-attack before clearing a pair of defensive positions Download current version Regards, Sander