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    Creating new maps

    Finally got it. It wasn't the png file but a mismatch between the pbl and png file. The terrain I want to create is relatively flat, max height is 60 meters so I set the height range in the pbl file from 0 to 65 meters. Apparently there where more then 65 'gray' colors in the png file so Visitor couldn't create the correct heights when I tried to import the file. Problem solved :) I used a height range from 0 to 250 meters and corrected the height afterwards in Visitor and with the erosion tool. Thanks all for the help so far!
  2. Wachtmeester

    Creating new maps

    nobody? Strangely, i got the files from Allie's tutorial on OFPEC working. But when I created my own grayscale heightmap, precisely following the tutorial I still can't get it in Visitor. Anybody an idea? All help is greatly appreciated since i'm likely to miss something, but I don't see what it is....
  3. Hi all, i'm back from a long time ago (OFP that is). In the past I created the Leusderheide island and several addons for LLW. Now with ArmA 2 I'd like to start modding again, especially since the new tools are released today. I want to start with island's again, but I'm kind of stuck right now. I've read every tutorial there is at the moment but I can't get a new terrain from a picture in Visitor 3 (ArmA 2 version) using the pbl-file. I always get the message 'operation failed'. All the tools and ArmA 2 patch 1.03 are correctly installed so that shouldn't be the problem. Any help is very much appreciated! thnx in advance
  4. Wachtmeester

    Map Makers!

    Just wait for Bonaire island. It will be full with stuff of what you are talking about. But still I guess it only will be released after ArmA. Bonaire will consist of just five pbo's or so, but everything is made from scratch, so 3 months is way to short for me to complete it...
  5. Wachtmeester

    Faun Franziska SLT56 v3.0

    Absolutely brilliant mate! This opens up a whole new spectrum for mission creators and future addons. I tested it with my Fokker pack and the fit perfectly on the trailer. I'm also happy to see that you did something about the LOD system. (Guess that trance music is good for your scripting capabilities .) cheers, Wouter BTW, nice website
  6. Wachtmeester

    OFP photography - Questions & comments

    Very nice pics all! @ Parvus: it's called "Leusderheide" not "Leudersheide"
  7. Wachtmeester

    Mapfact discussion thread

    Absolutely f*cking amazing! Just wondering how you cheated the 512 limit texture count. If this is still possible within the old engine , then I'm wondering what should be possible with ArmA.
  8. Wachtmeester

    Civilian Wings Series (static)

    Certainly looks good Chris! Top job
  9. Wachtmeester

    Civilian Wings Series (static)

    We'll I think I will stick to the method I'm using now, just alter the texturepath in O2. We're talking about pretty big textures here (2048x2048) so scripting with those is not very lag friendly I think. I should think of a patch system which allows me to implement new models/textures in de pbo file. But if someone else knows something better, please give it a shot.
  10. Wachtmeester

    Civilian Wings Series (static)

    Only the last three posts I guess.. lol Anyway, Kikill, do you know such a script? I thought that was only possible with the setobjecttexture command which only works for small textures. About the Russian airliner, I guess I can't go wrong with the IL-86 But I liked the look of the IL-62 and the Tupolev 154 so I will create those too .
  11. Wachtmeester

    Civilian Wings Series (static)

    @ shashman; that's exactly what I was talking about, these kind of vehicles go perfectly with the planes. I think SnD is still in my Msn list.... @Miss_cleo; yes, I allready mentioned it, so I guess I will create some paintkits. @the-Architect; All planes use one large texture, 2048x2048 or 2048x1024. This very much simplifies the creation of other liveries. You just paint your thing, alter the texture-path in O2 and save the model under a different name. Easy does it . O, and yes, the pictures are taken on Bonaire isle, another project which i'm working on. @SnD; Static versions do not have more then 2000 points in the first LOD, mainly because there's no interior. So yeah, the are more low poly then a possible flying version.
  12. Wachtmeester

    Civilian Wings Series (static)

    @smiley_nick; the models are made by myself, I only use the textures from FS2004, but they have to be modified for OFP offcourse. As far as I know it's nearly impossible (at least with my knowledge) to port a FS model to OFP. I also figured that we need some miscellenious stuff to go with these planes, like cargo trolley's, fuel truck and nose wheel cars (you know, those low cars to taxi a plane from and to the gate). @Manhunter; we'll see... @reconninja; that would be indeed a nice addon for missions, gotta think about it. @shinraiden; that's a very cool island and certainly big enough, but doesn't it lag to much? It should be perfect for ArmA I guess. As far as I know hidden selections and the setobjecttexture are only for small sized textures like 64x64 and certainly not for 1024x1024.
  13. Wachtmeester

    Civilian Wings Series (static)

    I'll see what I can do about all these requests, but I think I will create a paint kit for the planes, so everyone can create his or her favourite airline. @sniping jack; All planes are setup so the can be made functionally relatively easy. @student pilot; About some sizes, the 747 is also to big for OFP geometry, so I guess I have to make some compromises for that one. At the moment I only have the 737 -300 series, but some other could be very easily done too. Other planes like Concorde or Dc 8/9 could be made.. if I find the time for it. That leads me to another point; Do you guys think it's wise to release every plane as a seperate addon ( DC10 series, 737 series etc etc) or as one large pack?
  14. Wachtmeester

    Civilian Wings Series (static)

    Say, guys, what do you think of a paint kit for the planes? Just an idea, but this would lead to a much bigger variation in planes i guess.. shame I can't do a poll now in this topic.
  15. Wachtmeester

    Civilian Wings Series (static)

    The KC10 is on my list, so I guess you can give me that cream now . hehe. But don't forget, somebody allready made a working KC10, but it was only in beta stage. I don't no who made it... Enterable planes are very cool, but i think that should be a feature for Arma, you know with all the bad geometry in OFP.. Besides that, I would like this project to be fairly easy, since I have a lot of other projects which I wan't to finish some day.