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  1. Hi All, Whilst this is NOT a notification of the release of GEIST V.1.5.0 I am pleased to bring you download links for the separate factions available currently, and also mostly, what will be available in the full v.1.5.0 package. The full package is still on hold, however it will be announced and released soon, I promise. The delay is associated with some late arrivals from the bigstone US Camp, that will need to be rolled into v.1.5.0 - more news on that as it happens. German addons, with II-Runes for Waffen-SS [download - Google Drive] German correction [download - Google Drive] Waffen-SS .pbo with SS-Runes [download - Google Drive] Armia Krajowa addons [download - Google Drive] Soviet addons [download - Google Drive] US Army addons, with uniforms with division's insignias [download - Google Drive] Bigstone's Work : US Infantry Divisions with specific insignia [download - Google Drive] Addons for vehicles [download - Google Drive] You'll notice that there is (at last!) a Vehicle .pbo. The original GEIST A3 was meant to have had a vehicle .pbo however, some technical problems led to the original GEIST not having this addon. Enjoy!
  2. foxsch

    WW2 maps

    If it's of any help the @MAP will run in A3 if you also run the @GEIST texture pack. No idea why, it is a kind of minor gaming miracle. IMHO while we do have the @IF Conversion, WW2 Maps are seriously difficult to find. Some parts of some maps are OK to an extent, but maps like beton_hurtgen seem extremely rare. I wish I could help, but building (WW2) Missions is my thing ~ Watching for progress ~ Good Luck!
  3. Any views on running the Engima alongside @IFA3?
  4. This looks great! I have added all the necessary files and folders to a Mission WIP, added the pre-process line to the init.sqf, however the tasks I set in MissionTasks.sqf are not initializing? Here is what I have in the MissionTasks.sqf: ENGTASKS_TaskList = [ ["ClearMGArea", "Clear the Area around the MG Emplacements", "ASSIGNED"] ]; How did I miss something?! *Update:- I was running several mods for the Mission, and without them, the self-same MissionTask loads fine... Any chance of test running engima alongside @IF and finding out why it breaks?
  5. @GEIST_A3 has been updated to v1.4.2 Changelog [31/08/15] :- Removed superfluous .pboFirst post updated with direct download for new version.
  6. US Armoured Divisions, Glider Infantry and further Infantry Divisions take @GEIST to v1.4.1 US Divisional Uniform, Helmet and Equipment by bigstone 2nd Armoured Division2nd Armoured Division Camo HBT3rd Armoured Division4th Armoured Division5th Armoured Division6th Armoured Division8th Infantry Division9th Infantry Division 47th Regiment29th Infantry Division [M41 Green]30th Infantry Division79th Infantry Division82nd Infantry Division 325th GIR90th Infantry Division [M41 Green]101st Infantry Division 327th GIR104th Infantry DivisionDirect Download: @GEIST_A3_v1.4.1.rar (first post updated with details)
  7. It's no problem at all ~ Thank You for the excellent textures : -)
  8. US Infantry Divisions update GEIST to v1.4.0 US Helmet and Uniform Textures by bigstone The update adds: US Infantry Divisions - Normandy 1944 1st Infantry Division 2nd Infantry Division 2nd Ranger Battalion 4th Infantry Division 4th Infantry Division 8th RCT 5th Infantry Division 9th Infantry Division 39th Regiment 28th Infantry Division 29th Infantry Division 35th Infantry Division 80th Infantry Division 83rd Infantry Division 90th Infantry Division plus: 3rd Infantry Division [MTO] 34th Infantry Division [MTO] 36th Infantry Division [MTO] 45th Infantry Division [MTO] 85th Infantry Division [MTO] 88th Infantry Division [MTO] Direct Download: [dropbox] 9th Infantry 39th Regiment
  9. That's excellent sander, cheers. My main consideration was lag, what with the amount of landing troops, inert units (corpses), the number of LCVP's involved, and of course the German troops ashore, I had expected to experience a more-or-less game-stopping lag. I have experienced what you referred to as AI confusion. In one mission I eventually gave up trying to get the crews off the landing craft and get ashore and recognise their way-points quickly enough for a realistic landing. And I eventually settled for them being ashore already, with the boats just nearby with dropped ramps on the shoreline. That was for an IFA2 Mission and setVelocity I hadn't considered, thanks for that. setCaptive I have been very wary of, since a bug emerged in ARMA 2 that left the unit affected completely unable to shed the status. ie you set a unit to setCaptive, and whatever you tried, that was how he remained. Good thing you reminded me as it is very likely that has been ironed out and now it would be possible to; set this for a SIDE, and also specify an area (that would be the beach) that this would be safe to traverse, after which the status would be removed for ordinary combat. Thanks again. This would be a particularly appropriate method to use as I had begun to look into how to create the withering cross-fire expected. One effect I tried, which did work really well was placing charges in the shallows. Placing these in the editor, without specifying an altitude would have them resting on the sea floor. Triggered by LCVP's moving ashore [OnAct = explosivename setDamage 1;] the explosions in the water were excellent. Also, a continuous barrage of AI heavy MG fire would (I'd suggest) best be done via a script, with playable units that needed to be protected from this fire. The rest of the AI would be beach defence fodder, which is the effect I was aiming for. In a nutshell, a survivable but clearly devastating inferno. I couldn't be sure, but I would expect that an AI gunfire script would recognise setCaptive status and you would get to the Bangalore's at the wire unscathed.
  10. I'm stuck now...:( I had planned on a large-scale Beach Landing Mission, on vandevoorde's D-Day Beach template, but without being able to at least have the LCVP Ramps open, even if they are motionless, I can't proceed with it. Thankfully, I hadn't put much in. All I had set was for players to have vastly increased level's of damage tolerance, for the move up the beach. That didn't take very long.
  11. Ah, maybe a problem - I am using the A3 Port. And as far as I know, there isn't an LCVP available without running IFA3? Damn :9 Also tried: [i]boat[/i] animateDoor ["LIB_LCVP_RAMP",1,true]; > [i]boat[/i] animate ["LIB_LCVP_RAMP",1,true]; > [i]boat[/i] animate ["LIB_LCVP_RAMP_OPEN",1,true]; "LIB_LCVP_RAMP_OPEN" and "LIB_LCVP_RAMP_CLOSE" I found inside the LCVP.pbo .xml - not any help though, none of those has worked. I am really surprised that this hasn't been made common knowledge - for an AI to open the LCVP in the DLC :confused:
  12. @Gunter - Thank You! @sander - I've entered that into the triggers On Act. field, but I cannot close the trigger? When I select 'OK' a blank interface opens. These would normally contain an error message but this one is completely blank.
  13. Heya : -) They do both look useful, but unfortunately it is the class name of the ramp I'm going to need to get the actions to work. I read through what I could of the LCVP .pbo in the DLC but couldn't find any obvious reference, just the animation dialogue in the .xml - strange that it isn't common knowledge!
  14. As the title suggests - anybody know how I could go about raising and lowering the ramp without the player action? I checked the forums I know about, but couldn't find any reference to the correct animation trigger sequence. This: is probably close, but that doesn't work because 'LCVRamp' is not the correct name for the door/ramp on the craft :mad:
  15. Just a suggestion:- Is there a setting in C://**your pc**/Documents/Arma 3/Arma3.cfg file that is blocking the bind keys for the action? 'Freelook' isn't one of the configs that are in this file, but the binding or the action might be affected by one of the other settings in the file?