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  1. kronzky

    Urban Patrol Script

    If you are part of the patrolling group, make sure that you're not raising your weapon, as that will switch everybody into Alert mode.
  2. That's pretty strange, as I run the same version (and the same old addon from my site), and have no problems at all: I suspect there might be another addon conflicting with this one, but that could be a PITA to troubleshoot. I wouldn't mind fixing my addon, in case there's a conflict with some other one, but I don't really feel like downloading tons of stuff, and doing endless trial-and-error runs, to find out which particular one doesn't get along with mine (especially, since I don't really play much Arma myself anymore). So... I'll need your help here. If you experience problems, and have other addons installed, see if you can pinpoint which one is causing the problem, and let me know. I'll then try to troubleshoot what parts are incompatible, and see if I can find a solution.
  3. It looks like you're running Arma2, but this thread is for the Arma3 version (the discussion for the Arma2 version is here). Could it be that you're perhaps also using the Support Call module for A3? They both have the same version number, but are NOT interchangeable!
  4. kronzky

    Urban Patrol Script

    Did you read the suggestions here? Could it be that you are part of the patrolling side? In that case you're probably in "Combat" mode yourself (rifle raised), and that will alert them. Try putting {this setBehaviour "SAFE"} into the player's init line (so you start with the rifle lowered), and see what happens. If you were just starting on the OPFOR side to observe them, then you can ignore this issue (it won't happen if you're of the other side). Or just spawn as a civilian or animal, and your behavior shouldn't affect theirs.
  5. kronzky

    Urban Patrol Script

    Could it be that you are part of the patrolling side? In that case you're probably in "Combat" mode yourself (rifle raised), and that will alert them. Try putting {this setBehaviour "SAFE"} into the player's init line (so you start with the rifle lowered), and see what happens. If you were just starting on the OPFOR side to observe them, then you can ignore this issue (it won't happen if you're of the other side). Or just spawn as a civilian or animal, and your behavior shouldn't affect theirs.
  6. @Make Love Not War: Thanks for the tip. I'll definitely include that in the next build! In the meantime I guess you could execute the enableSaving command via the debug console. @Old_Painless: If a mission has zone restrictions, an appropriate action will show up in the "Environment" section (with a map showing the locked area). If there are no restricted zones, then no action is visible. To disable the time limit, select "Extend deadline" from the "Other Assistance" menu (the toolbox). @bohicafool: It took me over a year, to actually implement ONE support unit. In order to convince me to add an infinite amount of support, you'd have to give me some better arguments than "This would really help"... ;) @Alpha-Kilo: If you're under fire when opening the dialog, then it's probably too late already. So, yeah, that's on purpose that you can't just turn off the enemy when it becomes too much... The reason why you can only select an item once, is so you use it with "care", and not just use up equipment like it's free... (It should also still be on the map somewhere, even if you switch teams, so I don't really know why that should be an issue.) Keep in mind — the reason I wrote this addon was to allow you to experience different challenges — not to take them away altogether! As far as not being able to select OPFOR uniforms — I suspect you probably have some team-members? In that case you cannot change sides. When I experimented with side switching things quickly got out of control if you had team-members (and no, just switching the whole group didn't solve the problems - that just created different ones), so I had to restrict side changes to ungrouped players.
  7. kronzky

    Urban Patrol Script

    No plans on integrating that at this point. I'd rather wait a bit, and see how it develops, before jumping on that too soon... I would blame the engine for that, since these behavior modifications seem to come and go randomly (and change from build to build). I'm not experiencing it in the current version (as you can see from the image above), but if you still do, please PM me a repro mission.
  8. kronzky

    Urban Patrol Script

    I have uploaded a new version that will now support resistance/independent sides, as well as any sides that have been modified via setFriend. (As you can see on the screenshot below, where east continues their normal patrol behavior, even though a western unit is right next to them.) It also fixes an issue with the "trigger" options that gives you a message and removes the marker when the area was cleared. http://kronzky.info/ups
  9. kronzky

    Urban Patrol Script

    It looks like during the forum downtime some messages got lost, so I'll try again: There was one syntax error that was caused by the latest A3 patch, and it has been fixed by version 2.1.3 that's now available on my site. As far as the error Pergor is reporting, I can't really reproduce that (perhaps it was a temporary issue that was fixed by the latest update). Regarding bhaz's post about friend/enemy associations: I guess we finally have the tools to determine that (via getFriend), so expect an update to UPS soon, that should have this ability implemented. The issue with deleting groups/group leaders, and your suggested test for {isNull _npc} shouldn't really be necessary, as the {!alive _npc} should already catch deleted leaders. Also, if the group is deleted, then the member count should be 0, and that is tested already as well. When I tried deleting groups and leaders from the outside, while UPS was running, it always stopped without any issues or errors. If you still see problems when deleting stuff from the outside, see if you can give me a simple repro, and I'll have a look.
  10. All of these functions ONLY work in Single Player (for obvious reasons), so — the answer is No...
  11. Try this beta version for OA: http://kronzky.info/addons/supportcall/KRON_SupportCall_A2_beta.zip It has all the features the latest version for Arma3 has (e.g. using enemy uniforms and equipment), but should work fine in Arma2. Let me know if you run into any issues.
  12. In case people are still playing A2 OA, then I guess I'll have a look at what's going on there, and perhaps port all the changes of the A3 version to A2. I did have a brief look at what's involved, and it shouldn't be too bad.
  13. I'm sure somebody else would've reported the error, if it actually had been around for that long. What I suspect is perhaps a mismatch of the game save and the version of Support Call used. Try restarting the mission from scratch, and hopefully the error will be gone. As far as switching to uniforms of other sides — that ability has been implemented in the Arma 3 version, but as development of the A2 version has been discontinued a while ago, I'm afraid that won't be added there anymore.
  14. Here are two examples of what can be done to some of the missions of the official "Survive" campaign: Patrol Here you have a 15 minute time limit that allows you to barely get out of the immediate camp area. In addition there are restricted zones all over the map, that will kill you with magical air-strikes, as soon as you step into them. The funny thing is, this mission has one of the most populated maps of the whole campaign — you just never see it... There are over 200 OPFORs on the map, some single, some in groups, some in larger clusters. Some stationary, some moving. And some on foot, and others in vehicles. So it looks like quite a challenge. But with the time and area limitations you can barely scratch the surface. So — once you remove both with the Support Call module, you should have quite a challenge at your hands, which will probably take you longer to finish than the whole campaign did before! Radio Silence Here's a very different approach, using many of the Support Call options, just as a demonstration of what's possible, when you want to get creative: Once you exist your shuttle vehicle, leave your group behind (Manage Group | Leave player group) Unlock the vehicle, and get in as driver (Other assistance | Unlock vehicle) Drive closer to the target area, until you're out of sight of either your or the opposite teams. Exit the vehicle, and change into an Independent's Engineer uniform. Walk up to the guard towers, and place some explosives. Unlock one of the OPFOR vehicles, and drive back to your team. Blow up the towers. Before getting too close to your group, change back into a BLUFOR uniform. Re-join the group, and continue. Have fun, and get creative! ;)
  15. As it seems like Arma missions are getting more and more restrictive (locked vehicles, "forbidden" map areas, tight time limits), I figured my "Support Call" module was needed more than ever before, so I gave it a major overhaul, and V2 of it is now available at my site: http://kronzky.info/addons/supportcall After all, the thing we probably all loved about OFP & Arma was its unrestricted freedom — to do whatever you want in a mission, and to try as many different strategies as you could think of, without being shackled by artificial restrictions placed by the engine or mission designer. This addon tries to give you back those freedoms. See a vehicle on the map that you think could come in handy (but is, for whatever reason, locked)? Just walk up to it, and unlock it! Are you being sent on an assassination mission, but your only gun in an M4? Request a proper sniper rifle! Want to play the mission at night? In the rain? At your speed, without being rushed? As an undercover agent? All that (and much more) you can do once this addon is installed, hopefully increasing the fun and replay value of missions you've already done many times in the "proper" way... For those of you already familiar with the previous version, here's what's new and improved: Overhauled interface, to allow instant access to the different sections (for when every second counts). You can now switch into enemy uniforms, and play "undercover". Restricted zones (that drop bombs on you as soon as you enter) can be disabled. If you're alone in the mission, you can request one team-mate to be air-dropped. OPFOR skills can be adjusted (to make their shooting a bit less bot-like). Here's the full list of features (overall there are about 50 functions to help you take back control): Air-drop vehicles, weapons, magazines Any equipment available to your side can be air-dropped. Drops can be done at your location, or at any place you specify. Special equipment added by expansions or mods is available as well. [*]Switch Uniforms Change to a different unit type (either keeping the current equipment, or using the new type's default loadout). Switch to an enemy uniform for "undercover" missions. [*]Manage Units Team members can be healed, independently from the player's equipment. Player's group members can be totally immobilized, keeping them from moving or firing. Player can leave (and re-join) his current group, or become its leader. Recruit soldiers present in the mission, to join your own group. Vehicles for AI group members can be locked/unlocked. AI units stuck on obstacles can be freed. AI radio communications can be disabled. If alone on the map, one additional group member can be requested. [*]Request Intel Receive information about troop location and strength. The origin of incoming shots can be displayed on a grid. Enemy AI skills can be adjusted. Video feeds for existing UAVs can be viewed from anywhere on the map. If no UAV exists yet, you can launch your own. [*]Environment Mission time can be forwarded up to 12 hours, to your favorite time of day to tackle the mission at. Weather settings can be set independently for overcast, fog, wind and rain. Restricted zones (that kill the player upon entering) can be disabled. [*]Other assistance If you or your vehicle are stuck in the terrain, this will pull (or push) you out of there. Any vehicle in the mission can be unlocked, even the one the player might be locked into. Vehicles that have flipped over on the terrain, can be put back on their wheels. Even totally destroyed vehicles can be recovered. If an AI medic isn't coming as he's supposed to, the player can heal himself. Post-processing effects (e.g. blurriness, color filters) can be disabled. Mission can be ended (and marked successful) at any point. This will allow continuing on to the next campaign mission, and will keep it successful status upon restarts. Allows you to play for as long as you want, even if the mission has a deadline. Create a game restore point at any time during the mission. Opens debug console to execute script commands directly. Some screenshots, showing the different sections available: Vehicle drops: Intel (OPFOR info): Restricted zone removal: